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The best Christmas tree stand

Which Christmas tree stand is best?

Most of us purchased a Christmas tree stand many years ago and face the annual struggle of forcing a bent and rusty device with missing parts to function well enough to make it through just one more season. This year, treat yourself to the best and make the holidays even more joyous with a new Christmas tree stand.

The best models offer a sturdy fit for your tree, have a non-leaking reservoir to hold water, and are easy to set up. Our favorite is the innovative screw-less Krinner Christmas Tree Genie, a frustration-free model that sets up in about one minute. Learn all about this and other quality Christmas tree stands in our buying guide.

Considerations when choosing Christmas tree stands

Choosing the best Christmas tree stand may require a little more thought than you initially imagined. However, that doesn't mean it is a difficult task. Consider seven key elements when purchasing a Christmas tree stand.

Real vs. artificial

If you only have to support an artificial tree, your needs will be different than they would be if you had a real tree. Be sure to purchase the tree stand that matches the type of tree you have.


One of the most important areas to pay attention to is how large and stable the base is. You need a well-built base with a wide enough footprint to keep your Christmas tree stable, especially when pets or small children are involved.

Fastening system

Most Christmas tree stands use some sort of eye-bolt or thumb-screw system to secure the tree. However, pricier models may feature innovative pedal-operated no-struggle designs for convenience.


For the most part, Christmas tree stands are either plastic or metal. Metal can offer a more solid feel, but it is susceptible to rust, is heavier, and often costs more.

Tree height

Do not overlook this factor. Christmas tree stands are specifically designed to only support trees of a certain height. If you purchase an eight-foot stand for a 12-foot tree, there will be a mess to clean up before the season is over.

Trunk diameter

Diameter is just as important as height. Different Christmas tree stands are designed for trees of different diameters. A Christmas tree stand can be too large to securely hold a smaller tree, too small to fit a larger tree, or it can be a perfect fit.

Water reservoir

The larger the water reservoir is, the less you will have to worry about filling it. Look for one that holds at least one gallon, so you will only need to fill it up about once per day.

Christmas tree stand price

For $15-$20, you can buy a decent stand for an artificial tree or a small bargain model for a real tree. The better more durable models for a real tree will likely cost between $50-$100. If you'd like a frustration-free Christmas tree stand for a larger tree, expect to pay as much as $200 or more.

Christmas tree stand FAQ

Q. Are there different types of tree stands for artificial and real trees?

A. Yes. An artificial tree stand is designed to accept a trunk that is smaller in diameter, and it doesn't need a reservoir to hold water. By comparison, Christmas tree stands for real trees are typically sturdier, can fit a larger diameter tree trunk, and have a reservoir to hold water.

Q. How much water does a Christmas tree require?

A. Christmas trees can require as much as one gallon of water each day. It is essential that you keep your Christmas tree stand reservoir filled with water, so your tree doesn't drop needles prematurely.

Christmas tree stands we recommend

Best of the best

Krinner’s Christmas Tree Genie

Our take: A luxury hassle-free Christmas tree stand that sets up quickly and is easy to use.

What we like: This unit has no frustrating screws to tighten. The innovative design holds as much as one gallon of water and secures a tree as tall as eight feet. The five extendable feet provide additional sturdiness.

What we dislike: Admittedly, this is a high-priced Christmas tree stand, but if it fits in your budget, it will make you happy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

JACK-POST’s Oasis Christmas Tree Stand

Our take: A durable plastic tree stand that holds your real Christmas tree in place using a system of five eye-bolts.

What we like: This affordably priced Christmas tree stand has a steel spike base plate to help your tree stand straight. The large base can support a tree as tall as 10 feet and will hold 1.5 gallons of water.

What we dislike: Setting up your Christmas tree will likely require two people with this stand.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

National Tree Company’s Folding Tree Stand

Our take: A convenient fold-flat artificial Christmas tree stand that is easy to store.

What we like: The smart minimal design allows you to quickly set up your 1.25- to 2-inch diameter artificial tree using just one thumb screw. The sturdy steel construction can support an artificial tree that is as tall as 12 feet.

What we dislike: Be aware that this stand is not intended for use with a real Christmas tree.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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