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Best desk chairs for home in 2021

Comfortable desk chairs for home

Working from home has been the new normal for many professionals for more than a year, and more and more companies are extending the option of permanent remote work to their employees. Whether you’re an administrator, an executive, a business owner or a student, you’re likely spending hours a day sitting at a desk in your own home. 

The right desk chair can drastically improve your workday by providing support and comfort, so you can focus on what’s truly important to you: getting stuff done. Read on for expert advice on what you need to know when buying a desk chair. 

The best desk chairs

The right desk chair can do a lot for your productivity by making you more comfortable and limiting distractions. Before selecting a chair out of the thousands of options available to you, you’ll want to ensure the desk chair you select meets your needs. 

The ideal sitting position

Look for a desk chair of the right height that provides full support and allows you to sit in a neutral position. According to OSHA, the ideal sitting position is with hands, wrists and forearms straight and roughly parallel to the floor. Your head should be level, your shoulders relaxed, your back fully supported and your hips and thighs parallel to the floor. If you’re struggling to sit up straight at your desk, consider a posture correcting brace

Type of chair

To determine what type of chair meets your needs, you’ll want to consider what you’ll use your desk chair for most often and weigh which features of a chair are most important to you. 

Executive desk chairs are tall-backed chairs that provide premium support for the entire upper body. These chairs are ideal for long hours spent at a desk. 

Drafting chairs are designed for surfaces above an average desk height, such as drafting tables. Designers and architects often use them.

There are many ergonomic desk chairs, such as backless chairs that require you to sit up straight. These chairs are great for strengthening your core while you work for relatively short periods.  

Materials and maintenance

You’ll generally want to opt for durable materials that are easy to clean, like vinyl and leather. Keep in mind that these materials tend to become hot in the summer. Mesh keeps you cool and is breathable so that it won’t retain odors. Mesh seats typically don’t offer as much support as sturdier, solid seats, however. 

Ergonomic desk chair

Adjustable height

You’ll want to choose a chair that includes seat height adjustment to promote a neutral sitting position. This is especially important if you plan to share your chair with other members of your household.

Adjustable backrests

Adjustable backrests are a nice feature to have in a chair because different tasks might require different proximity to your desk. Be sure to select a chair with a locking mechanism that holds the backrest in place once adjusted. Otherwise, you might find yourself tilting backward unexpectedly. 

Lumbar support

Lumbar support refers to anything that provides support to the lower back. Be sure to select a chair with ample lumbar support to prevent back pain. A backrest designed to match the contour of your spine ensures adequate support and minimizes strain on your lumbar discs.

Seat depth and width

Select a desk chair that is wide and deep enough to allow you to sit without feeling constrained. Be sure to consider your height. If you’re tall, you’ll want a deeper seat. You should be able to sit firmly against the backrest with a couple of inches between your knees and the seat. 


Armrests reduce soreness by relieving the strain on your neck and shoulders. Look for adjustable armrests. Your armrest should be at a height that allows you to align your arms without slouching your back and shoulders. 

Easy to operate adjustment controls

You should be able to reach and operate the controls to adjust your seat height, backrest and armrest without getting up from a seated position and without straining.

How much you can expect to spend on a desk chair

Office chair prices vary from around $100-$1,000. A basic, comfortable chair will generally cost $150-$200 but won’t offer as many features as higher-end options. A mid-range desk chair will cost $300-$500. A high-end desk chair will cost $800-$1,200 and include many features, excellent comfort and support and high-quality materials and manufacturing. 

Desk chairs FAQ

What height should a desk chair be?

A. The average height of a desk chair is between 15-21 inches. You should choose the height of your desk chair based on your height. Taller people will want to choose a chair with larger overall dimensions.

How can I protect the floor under my desk chair? 

A. To protect the hardwood or carpet under your desk chair, we suggest laying down a floor mat designed for mobility and protection of the floor underneath your chair. 

Another option is to use an area rug in your work area. This will not only protect your floor but will add to the overall aesthetics of your workstation. 

Comfy desk chairs

Top desk chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

What you need to know: This chair is designed for maximum comfort. It’s highly acclaimed and widely considered one of the most ergonomic chairs on the market.  

What you’ll love: Exceptional lumbar support with a backrest contour that provides premium comfort for the spine. Comfortable enough to use all day. 

What you should consider: Some don’t like the feel of the fabric or the material used for the back adjuster and seat bottom.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Top desk chair for the money

Boss Office Products High Back “No Tools Required” Executive

What you need to know: This is an ergonomic, well-padded executive-style chair with a good price, which makes it your best option for the money. 

What you’ll love: Very comfortable and well-padded with a high, supportive back. Easy to clean material.

What you should consider: The arms cannot be adjusted, which may cause you to slouch if the chair isn’t adjusted to your height.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ergohuman Eurotech Mesh High Back 

What you need to know: A highly adjustable chair with comfort-first features from a reputable manufacturer.

What you’ll love: Great lumbar support. Mesh back is easy to keep clean and doesn’t retain odors.

What you should consider: Shorter people may find that the minimum seat height is too tall to allow for an ergonomic posture. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples


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