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Best desk calendar

Which desk calendar is best?

A desk calendar is a valuable tool for seeing the bigger picture of your schedule. A smartphone calendar app is great when you’re out and about, but it’s not ideal for seeing your entire month at once or for planning a long-term goal. Digital calendars also encourage distraction. You may open your phone to check your calendar but end up getting distracted by your email.

Desk calendars for home offices organize your life in the place where you’re most productive. Our top pick, the Cranbury Large Desk Calendar, includes a set of 234 reminder stickers for important events.

What to know before you buy a desk calendar


The two standard sizes for desk calendars are 22 by 17 inches and 17 by 12 inches. Measure the space on your desk where the calendar will go. You’ll want to give your calendar a little breathing room. If you put a bunch of stuff on top of it, it’s going to be a pain to move everything when you need to tear off the sheet every month.

While most people put their desk calendars on their actual desks, some people prefer to hang them above or next to their desks. Most calendars have holes in the top for easy hanging.


Some desk calendars are black or blue and would look great in any professional setting. Other desk calendars feature colorful designs like flowers along the margins. These designs may stay the same all year or change every month. A desk calendar with a fun border can be an easy way to personalize your desk.

Consider whether you want ruled or unruled squares underneath each day of the month.

Number of months

Some desk calendars are for a single calendar year, but most include an extra four to six months to encourage you to buy early and get started. These extra months typically are in the current year, beginning with either July or September.

Keep in mind that these extra months are often not the same size as regular months. There might be two, four or all six months on a single page. This may not be useful if you have a busy schedule or large handwriting. Every model is different, so be sure to check.

What to look for in a quality desk calendar

Corner protectors

Corner protectors keep your desk calendar flat. Without them, the paper might curl or catch on something.

Corner protectors use clear plastic, leather or faux leather. Leather and faux leather look more sophisticated but they also block the view of the calendar space underneath. Clear plastic is cheaper but it can wear quickly and scratch up your hand if you brush up against it the wrong way. Try running your hand over the corner protectors if you’re buying in-store to test the product.

Paper quality

Paper quality isn’t too important if you only plan to use black or blue ink on your desk calendar. You could probably get away with an inexpensive model and be fine. If you’re someone who likes to color-code their schedule, you’ll want a desk calendar with thick, high-quality paper. Markers or highlighters will bleed through to the following months if the paper isn’t thick enough.

If you want to keep your monthly pages after you tear them off, look for desk calendars with archival-quality paper that tears off easily. Most low-range models start to curl up as soon as you remove them.

Room for notes and starting day

Some desk calendars have an extra section on the left or right of the calendar grid for general notes. This additional space can be a great way to remind yourself of goals, events or important things set on a specific day.

Most desk calendars start the week on Sunday but some models geared toward professional use begin on Monday. If you prefer one over the other, check. Also, keep an eye out for calendars that double up on Saturday and Sunday with a single square.

How much you can expect to spend on a desk calendar

You can find small, no-frills desk calendars for $5-$8. Midrange desk calendars with better paper or nicer designs are available for $10-$16. High-end, top-quality desk calendars are in the $20-$28 range.

Desk calendar FAQ

Do you really need an 18-month calendar?

A. It depends on what your goals are. If you’re saving for that dream vacation and you know it will take focus and determination to get there, an 18-month calendar can be a fantastic tool. Same with keeping to a fitness regimen or launching a small business. The only caveat is that if your calendar ends in the middle of the year, it may be challenging to find a replacement that starts on the correct month.

Can you recycle your desk calendar when you're done with it?

A. Of course. Most desk calendars use partly or entirely recycled materials. Feel free to recycle each month as you tear it off. When the year is over, keep in mind that the non-paper components of your calendar, like leather corner protectors, likely can’t be recycled. Consult local guidelines for further guidance.

What’s the best desk calendar to buy?

Top desk calendar

Cranbury Large Desk Calendar

What you need to know: This bright and clean desk calendar is available in professional blue or decorative floral designs.

What you’ll love: The ink won’t bleed through this calendar’s high-quality paper, and it includes 234 reminder stickers for appointments, birthdays and travel.

What you should consider: The binding is thick and difficult to hang above your desk if that’s your preference.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top desk calendar for the money

Tullofa Desk Calendar

What you need to know: This option gets the job done for less than $10.

What you’ll love: It has leak-resistant paper, is pre-marked with holidays and has a notes section on the side of every month to allow for customization.

What you should consider: Many buyers report their calendars arriving bent or warped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Indeme 18 Month Desk/Wall Calendar

What you need to know: It comes in two sizes with a floral-inspired design for each month.

What you’ll love: It has extra space on the side for notes, is easy to tear off each month and uses archival-quality paper.

What you should consider: This option is smaller than other models, and some buyers reported difficulty getting the calendar to lie flat due to bending during shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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