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Hacks to stay cool if you don’t have central air

When the temps hit higher than you anticipated, it’s time to think of ways to cool down especially when you don’t have air condoning.

Before you stick your head into the freezer, there are ways to stay cool as a cucumber this summer.

Cool down with food

A good way to deal with the heat and enjoy yourself at the same time is with a cold, sweet treat. We like the old-fashioned Aroma Housewares 4-Quart Traditional Ice Cream Maker, that’s easy and fun to use. Go ahead, whip up your favorite flavor – chocolate, vanilla, mocha – fast.

Not into ice cream? Frozen yogurt is also a way to cool down and stay healthy. Make your own fresh confection – lemon, lime or whatever floats your boat  – with Cuisinart’s Frozen Yogurt Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker.

Make one room your haven

So you gotta have the AC. Try fighting off a heatwave with the LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner. Easy to install and you can flip it on and off whenever you want with the remote control that comes with it.

We also like Frigidaire’s latest offering for its ability to cool a room up to 1,020 square feet.

Of course, portable a/c units are perfect for any room because they are, well, portable. One of the best is BLACK+DECKER’s rollable unit, to keep you cool, calm and collected all summer regardless of where you decide to set it up.

A classic solution to summer heat

Ceiling fans and stand fans can cool down a room fast and won’t run up your electric bill nor will floor fans. Don't forget personal misting fans can help while hiking, camping or if you are just staying at home in the yard to stay refreshed. We like the CTLpower Handheld Fan unit.