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The 10 best high-end gifts for teachers

Which high-end gifts for teachers are best? 

Giving a gift to a teacher doesn’t have to be expensive, but sometimes it’s nice to get a teacher something a little pricier that they might find useful. Teachers work hard and spend a lot of time preparing lessons, juggling materials and actually teaching. They have a demanding job and often get a lot less attention than professionals in other careers. A great gift might give the teacher extra functionality in the classroom, help organize their classroom or even just allow them to relax outside of work. 

What does ‘high-end’ mean? 

“High-end” doesn’t need to mean breaking the bank. A lot of teaching materials are cheap, so high-end could mean as little as $20-$30. Be aware that some teachers might not want students or parents to spend a lot of money on them, so it is important to know the teacher and how they will react to a pricier gift. However, if you can afford a little bit more, this might be a great chance to get a teacher a gift that has been on their wishlist for a long time. 

Top high-end gifts for school use 

Best high-end gift for teachers with young learners 

Wacom One Drawing Tablet with Screen

This gift brings the ability to bring lessons to life on a beautiful 13.3-inch display. Draw on it with a stylus that feels just like a real pen. You can draw pictures, create diagrams or even annotate text. Most apps that are usable on a computer — such as Adobe Photoshop and SketchBook — are compatible with this tablet. It can even link up with other devices like smartphones and tablets. 

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Best high-end gift for music teachers 

Soundcore Anker Flare Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Music can liven up a classroom, and it’s an integral part of the classroom experience for many teachers. This bluetooth speaker packs a punch and comes with a 360-degree sound that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. It is waterproof and safe to take outside, and two devices can be paired to make the volume even louder. 

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Best high-end gift for teachers who make arts & crafts 

Cricut Explore Air 2

For teachers who want to decorate the classroom or make great crafts, this DIY cutting machine cuts what you want in mere seconds. It can cut through over 100 types of material including vinyl, cardstock and poster board. Upload your designs from your computer and watch the Cricut Explore Air 2 cut them into existence. It can be daunting to start with, but there are a lot of online communities that share resources and materials. 

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Best high-end gift for the mobile teacher 

Whitmor 10 Drawer Organizer Cart

Some teachers need to bounce around different classrooms. This 10-drawer organizer has wheels and makes it easy to store anything from school supplies to small tools. Each folder is 2.5 inches deep. A Phillips head screwdriver is all that is required to assemble it, and it has wheels to make it easier to move around the house or the school. 

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Top high-end gifts for teacher comfort 

Best high-end comfort gift for teachers 

Classic Faux Leather Office Desk Guest Chair

Teachers need a comfortable spot to grade papers or take a break. This is a chair that is comfortable but also small enough to fit in any office space. The black bonded leather looks nice, and the chair itself offers great back support. The minimalist design is great for fitting right in with the classroom setting. One thing to note is that it does take some time to assemble. 

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Best high-end gift for female teachers 

Bearpaw Women’s Slide Slippers

This is an amazing gift for teachers who live in cold areas or need to stand up a lot. These slip-on Bearpaw slippers come in a ton of different colors, and they look adorable. The lining and bottoms are made of sheepskin. The only con is that some people had the slippers fall apart after a year or so, but others had much better luck. 

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Best high-end gift for decor

Angotrade DIY Adjustable Bookcase

This adjustable bookcase could be placed in the classroom or at home. Put clothes, school supplies, books or anything else inside. It is made of durable plastic with waterproof connectors.  There are nine cubes in total that can be set up however the teacher wishes. Each cube can hold up to 10 lbs. 

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Top high-end personal use gifts for teachers

Best high-end gift for coffee and tea lovers  

Starbucks Gift Cards 

A lot of teachers drink coffee or tea, and Starbucks is still renowned for making delicious, high-quality beverages. Since Starbucks can be pricey, teachers will appreciate a chance to get some drinks without having to open up their own wallets. Starbucks gift cards can be bought for any amount and they come in different designs. 

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Best high-end gift for book lovers

Audible Membership 

Teachers have busy hands and may not be able to read as often as they would like. Audible is here to the rescue. They have thousands of audiobooks to choose from as well as podcasts. Teachers can keep on working while learning or listening to their favorite book. 

Sold by Amazon and Audible

Best high-end gift for teachers who drink beverages in the classroom

Teacher Appreciation Coffee Mugs

This set of mugs contains six 12-ounce tumblers with different inspirational quotes about teachers. They come in either mint or rose gold. Each set comes with stainless steel straws, BPA-free lids and cleaning brushes. This makes for a great gift for one teacher, or you could give a mug to each of your favorite teachers. 

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