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Best garden fertilizers for summer 2021

Garden fertilizers

Planting a garden is a great way to make use of any available space you have. Yet, the image of the perfect garden in your head might not become a reality due to the quality of your soil.

Plants take in nutrients from even the best potting soils, and this may eventually lead to the soil lacking the vital compounds and elements necessary for healthy plant growth. A solution to this problem is getting garden fertilizer because it adds the nutrients that flowers, vegetables and other plants grown at home need to flourish. 

The range of garden fertilizers in the market is wide and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. These top fertilizers will give you great results. 

Things to consider when choosing a garden fertilizer

The deficiency in your soil 

The purpose of applying fertilizer to your garden is to add the nutrients your plants need that the soil is lacking. The best way to know this is to test your soil before buying the fertilizer. 

The nutrient concentration and release

You can get a fertilizer with the nutrient concentration your soil and plants need, but its release rate can mean the difference between nutrient balance and root burn. 

The weather outside on application day

If you apply the fertilizer during the rainy season, the chances of it washing away are high. If you choose a windy day to apply dry fertilizer, the wind may carry it away.

The micronutrients present

For soil to be healthy enough for plants to thrive, it needs some common micronutrients. These include zinc, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium, boron and sulfur. Micronutrient deficient soils often have pest problems and offer slow rates of germination.  

The amount of filler in the bag

The four major components of the average fertilizer are nitrogen, potash, urea and filler. The first three components are nutritious, but filler hardly ever adds any value. If the fertilizer has a high percentage of filler, its quality is likely low. 

Consider the pellet size 

If the different components that make up the fertilizer are of varying sizes, some nutrients will isolate themselves. This makes the application process difficult. Fertilizers made of same-sized pellets blend properly and are more effective.

Prices of garden fertilizers

Garden fertilizers range in price depending on the manufacturers and the type of fertilizer you need. The cost of phosphate, urea and potash will have a direct effect on the final price of fertilizer since these are the main components of the average fertilizer. Prices may range from $10-$80, which can translate to spending between $0.10-$0.50 per square foot of garden or lawn.

The best garden fertilizers on the market

Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1

With a blend of seaweed and hydrolyzed fish, this garden fertilizer promises foliage and flowers that are colorful and strong. This fertilizer is easy to mix and you can apply it by hand, using a drip line or with a sprayer.  

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Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable, 8 lb

If you want vegetables full of flavor and to enhance the color of your flowers, this is the garden fertilizer for you. Formulated to promote strong root development and incredible top-growth, this garden fertilizer provides perfect nutrition for all plants, including perennials. 

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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, 3 lb

Packed with essential nutrients, this garden fertilizer will lead to the growth of healthy and beautiful houseplants, veggies, shrubs, flowers and trees. You will need to apply this fertilizer every one to two weeks. 

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Espoma Plant-Tone Plant Food, Natural & Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer

This is an all-purpose garden fertilizer, which makes it ideal for growing vegetables, flowers, shrubs or trees. It is made using 100 percent organic and natural ingredients, which contribute to the growth of large plants that are rich in foliage and color. You only need to apply this fertilizer on vegetables and flowers once a month. 

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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, 8 Oz.

Grow bigger and more beautiful plants with this safe fertilizer. When used as directed every one to two weeks, it will not burn your veggies, flowers, houseplants, shrubs or trees. 

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Dr. Earth 703P Organic 4 Azalea/Camellia/Rhododendron Acid Fertilizer in Poly Bag, 4-Pound

This is an organic and natural hand-crafted blend of garden fertilizer. It is rich in high-country feather meal, alfalfa meal, Alaskan fish bone meal, concentrated seaweed extract, Norwegian cold-water kelp meal, potassium sulfate and clean cottonseed meal. This fertilizer will feed your garden for several months. 

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Dr. Earth Pure & Natural Bat Guano 1.5 lb

Dr. Earth’s fertilizer is organic, natural and made from sustainable ingredients that are safe for your family and pets. This 1.5-pound fertilizer will feed the plants in your garden for up to two months. It contains bat guano and several strains of soil microbes. 

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Down to Earth All Natural Soybean Meal Fertilizer 7-1-2, 5 lb

This soybean meal garden fertilizer comes in a 5-pound box. It is ideal for use in flower and vegetable gardens and lawns. It is derived from GMO-free and organically grown soybeans, so it has the ingredients needed to preserve high plant nutrient value and to promote the growth of leafy greens. 

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Jobe's Organics All-Purpose Fertilizer Spikes, 50 Spikes

These fertilizer spikes contain a proprietary blend of ingredients called Biozome, which provides plants with the right nutrients while eliminating the possibility of surface runoff. The result is strong plants with healthy foliage and an increased root mass. The fertilizer also improves the quality of the soil over a long period by creating the right balance between soil and plant. 

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