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Best reusable face masks

Comfortable and stylish masks, plus helpful mask accessories

It’s scientifically proven that face masks can minimize exposure to viruses, bacteria, dust and particulate matter from wildfires. Like most personal protective equipment, though, the most effective mask is the one that you’ll actually wear. By this point, everybody knows how uncomfortable masks can be, especially if you have to wear them for long periods of time. Plus, the traditional surgery masks aren’t exactly flattering. The right reusable mask should look good, filter air effectively, last a long time and be generally comfortable to wear (not necessarily in that order).

Accessories to make masks more bearable

While a lot of folks search specifically for the most comfortable masks, there are some accessories made to accompany masks, and these accessories can make a surprising difference in terms of both comfort and effectiveness.

EasyEast Mask Bracket

One big problem people have with masks is that they constantly rub up against the face. This is supremely uncomfortable for a few reasons, including condensation dripping down your cheeks, fabric getting in your mouth and makeup or lipstick rubbing everywhere. These lightweight brackets keep the cloth away from your skin, which makes it more comfortable, and with a properly fitted mask, can even make for more consistent filtration.

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MIAODAM Mask Extender Strap

Have you ever taken off your mask and had to massage the backs of your ears for a few moments to relieve the soreness? If so, these flexible polypropylene straps can help. There are a few flanges to choose from, so no matter what the size your head is, they minimize ear pain and allow for more effective masking.

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CUSVUEVI Mask Lanyards

If plastic mask straps get in the way of your hair or just don’t feel good or work well for you, consider one of these soft fabric lanyards. They have reliable metal clips and a well-built, spring-loaded button that makes them easy to resize. They come in a range of colors and are ideal for both adults and kids.

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NBDIB Activated Carbon Filters

The truth is that N95 masks are categorically more effective than cloth masks, but they’re also not very good looking and tend to be highly uncomfortable after a while. Many cloth masks have a sleeve for inserting a filter just like these to bring their protection level up a bit closer to that of N95 or KN95 face masks.

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Stylish and comfortable cloth masks

Aonsen Black Face Masks

These are about as straightforward as they get, with a polyester outer layer and cotton inner layer. They’re black, so they should go with just about any outfit, and they’re slightly stretchy to add comfort and create an effective seal.

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Volcom Adult Reusable Mask

This face mask offers an adjustable, pleated design that surgical masks do, but it's made from polyester with a touch of elastic instead of that uncomfortable plastic material that most people don't like. This mask comes in a few designs that range from understated to bright and fun, and it should hold up to a relatively high number of machine washings.

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PAGE ONE Unisex Masks

Because variety is the spice of life, consider one of these six-packs of variously colored masks. They’re made from 100% cotton, so they’re highly durable and also pretty comfortable. Not to mention, they’re especially cost-effective.

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UOUDIO Adjustable Masks

You can opt for the simple black model if you want, but these three-pack masks feature novel and fun designs. They also stand apart from others due to the included lanyards that help keep them snug on your face without hurting your neck or ears.

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Under Armour Adult Sports Mask

This is one of the most high-performance options around, which is no surprise considering it's designed by a top sports equipment manufacturer for both premium filtration and impressive breathability. It comes in a variety of colors and instead of an adjustable strap, there are several fitted sizes to choose from. Also, the straps themselves are flat and a bit stretchy to minimize stress on the ears.

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Vogmask, VMC Particle Filtering Face Mask

Originally designed to combat harmful particulate matter launched out of volcanoes, the Vogmask has multiple high-tech layers that do a surprisingly good job of filtering pathogens and other foreign substances from the air. It comes in plain, solid colors as well as a number of fun and interesting designs and patterns, and there are five sizes for various ages and head shapes.

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Livinguard Activity Mask

While you can reuse many masks, this one specifically claims to offer high levels of protection for up to six months. It looks and feels like a high-end piece of apparel, thanks to its premium two-layer construction and the spring-loaded pucks that let you adjust the straps to fit you perfectly.

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Woplaygreat See-Through Masks

These are a little different than your average fashionable face covering. They sport a clear plastic window that lets others see your lips move, so if you work in a nursing home or live with someone who’s hard of hearing, these thoughtful masks will let them use lip reading to understand you better.

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Nickelodeon Kids' Reusable Mask SpongeBob

These fun, bright masks make it that much easier to convince your little one to put their mask on, leave it on and stop messing with it.

Sold by: Amazon

Doset Kids' Cloth Masks

Adult masks don’t work well on kids, and young boys and girls alike often love stars, planets and anything to do with space. These solar system and galaxy-themed masks give your munchkins an extra way to express themselves, hopefully making the whole mask-wearing experience considerably less stressful.

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If you’re going to an outdoor party or all-night rave, this light-up mask is one of the most eye-catching accessories you could wear. It offers several colors and various flashing patterns and transitions. It also runs on a USB-rechargeable battery and doesn’t generate any extra uncomfortable heat.

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