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Best wall fan

Which wall fan is best?

In some spaces, a wall fan is a more effective option than a desk or tower fan. Because they tend to be more powerful, wall fans are much better at circulating air in larger spaces.

As their name implies, wall fans are mounted several feet above the floor. Not only does this save valuable floor space, but it also boosts their circulation potential. For this reason, it’s fairly common to see wall fans in commercial settings such as garages and workshops, as well as in fitness studios, home gyms or even classrooms.

Our top choice, NewAir’s WindPro18W 18-Inch High-Velocity Industrial Shop Fan, is a solidly built fan capable of running continuously for long periods of time.

What to know before you buy a wall fan


To find a wall fan powerful enough to cool a space, you first need to know the size (volume) of the room. This is determined by multiplying the dimensions of a room by its height. A room that measures 15 by 10 feet with a height of 9 feet, for example, will have a volume of 1,350 feet.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

Once you find the room’s volume, select a fan capable of circulating air efficiently around the space. This is done by determining the cubic feet per minute (CFM).

In order to arrive at the necessary CFM, it’s important to understand the frequency of air exchange. Generally speaking, it’s recommended to have between four to 10 exchanges per hour.

Calculate the correct CFM

To calculate the correct CFM, you need to multiply the room’s volume by the number of exchanges per hour. Divide the number by 60 to arrive at the CFM.

As an example, let’s say you have a room with a volume of 1,350 feet. If you’d like for air to exchange six times per hour, here’s the equation to use:

1,350 x 6 = 8,100

8,100 ÷ 60 = 135

Therefore, a wall fan with a minimum CFM of 135 will effectively circulate air in a room whose volume is 1,350 feet (15 by 10 by 9 feet).

Blade size

Blade size also plays an important role in the efficiency of a wall fan. Those that measure 12 inches or less are better for small rooms and spaces. Medium to large spaces require blades that measure 16 to 30 inches.

What to look for in a quality wall fan


Wall fans usually have at least two speeds. Some models have as many as six, but they tend to be the most expensive options. Adjusting the speed is typically done with a pull cord because it’s easy for the average person to reach. More advanced wall fans can be adjusted via remote control.

Angle adjustability

Some wall fans are stationary, whereas others can be tilted at various angles. The tilt is usually adjusted manually, and the mechanism locks into place with minimal effort. There are also oscillating wall fans that move air in multiple directions.

How much you can expect to spend on a wall fan

Small wall fans with up to 16-inch blades run between $30-$125. Midsize wall fans with blades around 18 to 24 inches cost between $150-$310. The largest wall fans have blades up to 30 inches and cost between $325-$800.

Wall fans FAQ

What colors are available for wall fans?

A. It depends on the manufacturer, but most wall fans are silver, black, white or beige. When given the option among these colors, many people stick to white or beige to blend into walls.

Are there any wall fans with quiet operation?

A. Unfortunately, they’re few and far between. If you’d like to reduce the noise of operation, run the wall fan on its lowest speed setting.

What's the beat wall fan to buy?

Top wall fan

NewAir’s WindPro18W 18-Inch High-Velocity Industrial Shop Fan

What you need to know: This industrial-strength fan often is used in garages, workshops and fitness studios.

What you'll love: Powerful air circulation covers up to 3,000 cubic feet per minute. It is equipped with an energy-efficient motor.

What you should consider: It can tilt, but it doesn’t have an oscillating feature.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wall fan for the money

Maxx Air’s 18-Inch Wall-Mount Fan

What you need to know: This is an affordable option with quite an impressive assortment of features for its low price.

What you'll love: The motor is enclosed to protect against dust accumulation. Speed is easy to adjust with a pull chain, and it comes with mounting hardware.

What you should consider: The cage isn’t extremely durable, so it requires careful handling.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

TPI’s 30-Inch Commercial Wall Mount Fan

What you need to know: At a whopping 30 inches, it’s a good option if you need to circulate air in a large area.

What you'll love: With three speed settings, it is effective at circulating air in commercial environments and large spaces.

What you should consider: Operation is rather loud, so it’s not a good fit for some offices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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