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Best felt hangers

Which felt hangers are best?

We’ve all had days where we can’t decide what to wear. Before we know it, we’ve frantically plucked a dozen garments from the closet, with shirts, sweaters, and coats slipping off hangers and onto the floor. Felt hangers minimize the mess. They’re covered in velour with enough resistance to prevent unwanted slippage. Felt hangers also have a slim profile that helps free up extra space in your closet.

To learn more about the benefits of felt hangers, keep reading our buying guide, which includes reviews of our favorites at the end. Our top pick, Cresnel’s Velvet Hangers, comes in a cool gray and can hold items up to 12 pounds.

What to know before you buy felt hangers


Felt hangers have been adopted by many organized people because of their space-saving design and secure hanging qualities. They also offer a higher level of order inside your closet, which can save time on busy mornings. It also means you won’t lose your favorite garments to the black hole of your closet floor.

Traditional hangers

The burning question, when purchasing felt hangers, is whether you should replace all your traditional hangers. While felt hangers accommodate a wide variety of garments, it’s best to keep some traditional hangers, as well as more specialized ones. Wooden suit hangers, for example, are still your best bet for tailored suits.

Types of felt hangers

Traditional hangers: These are by far the most common hangers. Their triangular shape makes them incredibly versatile, so you’re able to hang everything from tank tops to trousers.

Shirt hangers: Shirt hangers lack the trouser bar you see on most traditional hangers, as they have a more specialized purpose. Many styles of shirt hangers also include notches. This allows them to hang lightweight items, such as delicate garments made from lace or silk.

Pant/skirt hangers: There are also felt pant and skirt hangers available, which are essential for professionals who wear suits and formal clothing on a regular basis. They include nonslip clips, which slide across the bottom arm of the hanger for width adjustability.

What to look for in quality felt hangers


Felt hangers have a simple design: a flat metal or plastic frame that is coated with felt or thin velour. The hooks are also on the slimmer side compared to traditional hangers and screw into the top of the frame.

Weight capacity

Don’t let their skinny appearance fool you — felt hangers can hold between six and 18 pounds. Those that hold closer to 18 pounds are usually marked as heavyweight hangers and will typically cost more.


Higher-quality felt hangers feature swivel hooks, which are convenient if you like to turn clothing for viewing while still on the hanger. Felt hangers with swivel hooks are usually more durable as well, so even if it’s not a feature you’ll use often, it’s worth investing in the quality.


Felt hangers with notches are worth considering if you need to hang strappy gowns, asymmetrical clothing, or lingerie. They’re also ideal for hanging swimwear and some athletic uniforms, such as gymnastics or dance leotards.

How much you can expect to spend on felt hangers

Basic felt hangers in sets of 12-40 cost less than $20. Specialty hangers, including those for pants or skirts, cost closer to $35 for a set of 12-20 hangers. If you’re interested in buying felt hangers in bulk, you can snag a deluxe set of 50 or more for $50 and up.

Felt hangers FAQ

Do felt hangers come in sizes to hang children’s clothing?

A. Yes, and they often come in vibrant colors or designs that can match the décor of a kid’s room. Children’s felt hangers are just like adult hangers, only they’re narrower and tend to be a bit less expensive per set.

How do I clean felt hangers?

A. Their velour covering makes them somewhat challenging to clean, but you can spot clean them with water and gentle soap. If a felt hanger is incredibly soiled, however, simply dispose of it and replace it with a new one.

What are the best felt hangers to buy?

Top felt hangers

Cresnel’s Velvet Hangers

Our take: Heavy-duty hangers capable of holding sweaters and jeans.

What we like: Features a 12-pound weight capacity. Notched design for versatility. Chrome-plated anti-rust hook.

What we dislike: Velour can make removing clothing a bit harder than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top felt hangers for the money

Zober’s Nonslip Velvet Suit Hangers

Our take: These swivel-hook triangular hangers are known for their durability.

What we like: Has a 10-pound weight capacity. Natural shoulder contour maintains integrity of clothing.

What we dislike: Black lint may transfer to clothing but won’t stain.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

JOEEAN Premium Velvet Hangers with Tie Bar

Our take: This two-design assortment includes hangers with an accessory bar for ties or necklaces as well as shirt hangers.

What we like: Available in five colors. Convenient set covers all your garments. The contours of the hanger help clothes maintain their shape.

What we dislike: Some users find the accessory bar gets in the way.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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