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The best Timberland boot for women

Which Timberland boots are best for women?

If you’re in the market for a pair of well-made boots with built-to-last construction, look no further than Timberland.

While Timberland boots are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of heavy wear, they’re often worn for fashion. Most styles are versatile enough to wear with jeans, leggings, shorts, and even dresses. Some Timberland boots are available in a variety of colors as well, like pink or baby blue.

Take a look at our buying guide to learn everything you need to know about Timberland boots. We’re also sharing a few recommendations at the end, including our top choice, the Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot. This low-cut style features a feminine silhouette and an ultra-comfortable EVA cushioned midsole.

Considerations when choosing Timberland boots for women

Popular styles

Classic Timberland boots feature a nubuck upper and four to six hexagonal eyelets. They have a padded heel counter and lug soles for improved traction. These styles are incredibly well-made and offer the most durability among Timberland styles.

Timberland also manufactures hiking, heeled, and fashion boots. Hiking boots have more of a rugged appearance with bulkier designs to provide superior protection in the elements. Heeled Timberlands add a chunky lug heel to the classic boot, while fashion styles include trendy versions of ankle booties, sneaker boots, rain boots, and even knee-high riding boots.

Shopping by style number

Many Timberland loyalists shop by style number to ensure they get the same pair of boots with every replacement. The style number is expressed as a five-digit number inside the boot. It’s often followed by a dash and two additional numbers, which refer to a specific color.

Product care

Timberland boots are made with nubuck uppers, which means they require very different care from other types of leather.

It’s recommended to use Timberland’s branded products to maintain them. These include a nubuck cleaning brush for surface cleaning, as well as a nylon brush to clean the treads. Timberland also offers water- and stain-repellent sprays, and protective waxes and balms.

Key features of Timberland boots for women


Most Timberland boots are made of 100% nubuck leather, matte leather with a buttery-smooth finish. Other materials include canvas, organic cotton, recycled plastic, and rubber. Consumers interested in how Timberland sources its materials can visit the website to read more about its corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts.


Classic Timberland colors include yellow and white, followed by black, dark gray, light taupe, and light pink. Given Timberland’s rise in popularity as a fashion boot, other popular colors have been mainstreamed, such as blue, salmon, hot pink, and purple.

Signature features

Details drive Timberland’s superior construction, and since they’re seen on virtually every style, they’re referred to as the brand’s signature features.

Timberland's outsoles leave a recognizable print pattern of crosses on the ground and snow. Contrast stitching is another defining feature, in which four-row thread patterns are prevalent throughout major panels on the boots. High-quality round woven laces, which far outlast other laces, are also present on every Timberland boot.

Price of Timberland boots for women

Timberland’s most affordable boots for women, namely low-cut styles, cost between $90-$140. Most styles run between $140-$170, including fashion, classic, and heeled boots. Limited-edition and premium fashion Timberland boots cost $200 and above.

Timberland boots for women FAQ

Q. Does the padded heel collar make a big difference in comfort on Timberland boots?

A. According to many wearers, yes. The heel collar helps reduce friction at the back of the leg. It also allows for a bit more flexibility during walking, as Timberland styles without heel collars are fairly rigid.

Q. How long do Timberland boots for women last?

A. It depends on the type of wear. When worn as fashion boots, they can last for several years. If they’re primarily used for wear at work, they can last for the better part of four to five years if they’re well cared for.

Timberland boots for women we recommend

Best of the best

Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot

Our take: A sturdy boot with a feminine touch that’s versatile enough to be worn with shorts, jeans, and dresses.

What we like: Seam-sealed waterproof construction. Designed with an EVA cushioned midsole that adds support and comfort. All hardware, including grommets, is waterproof. Available in over two dozen colors.

What we dislike: Low-top design is prone to friction around the ankles and back of the heel.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

Timberland Women's 6-Inch Premium Boot

Our take: Classic Timberland design is as iconic as it is durable. A great option for casual or professional wear.

What we like: Made with premium waterproof nubuck leather. The padded heel collar is soft and eliminates friction around the back of the leg. The rugged outsole offers superior traction, even on wet ground and slick surfaces.

What we dislike: Boots feel much heavier than other Timberland styles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Hiking Boot

Our take: A tough hiking boot that withstands heavy use and wear on challenging terrain.

What we like: Boot is cushioned in various areas for added support and protection. Equipped with a D-ring and speed-hook lacing. Rubber lug outsoles cut through tough terrain easily, including muddy areas.

What we dislike: Some wearers felt this style ran somewhat small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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