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Best classroom table

Which classroom table is best?

One of the most important aspects of creating a proper learning environment where children can thrive is having the right physical layout of the classroom. The placement of tables and chairs not only controls the flow of movement through the classroom but is crucial in helping prevent behavioral problems.

Using quality classroom tables gives you more space and helps teach children how to get along. The Flash Furniture Mobile 60-Inch Half-Circle Activity Table is a top choice because it’s durable, scratch resistant, can be adjusted anywhere from 17 to 25 inches tall and seats up to six students.

What to know before you buy a classroom table


If you use classroom tables in lieu of desks, you’ll have much more open space in your room to allow you to create other designated learning spaces. If you need to rearrange furniture, it’s easier to move one table than six desks. A table allows students to work together, and they can have community supplies, so no one is ever without the right tool. Lastly, a table doesn’t allow students to accumulate a lot of junk, so a classroom table is neater and easier to keep clean.


On the downside, there will inevitably be more talking, which can interfere with instructional periods. When kids sit at a table, they lose their personal space, and introverted children may not thrive as well as they would with their own desk. During tests, it can be difficult to separate kids to help deter them from looking at a friend’s paper.


Before purchasing a classroom table, consider how it will be used. For example, there are classroom tables for kids, classroom tables for teachers and classroom tables that are better suited for doing arts and crafts or other projects. A classroom table with a textured surface, for instance, is not the best choice for teaching kids how to write. When shopping, look for a classroom table that has features that will fit its intended purpose.

What to look for in a quality classroom table

Adjustable height

It is best to purchase a classroom table you can adjust to accommodate your students. In general, a table for toddlers may be up to 22 inches tall. A table for kids ages 5–7 years old is best in the 22-25-inch range, while a table for kids ages 8–10 years old is 24-29 inches high. Remember, not all of your students will be the same height. If you have several taller or shorter students, you could place them at the same table, which you could raise or lower to better accommodate their needs.

Tabletop size

How many students do you want to sit at a single table? While six students is a good amount, some teachers prefer smaller groups. Alternatively, you can purchase larger tables and sit fewer students at each table to give them more space. The choice is yours. Just be careful about cramming too many students on a small table, as this may create unnecessary disputes over space. Most manufacturers list how many students can comfortably fit at a table. Be sure to check this specification before purchasing.

Durable surface

Unfortunately, classroom tables may be abused. Look for models with durable, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant surfaces that are easy to clean.

Safe design

If you have younger kids in your classroom, you want a table that has no sharp areas, including corners and edges. Additionally, be sure no bolts are sticking out from the legs that could injure a fidgeting child.

How much you can expect to spend on a classroom table

While there may be outliers, for the most part, the cost of a classroom table can range from roughly $100 to $300. However, you should be able to find a quality model for less than $200.

Classroom tables FAQ

How do you clean your classroom tables?

A. For most classroom tables, mix a solution of fragrance-free dish soap and water you can either spray on the table or on a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the table. After cleaning, rinse the table and wipe it dry with a fresh microfiber cloth. To sanitize, use a product that is compatible with the table’s surface — some sanitizers may be corrosive to certain materials — and use as directed.

Is it difficult to adjust the height of a classroom table?

A. It shouldn’t be. Most classroom tables have a button on each leg you can depress to unlock and adjust the length of the leg. When the leg is in its proper position, the button will snap back out, locking it in place. Some models may require tools to adjust the height. However, this process shouldn’t be hard. Just loosen the mechanism securing the leg, reposition and tighten.

What’s the best classroom table to buy?

Top classroom table

Flash Furniture Mobile 60-Inch Half-Circle Activity Table

What you need to know: This large, half-circle table can accommodate up to six children, or you can connect it to a second table for larger group projects.

What you’ll love: This collaborative activity table is designed to encourage kids to work together with legs you can raise or lower in 1-inch increments and casters for ease of mobility. The surface is a warp-resistant, fused-laminate manufactured to be durable, scratch resistant and stain resistant.

What you should consider: While the locking casters are convenient for easily rolling this table about the classroom, some prefer a less-mobile option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top classroom table for the money

Flash Furniture Green Plastic Height-Adjustable Activity Table

What you need to know: If you’re looking for a compact activity table specifically designed for kids under age 7, this is a solid option.

What you’ll love: This plastic table is reinforced with a steel frame, making it able to support a 220-pound load. The push-button feature on the legs makes this model easy to adjust, and all of the edges are rounded for safety. Additionally, this table has floor glides to help protect your floor if you need to move the table. 

What you should consider: The textured surface isn’t ideal for drawing or coloring projects where the paper may be placed directly on the table.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Correll High Pressure Laminate Classroom Table

What you need to know: This classroom table is of durable, commercial-grade quality. It is built to last and easily folds for storage.

What you’ll love: This table features a laminate top and sturdy legs. It is adjustable and foldable.  Choose from six sizes and four colors to suit classroom decor.  Varying sizes accommodate a wide range of students.

What you should consider: A few users reported damaged tables upon delivery.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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