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Best indoor plant stands

Which indoor plant stand is best?

If you have a green thumb and enjoy decorating with plants, chances are you need a little extra shelf space to store them all. Indoor plant stands offer a dedicated spot for plants, allowing them to soak up the ideal amount of sunlight. By raising plants up and off typical household surfaces like tables, shelves and countertops, indoor plant stands can also discourage pets or kids from tampering with toxic leaves or flowers.

The Novogratz Athena Marble Plant Stand works well in just about any room, but every decorator must decide if it fits with their design priorities.

What to know before you buy an indoor plant stand


The capacity of an indoor plant stand involves variables like quantity, size and weight. The number of plants you have determines how many shelves or tiers you need to hold them all properly.

The size of your plants also plays a role. If you have larger potted plants, you’ll need larger shelves. Smaller potted plants can be displayed individually on small shelves or grouped together on a stand that can accommodate multiple pots.

The weight capacity of indoor plant stands varies. Some plant stands can hold up to 50 pounds or more. Weigh your plants inside their pots before buying a stand; use a bathroom scale to measure the exact weight your stand will need to support.


Before shopping for an indoor plant stand, measure the space where you plan to put it. Knowing the rough dimensions of your space will help give you an idea of what stands will fit. Measure the height of the stand along with the plants that will sit on top, to ensure there is plenty of space between the plants and the ceiling.


Sturdy support is a key factor to look for. You don’t want them to be top-heavy or flimsy, as a toppling pot can be dangerous and messy to clean up. Once you know the weight of your potted plants, look for stands that fit comfortably within that weight limit. A short or pyramid-shaped stand is a reliable way to add stability by focusing more weight toward the bottom of the unit.

What to look for in a quality indoor plant stand

There is a wide array of indoor plant stands available, and no shortage of pros and cons to different models. In addition to the factors listed below, also consider whether you’ll want to move your stand outside during the summer months, what type of shelving you prefer and what styles complement your home decor.


Wood, metal and plastic are the most common materials used for indoor plant stands.

Wooden plant stands usually are made from either hardwood like oak or lighter wood like bamboo. Wooden indoor plant stands tend to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, even if they have multiple tiers or shelves. Some use plywood or have a wood veneer, and they are usually sealed or treated to be water-resistant.

The most durable indoor plant stands you’ll find are made of iron, steel or aluminum. These are generally heavier than wooden stands, and some metal stands also have a powder coat to avoid rust, repel moisture and help them last longer.

There are a few plastic models available if cost is the primary consideration. The drawback is plastic indoor plant stands aren’t as sturdy as wood or metal models, and they can’t offer the same variety of modern styles.


The main benefit of a plant stand is to raise the plant up onto a shelf for better lighting, room design and easy access for watering. Plant stands can come with one or many shelves. The shelves should easily hold the weight of your pots and be level to avoid a spill. Some stands even have a sturdy hanging rod for your hanging plants to drape freely.

Your plant stand can be as elaborate or as basic as you like. Wooden stands tend to have more simple construction, while metal stands offer a wider variety of ornate designs and decorative embellishments. You can use your indoor plant stand to express your personal style, draw attention to the plant or blend into the room.

How much you can expect to spend on an indoor plant stand

Inexpensive indoor plant stands usually cost less than $25 and offer space for one or two plants. Midsize plant stands with multiple shelves can cost between $25-$40, while large indoor plant stands with ornate designs and lots of shelving can range from $40-$100.

Indoor plant stand FAQ

How do I know what size indoor plant stand to buy?

A. Consider how many plants you have and how much space you have available for new furniture. A large indoor plant stand might fit all your plants well enough but could overwhelm the space if you live in a small apartment. On the other hand, using a large stand for only a couple of plants isn’t ideal; the remaining shelves and tiers would be empty unless you plan to add other decor, books or personal items.

Can an indoor plant stand also be used outside?

A. Some can be used outdoors, depending on the materials and finishes. Plastic stands can easily be moved outside and handle all kinds of weather. You’ll want to make sure metal or wood stands have been treated with a waterproof or weather-resistant coating if you’re going to use them outside.

Powder coatings can offer additional protection for metal stands, and wooden stands' water resistance may hold up through mild weather outdoors. Keep in mind that most wooden stands are intended for indoor use only, so you may need to treat them yourself after purchase.

Do these stands come assembled?

A. Some indoor plant stands do, while others may require assembly at home. Still, most such assembly is straightforward, with clear instructions and tools included. If any step or tool is unclear, contact the seller with questions.

What’s the best indoor plant stand to buy?

Best of the best indoor plant stand

Novogratz Athena Marble Plant Stand

What you need to know: This slim metal plant stand is sturdy and fits for any room design.

What you’ll love: The metal legs of this triple-tiered plant stand make the shelves appear to be floating. Choose from stately black or elegant white marble. Each tier of the plant stand holds up to four pounds.

What you should consider: Some customers don’t like the laminated surface of the stand.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck indoor plant stand

Copree Bamboo Two-Tier Hanging Plant Stand

What you need to know: This versatile indoor plant stand offers the most customizable shelving for various spaces.

What you’ll love: A rod at the top allows hanging plants to have a space of their own. The bamboo shelves are lightweight, and the unit can sit indoors or outdoors. Two lower shelves offer lots of storage space for potted plants. The vertical design gives the stand a smaller footprint, perfect for smaller areas.

What you should consider: Try to place any hanging plants close to the rod as there is limited space between the rod and the first shelf.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best customizable indoor plant stand

Songmics Bamboo Customizable Plant Display Stand

What you need to know: This solid bamboo plant stand offers a customizable plant storage solution with extra space for home decor.

What you’ll love: The nine-shelf unit is a blank slate, completely customizable for your storage and decor preferences. One option is to use it for just a few plants while also storing towels, picture frames, books or other personal items.

What you should consider: Some customers say a few pre-drilled holes seem off-center.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best feature-packed indoor plant stand

Ufine Multitier Wood Plant Stand

What you need to know: This multitier stand is a versatile option for displaying a variety of plants.

What you’ll love: This set of six shelves offers varying levels of width and height for pots and plants of different sizes. The pine shelving is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. This is a sturdy and durable unit for storing your plants in a beautiful display.

What you should consider: The plant stand does not come assembled, but most customers reported no trouble.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best small indoor plant stand

Coaster Round Plant Stand

What you need to know: This two-tier plant stand with a touch of elegance offers just the right amount of support and style for a couple of small plants.

What you’ll love: The cherry finish contrasts nicely with any plant. A classic design looks good in almost any room and doesn’t require a lot of assembly. The stand holds up to 22 pounds.

What you should consider: Some customers say the stand can be flimsy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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