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The best humidor

Best humidors

The function of a humidor is to replicate the humid climate of the Caribbean, where cigars are made. By keeping your cigars in a humidor, you can mimic the atmosphere in which they were created. Your humidor can improve the lifespan of your cigar and maintain its flavor and character. It can be utilized to bring back the flavor and taste of cigars that have dried out over time.

If you’re considering investing in a humidor for your cigars, you may have some questions about what to look for and what to consider. Whether you want to use a humidor as a piece of décor or as functional storage for your cigars, this handy buying guide covers the essentials about humidors. The top choice is the Mantello Cigars 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop, which holds up to 100 cigars and retains 70% humidity. 

What to know before you buy a humidor

How a humidor works

While a humidor may look like a decorative storage box for your cigars, it has a specific purpose. Humidors are usually made using acrylic, glass or wood to replicate the Caribbean climate. A humidor helps to maintain the taste and freshness of your cigar. You can find a humidor in every shape and size, whether you want to hold a handful of cigars or several hundred. The most popular humidor is the classic rectangular wooden box that doubles as a desk ornament. 

Advantages of a humidor

Humidors can keep your cigars readily smokable and can give your living space, den or office a distinguished look. Depending on how often you smoke cigars and where you will place the humidor, your humidor can double as a decorative piece in your home.

What to look for in a humidor

Humidor lining

The lining of a humidor absorbs the excess moisture, giving the cigars a more potent flavor. With a cedar lining, you’ll have to open your humidor once a week to ventilate your cigars. A mahogany-lined humidor is easier to maintain but does not add as much flavor to your cigars.

Humidor dividers and trays

Depending on how many cigars you want to store, you’ll need to consider the dividers and trays inside the humidor. This feature is a must-have if you intend to store your collection inside one humidor. Adjustable dividers can allow you to divide your cigars up by brand.


The humidifier inside the humidor is what allows it to replicate the Caribbean climate. It is usually made using plastic or metal with a grille that facilitates the water vapor circulating the humidor. A piece of synthetic clay or foam inside the humidifier absorbs water before slowly dispersing moisture.


High-end humidors typically feature a hygrometer, an analog or digital sensor, that measures the humidity within the humidor.

How much can you expect to spend on a humidor?

The price of a humidor varies depending on its size and material. You can pick one up for as cheap as $16, while others cost as much as $1,000 or more. The most affordable humidors on the market are smaller travel-size ones designed to hold two or three cigars. Specialized humidor designs can set you back hundreds of dollars.

Humidor FAQ

How do I choose the right size humidor?

A. To get the most out of your humidor, you want to have a little extra room inside the box once your cigars are inside. It’s not enough to go by the maximum cigar recommendation for your humidor. It’s a good idea to size up instead of down for your humidor. If you buy a humidor that’s too small, you may end up having to buy a second one.

How do I put my cigars inside a humidor?

A. Your cigars should sit inside your humidor downward and horizontally. You want to avoid packing the cigars into your humidor too tightly as you need the air to circulate between them.

What is the best humidor to buy?

Top humidor

Mantello Cigars 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop

What you need to know: This humidor ticks all the boxes, from appearance to performance. It’s the perfect choice for almost any cigar collector.

What you’ll love: It retains up to 70% humidity and holds up to 100 cigars, with solid brass hinges that give the humidor an elevated feel.

What you should consider: The lock is liable to break, and the instructions provided are not particularly helpful.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top humidor for the money

Case Elegance Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor with Embedded Magnetic Seal

What you need to know: This humidor holds up to 25 cigars, making it an ideal option for smokers who don’t require a larger capacity. It has a sleek finish that will make it look at home in any space.

What you’ll love: It features a hygrometer that makes it easy to monitor the humidity levels inside the humidor and has a magnetic seal for added closure security.

What you should consider: You will have to frequently season the humidor as the humidity levels can drop over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

NewAir CC-100 250 Count Cigar Cooler

What you need to know: This model is a humidor with a larger capacity and both a cooling and humidifying system. The Spanish cedar gives the humidor a polished look.

What you’ll love: It has a built-in hygrometer that makes it easy to monitor the humidor’s humidity. You can fit up to 250 cigars inside this humidor. 

What you should consider: It is one of the most expensive humidors that are readily available, but you do get the trade-off of an elegant design. You may experience occasional moisture build-up due to humidity imbalance. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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