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Which weed eater is best?

What is the best weed eater?

Weeds sprout up in every crevice of your yard, under your fence and along the side of your house, making them difficult to reach — thankfully, a good weed eater can make short work of these eyesores.

There are hundreds of weed eaters out there. Some require gasoline, others are electric and some are battery-powered. Some weed eaters are multifunctional, serving as edgers and other helpful yard tools. The excessive number of options can make choosing a weed eater overwhelming, but comparing available models is an excellent way to figure out which features best suit you.

How much does a weed eater cost?

You can get a capable weed eater for less than $100. If you need a four-cycle engine, wide cutting width and extra features, you may pay up to $400 or more.

Types of weed eater

Gas weed eater

As the name implies, gas weed eaters require gasoline for power. Gas weed eaters have either a two-stroke or four-stroke engine and power on after you pull a rip-cord, much like a mower.

Gas weed eaters have more power than electric or battery-powered weed eaters but are also much noisier. If you need a weed eater for commercial applications or a considerably large yard, gas weed eaters are likely your best option despite the noise.

Some of our favorite gas weed eater options

Husqvarna 18-inch Gas String Trimmer

This option has a four-stroke engine that doesn’t require pre-mixed oil and gas. Although it’s a bit heavier and more expensive than other options, the Husqvarna offers a commercial-grade, rugged design with a considerable amount of power. Sold by Amazon

Remington 16-inch Gas String Trimmer

The Remington 16-inch is an incredibly affordable model with a 16-inch cutting width and two-stroke engine. You can easily extend the string as needed by simply bumping the weed eater against the ground. Sold by Amazon

Ryobi 18-inch Straight Shaft String Trimmer

This two-cycle weed eater is compatible with a wide range of attachments, allowing it to function as an edger, pole saw, sweeper and more. This trimmer is a bit heavy for a two-cycle weed eater, but it’s one of the most versatile models out there. Sold by Home Depot and Amazon

Electric weed eater

Corded electric weed eaters are a popular option for those who want something with a reasonable amount of power without a gas weed eater’s noise. They require a heavy gauge extension cord, limiting mobility in larger yards or yards with many obstacles. Despite their limitations, electric weed eaters are better for the environment and quieter than gas weed eaters.

Some of our favorite electric weed eaters

Greenworks 14-inch Corded String Trimmer

This lightweight trimmer has a telescopic shaft that adjusts to your height. The Greenworks Corded String Trimmer has a rotating head that allows it to function as an edger, as well as a convenient “cord lock” feature that keeps your cord out of the way. Sold by Amazon

Ryobi 18-inch Corded String Trimmer

The Ryobi 18-inch weed eater has an easy-release bump head, allowing you to extend your string as needed without interrupting your work. Much like the Ryobi gas model, this weed eater is compatible with Ryobi’s line of attachments, making it incredibly versatile. Sold by Home Depot

BLACK+DECKER 14-inch String Trimmer

This trimmer has an auto-feed head that ensures you’re never without string. This option is also equipped with a POWERDRIVE transmission that keeps it from slowing down. Sold by Home Depot

Battery-powered weed eater

With a battery-powered weed eater, you can save money on gasoline without burdening yourself with an extension cord. The most significant drawbacks to battery-powered trimmers are their limited battery life and the lengthy downtime required for recharging.

Although battery-powered weed eaters have power and runtime restraints, they make a great weed eater for anyone who wants the mobility of a gas weed eater without the noise.

If you’re looking for a great battery-powered weed eater, consider the following:

BLACK+DECKER 40-Volt Max Lithium

This super-light trimmer has an auto-feed head and POWERDRIVE transmission, just like the corded option. The BLACK+DECKER’s convenient POWERCOMMAND dial allows you to adjust the power settings as needed to maximize battery life. Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

WORX GT 3.0 12-inch Trimmer

The WORX trimmer charges relatively quickly and has a rotating head that makes trimming weeds in tight spots a cinch. Sold by Amazon

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless String Trimmer

Much like the Ryobi models, this weed eater has a vast selection of attachments, making it one of the most versatile options out there. Sold by Home Depot


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