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8 best nasal strips for snoring

Best nasal strips to combat snoring

Whether you snore infrequently or habitually, it could affect both your quality of sleep as well as your partner's. Certain factors increase the risk of snoring, such as weight or diet, but the good news is that there are often ways to combat it. One such method is wearing a nasal strip, which is designed specifically to help prevent snoring.

Causes of snoring

According to the Mayo Clinic, the main causes of snoring include:

  • Sinus congestion: The common cold can lead to clogged sinuses and snoring.
  • Anatomy: People with a low, thick palate or an elongated uvula are more likely to snore. The same goes for those with chronic nasal congestion or a deviated septum.
  • Sleeping position: Those who sleep on their back are more prone to snoring because of the way gravity causes the airway to narrow.
  • Age and weight: Individuals who are overweight or older are more likely to snore.
  • Allergies: Common food and air-based allergens could clog the nasal passage and increase snoring.
  • Diet: Drinking alcohol or consuming a lot of dairy, wheat, fatty foods or sugar could increase the risk of snoring.

Ways to prevent snoring

While you can’t always prevent snoring, here are some ways to minimize it and improve your quality of sleep:

  • Use nasal strips to reduce snoring caused by temporary conditions, such as a cold.
  • Get a nasal spray to clear the sinuses, especially during allergy season.
  • Change your diet and get more exercise to lose weight.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before you sleep.
  • If you’re a back sleeper, start sleeping on your side to open up your airway.
  • Use pillows to elevate your upper body while sleeping.
  • Consult with a sleep specialist and get an oral appliance such as an external nasal dilator to help open your air passageways.

If none of these methods are working, or if the snoring is becoming more than a nuisance, speak with a doctor for help or advice. Depending on how chronic or severe it is, you might have sleep apnea or another condition they can treat.

How to use nasal strips

Using a nasal strip for snoring is simple. First, wash and dry your face to remove any excess oils, makeup or dirt. This makes it easier to attach the adhesive to your skin.

Remove the covering that shields the adhesive part of the strip. Then, position it so that it lays across the bridge of your nose. The tabs on the left and right sides of the strip should be just above the nostrils.

Secure the strip by applying gentle pressure to it until it adheres correctly to your skin. Breathe in and out through your nose to make sure it stays in place. You should also be able to tell if you’re breathing more easily or not.

To remove a nasal strip, either pull it off slowly from one side or rinse your face first to loosen it. Most strips are not reusable, so discard yours once done with them.


Nasal strips typically have two main design aspects:

  • Band: This is slightly flexible and made to fit around the bridge of the nose
  • Adhesive strip: This is on the underside of the nasal strip and is what adheres to the skin

These strips come in different sizes, so make sure you choose ones that contour well to your face. Generally, larger nasal strips or those with more surface area can help open up the nasal passages better than small ones.


For people who snore more frequently or more loudly, extra-strength nasal strips could help. These have a stronger band that is designed to straighten and expand the nostrils after being applied.


Nasal strips usually come in packages of 20 to 40, meaning they can last an equal amount of days. Extra-strength ones sometimes come in smaller packages and are meant for occasional rather than nightly use. If you plan to use nasal strips every night, some come in bulk quantities of 100 or more.

Other uses

Although nasal strips are primarily designed to help combat snoring, they can also help improve your breathing while awake. This is especially useful for athletes who suffer from seasonal allergies while running or working out. If you want strips for daytime use, consider getting clear ones, as they blend in more easily with the skin.


Nasal strips are generally safe for people to use, but here are a few things to watch out for:

  • If you have sensitive skin, removing them could pull it and hurt. Some strips are designed not to do this, though.
  • If you’re allergic to latex, use strips that don’t use this material.
  • Avoid using nasal strips if you have sores, cuts or irritated skin around your nose.

Best nasal strips for snoring

Breathe Right Original Nose Strips

Designed to reduce snoring and help alleviate nasal congestion, these strips can open up the airways and promote breathing. The pack includes 30 large, tan strips that can be used overnight or during the day. The adhesive is strong, too, so it doesn’t come off even if you sweat.

Sold by Amazon

Breathe Right Lavender Nasal Strips

These 26 lavender-scented nasal strips can improve airflow and help you and your partner sleep better. They’re meant for temporary relief, such as when you’re experiencing a cold or allergies. The scent can also promote a good night’s sleep.

Sold by Amazon

Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Extra Strength

With 26 extra-strength nasal strips, this pack can open the nasal passage and improve sleep quality. The strips also have a strong adhesive to keep them in place throughout the night.

Sold by Amazon

Instaclear Extra-Strength Nasal Breathing Strips

Designed for sensitive skin, these nasal strips can help with airflow, especially if you’re experiencing minor congestion or allergies. Since they’re transparent, they’re also great for daytime use.

Sold by Amazon

Clear Passage Nasal Strips Medium

These nasal strips are ideal for people with sensitive skin who need a convenient way to open up their nasal passages while asleep. They come in a pack of 50 strips and are easy to apply and remove. They’re available in tan and clear.

Sold by Amazon

Clear Passage Nasal Strips Extra-Strength

Available in a pack of 26, 50 or two packs of 50, for 100 strips in total, these extra-strength strips promote easier breathing and help prevent snoring. They adhere to the skin easily and remain in place throughout the night.

Sold by Amazon

Asuwish Nasal Strips For Snoring

Available in packs of either 100 or 200, these drug-free nasal strips can improve the overall quality of sleep, reduce nasal congestion and help prevent snoring.

Sold by Amazon

Massner Nasal Strips For Snoring

With enough nasal strips to last for up to three months, this pack can not only help with snoring but can also be used to promote breathing while exercising. They’re drug-free and easy to apply.

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