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Best barbecue grill light


Having a light on an outdoor grill when grilling at night isn't just desirable for convenience, it is a must-have item for safety. You need to be able to see what you are doing to keep from burning yourself and to make sure that you are properly cooking the food.

The best barbecue grill light attaches securely, is weatherproof, resists heat and is bright and flexible enough to allow you to see what you are doing. We love LED Concepts' Barbecue Grill Light. This model has a 360-degree gooseneck that lets you direct the light to exactly where you need it to be. To learn more about this and what to look for in other quality barbecue grill lights, keep reading.


When purchasing a barbecue grill light, you need to carefully consider your grill to determine the best attachment method. Whichever you choose, you want a model that fastens securely so it can't be accidentally knocked off while you are working. The two types of attachment methods are magnetic and clamp-on.


As long as your grill isn't aluminum or any other type of nonferrous metal, a barbecue grill light with a strong magnetic base is a great option. This type of attachment method allows the grill light to be quickly placed or removed. It is important to understand, however, that you will need a flat surface to attach this type of a light, so for certain models, this might not be a viable option.


A clamp-on grill light attaches to your grill using a screw-tight clamp. Clamp-on grill lights are padded to protect the surface of your grill, but you must be careful not to over- or under-tighten them.

Magnetic and clamp-on

For the most versatility, some barbecue grill lights feature both magnetic and clamp-on fastening.



Whatever materials are used in the manufacturing process (plastic, metal, resin), ultimately you need the barbecue grill light to be safe to use. The two main requirements are heat-resistance and weatherproof. If you purchase a light that is not meant to be outside, precipitation and UV rays will drastically reduce its lifespan.


Most barbecue grill lights simply have an on/off button, so you will want to be sure the light is bright enough to allow you to clearly see what you are grilling. Between 100 and 200 lumens is sufficient. Some models may offer two or three brightness settings but those units are rare.


An important feature to look for is a light that is adjustable. A gooseneck is best because it gives you the maximum flexibility, however, any method that allows you to redirect the focus of the light will be fine.


The best value for barbecue grill lights is in the $20-$25 price range. This is where you find models of suitable brightness with a sturdy mount. If you purchase less-expensive models, you might not be happy with their lack of flexibility. If you prefer top-of-the-line, brighter models with additional safety features, you can get those for around $35.


I do not frequently grill in the dark. Is a barbecue grill light really worth it?

A. Even if you only grill in the dark once, a barbecue grill light is a must-have item. You do not want to be guessing if the food is fully cooked or accidentally touching any hot surfaces. If you need to justify your purchase, you can use a barbecue grill light in any situation where you need more light, such as doing crafts, working in the garage, etc.

Will a barbecue grill light damage my grill?

A. Barbecue grill lights are designed to be safe for use with your grill. However, that being said, you must use common sense and be careful when attaching or detaching one so you do not unintentionally damage or scratch your grill.


Top barbecue grill light

LED Concepts’ Barbecue Grill Light

Our take: A versatile, top-quality barbecue grill light with features that make it a standout item no matter what your needs are.

What we like: This 12-LED grill light has a magnetic base as well as an adjustable screw clamp, so it can attach to any grill. The flexible 22-inch gooseneck is able to adjust a full 360 degrees, allowing you to shed light on any aspect of your grilling tasks.

What you should consider: To get the maximum life out of this product, be sure to disconnect the unit and bring it inside after use as water can sometimes get inside the battery compartment.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top barbecue grill light for the money

Kosin’s Barbecue Grill Lights (2-Pack)

Our take: A compact barbecue grill light with a magnetic base that delivers exceptional value.

What we like: For what you may expect to pay for one grill light, you get two units, plus six batteries. These heat-resistant models have a gooseneck design that offers greater flexibility for your specific lighting needs.

What you should consider: Some users would have preferred a wider, focused beam, but if you use both lights in the pack, it will provide sufficient illumination.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Cave Tools’ Barbecue Grill Light

Our take: A well-built, fully adjustable, 100-plus lumens light that clamps onto the handle on your grill.

What we like: This model is manufactured to fit all designs of grill handles. It comes with a gift box for easy storage, a recipe exchange app and a limited lifetime warranty.

What you should consider: Although the operation of this unit is extremely simple, if you fail to read the instructions, you may not realize how to turn it on and off.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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