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Feel like you’re always looking at a screen? Give your eyes a break with these tips and products

Tips and products for reducing screen time

Nowadays, most people spend the majority of their time looking at a screen. This is especially true for those working from home or in offices. Taking a screen break is a good way to reduce eye fatigue. Still, it can be challenging, as most of us are conditioned to use electronics throughout the day. Luckily, there are several things you can do to reduce your reliance on screens.

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How to reduce your screen time

Change your phone’s settings

Blocking app notifications is an excellent way to reduce the likelihood you’ll look at your phone since most people check their devices when they receive a message. Many newer-model smartphones have settings that let you set screen time limits or schedule time away. For example, iPhones with iOS 16 let you block apps and notifications during specific periods.

iOS 16 also allows you to set daily limits for your apps. When you exceed your daily limit, your phone won’t let you open the app unless you disable the limit. Android devices with Android 9 and up have a similar feature, as well as a widget that tells you which apps you spend the most time using.

Keep screens out of your bedroom

If you have a TV in your bedroom, consider moving it to a different space in your home. According to the National Institutes of Health, people with TVs in their bedrooms generally go to sleep and wake up later. The study suggests there isn’t a link between bedroom TVs and time spent sleeping, so removing your bedroom TV isn’t likely to result in a better night’s sleep. Still, it can be a great way to reduce screen time and help you wake up earlier. 

A similar study found that "restricting mobile phone use before bedtime for four weeks was effective in reducing sleep latency, increasing sleep duration, improving sleep quality, reducing pre-sleep arousal, and improving positive affect and working memory." You’re sure to get a better night’s sleep if you stay off your phone for 30 minutes before bed. If you have trouble staying off your phone in your bedroom, consider leaving it in a different room and using a traditional alarm clock instead of those on your phone.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill or hobby is an excellent way to entertain yourself without a screen. If you’ve considered learning to paint or made a resolution to read more books this year, now is the perfect time to start. Schedule an hour or more each day to focus on your new hobby, and your device usage will begin to taper naturally.

How to improve your screen-time habits

  • Take steps to reduce eye fatigue: Too much screen time can result in sore eyes and screen headaches. Consider using blue-light glasses to reduce fatigue or eye drops to keep your eyes moist. Many smartphones and computers also have blue light filter settings that can help reduce eye fatigue.
  • Pay attention to your posture: It’s easy to slouch when watching TV or using your computer. You can buy braces online that help you keep your back straight through the day. Forward head posture is another essential consideration when using a computer. You can use a riser to ensure your laptop is positioned directly in front of your face. Additionally, consider setting daily alarms to remind you to check your head posture.
  • Get active while watching TV: Combine your screen time and active time to make the most of it. You can buy a small elliptical machine or do jumping jacks to get some cardio while enjoying your favorite shows.

Best products for improving screen-time habits

Feiyold Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

These affordable glasses help block blue light and come in various colors and styles. You get two pairs of glasses in a set.

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Refresh Digital Lubricant Eye Drops

These keep your eyes from getting dry when using your digital devices. Many said they provided instant relief without blurring their vision.

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Soundance Laptop Stand

This is compatible with 10- to 15-inch laptops. It raises your laptop to create an ergonomic viewing experience while providing additional ventilation for your device.

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ComfyBrace Posture Corrector

This brace is comfortable and can be worn while sitting. Many said they noticed an immediate improvement in their posture.

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Perlecare Under Desk Elliptical

This can be used while standing or sitting, meaning it’s an excellent choice for exercising while watching TV or using your computer. It has a built-in LCD that tracks calories, time and distance.

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