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Best cake decorating kit

Cake decorating kits

Cake decorating is a creative hobby where you create flourishes, patterns and more on a cake and make a culinary masterpiece. If you’re interested in cake decorating, you might be looking for a kit that will contain all the supplies you need. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming. To save time and assist you in your search, we've simplified the process by rounding up the very best cake decorating kits, including our top choice, the Wilton 55-Piece Master Decorating Tip Set and several other great options.

What to know before you buy a cake decorating kit

No matter which cake decorating kit you choose to purchase, you can usually get started with creativity and minimal supplies from a basic kit. Things like a cake board or stand, icing bags, icing tips and frosting smoothers are essentials. But once you feel comfortable with simple decorating, you can move on to more complicated patterns and shading the cake in different hues. You can also look into expanding your kit with more advanced supplies. Cake decorating is a fun skill, and it’s something others appreciate, too. Practice your designs multiple times for the best results and enjoy the process.

Cake decorating is something you can learn on your own and requires only a small investment to get started if you know some basic information. Here’s what to know before buying a kit.

How to bake a cake

You must have a recipe you can follow to make a cake that you can then decorate. You can save time using a box mix or find a recipe online for something more unique. Remember that your cake needs to cool completely before you begin frosting, or crumbs will get into the design and ruin the look.

Types of icing 

The three main types of cake decorations are icing, fondant and frosting. Icing is relatively thin and often made with milk and powdered sugar. It has a sugary taste, and you may also use it on cookies. 

Fondant is denser and made with sugar, water and corn syrup. It’s often used for elaborate cake designs because it’s a stiffer frosting that will keep its form. It’s usually more for looks than eating. 

Frosting is made with butter or cream and works well for design creation without being as hearty as fondant.

Types of cake decorating tools

You'll need a few items to decorate a cake. One is a cake drum or platter of some sort to keep the cake in place. If creating a repeating design around the cake, a lazy susan or turntable will make pivoting the cake a breeze. Spatulas and smoothers help with spreading frosting, and you’ll need frosting tips and bags as well. You may also want a fondant roller to thin out the fondant, but that depends on how advanced your creation.

What to look for in a quality cake decorating kit

Now you know what type of supplies are needed, you’ll need to know what items should be included in a high-quality cake decorating kit. 

Icing tips

These come with various patterns, including florals, round, weaves and more from which you can choose. They slide and fasten into a small opening at the end of an icing bag, then you squeeze the bag, creating the pattern on your cake.

Icing bags

These are the cloth or plastic bags you fill with frosting after securing your icing tip at the end. Some are reusable, and some are single-use. Be sure of which you’re purchasing as it will save you money in the long run. 


Turntables make it much easier to frost an entire cake since it allows you to turn the dessert as you work.

Fondant smoother

To achieve the smooth, flawless frosting texture cake decorators aim for, you’ll want a fondant smoother. It is a small, flat tool that looks like a small iron and is used to spread the fondant evenly.

Off-set spatula

This decorating tool is a skinny, rectangular spatula used to assist in smoothing icing, which will give your cake a polished finish.

How much does a cake decorating kit cost?

A solid cake decorating kit costs $10-$30. However, a specialty decorating set can cost over $100. The prices will vary depending on what the kit includes.

Cake decorating kit FAQ

Q: Should I buy a kit or order all supplies separately?

A: The prices for cake decorating kits are decent enough that it’s probably better to buy the kit no matter what, especially if you plan on decorating a cake more than once. You can buy a basic set and then purchase more advanced tools separately.

Q: How do I clean and store cake decorating supplies?

A: If you want to use your supplies multiple times, you’ll want to take care of them. Always follow the guide that comes with the kit for the best results. But generally, you can wash the decorating tools with soap and water, dry them thoroughly and store them together or in bags to keep from losing anything. If your icing bags are reusable, be sure to clean both the inside and outside of the bag so no frosting lingers.

What’s the best cake decorating kit to buy?

Top cake decorating kit 

Wilton 55-Piece Master Decorating Tip Set

What you need to know: It's great for people who plan on a lot of cake decorating and want many options with their kit, all from a highly trusted company. 

What you’ll love: 55 different icing tips and extra accessories to choose from for your designs.

What you should consider: Some users have noted issues with storage and couplers not working with all icing tips.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cake decorating kit for the money

Wilton 20-piece Beginning Buttercream Decorating Set

What you need to know: This option is excellent for beginners who want products that will last.

What you’ll love: It includes multiple decorating tips and icing bags for a reasonable price.

What you should consider: It doesn’t include every accessory you might want but instead focuses on the essentials.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond

Worth checking out

Watson and Webb Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit 

What you need to know: This kit includes everything you need to create a masterpiece cake with artistic flair.

What you’ll love: The kit has a three-speed compressor and all the colors you could need.

What you should consider: This is a strong choice for those with some experience and who already have basic cake decorating tools.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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