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Top products to buy your cat on National Pet Day

These cat products are the key to your feline friend's heart

April 11 is National Pet Day, so it's the perfect time to spoil your companion animal. If your cat is your number one, there are plenty of great products you can buy, from the practical to the frivolous. 

You could use science to find out if your cat loves you, or you could just buy gifts to sweeten the deal and win its affection this National Pet Day. 

In this article: Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Yeowww Yellow Banana Catnip Toy and Whole Life Pet Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Treats.

What to consider when buying cat products

  • Functionality: Choose products that serve a purpose and meet your cat's needs. For example, you could buy a scratching post for cats who like to scratch or a water fountain for cats who prefer to drink running water.
  • Living space: The size of your living space also impacts the products you buy. If you live in a small apartment, you may need to choose a more compact cat tree or litter box.
  • Age: Cats' ages can influence the types of products they need. For example, kittens require different food, toys and accessories than senior cats.
  • Health: You should also consider your cat's health when purchasing products. If your cat has a sensitive stomach or food allergies, you may need to buy special food or treats.
  • Activity level: Think about your cat's energy and activity level. High-energy cats are likely to enjoy more interactive toys or larger scratching posts.
  • Personality: Each cat has a unique personality, so it's important to consider your cat's likes and dislikes. For example, some cats prefer toys that make noise, while others prefer toys they can chase.

Best cat products 

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you have the space to spare, this cat tree is the perfect gift to spoil your kitty. It has six platforms, including two covered house areas. It also features integrated scratching posts to keep claws in check. You can choose from blue, beige and leopard print versions. 

Sold by Amazon

Elanco Tapeworm Dewormer

While it might not be the most exciting of cat products, National Pet Day is the perfect time to remember your feline friend's health needs with a dewormer for cats. This formula treats tapeworms and comes in a pack of three tablets. 

Sold by Amazon

Yeowww Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

This big yellow banana kicker cat toy is big enough for cats to wrestle with. It's made from sturdy cotton twill with an interesting texture that cats like to get their claws into. It's filled with organic catnip, which some cats go wild for, adding to the interest. 

Sold by Amazon

Whole Life Pet Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Treats

Pampered cats expect the best, and these cat treats deliver. They're made from nothing but freeze-dried chicken, so if you have a fussy feline, they might be impressed by these treats. You can choose from three packet sizes containing 1, 4 or 9 ounces. 

Sold by Amazon

The Fat Cat Travel Cat Harness and Leash Set

If your cat never likes to miss out on the action, they might enjoy joining you on walks wearing this cat harness. It's particularly enriching for indoor kitties. While not all cats take to harnesses, some are happy to wander and sniff around outdoors on the end of a leash. 

Sold by Amazon

PetSafe Butterfly Cat Water Fountain

Some cats hate drinking still water and will often drink from dripping taps. A cat water fountain is a much better solution, such as this one from PetSafe. It filters water as it circulates through the fountain, keeping it fresh and hygienic. 

Sold by Amazon and Petco

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

This National Pet Day, give your cat the gift of never having to wait for a meal again. This pet feeder automatically dispenses dry food at set times, so your cat gets the punctual meals it deserves. Although listed as a dog feeder, it works just as well as an automatic cat feeder

Sold by Amazon

Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Hammock

Not only does this function as a hammock for your cat to lounge on, but it also features dangling toys, a scratching area and a covered bed. Moreover, it folds flat when not in use, which is perfect for small spaces or transporting it when you travel with your cat. 

Sold by Amazon

Pet Tent Covered Bed

Nervous cats who like their privacy can hide away in this covered cat bed. It's available in corduroy, faux suede or linen — all durable enough to withstand busy claws. 

Sold by Amazon

Earthtone Solutions Wool Felt Ball Toys for Cats

Cats who love to chase and bat small items will love playing with these felt cat balls. The wool felt is durable and dyed in striking rainbow hues. They measure around 1.5 inches across, which is perfect for most cats. 

Sold by Amazon

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Part cat scratcher, part bed, this is the perfect spot for cats to lounge while also being able to get their claws into it. The durable cardboard lasts longer than many similar options, and it's reversible, so cats get twice the use out of it. 

Sold by Amazon

Bedsure Large Cat Cave

This comfy indoor cat house is the perfect alternative to a standard cat bed for felines who like to hide away to snooze. However, it also features an open cat bed up top that's great for napping or lounging.

Sold by Amazon

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