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Best flip flops for men 2021

Men's flip flops

For warm sunny days, relaxing beach vacations or for everyday casual wear, a sturdy pair of flip flops allow your feet to breathe while still providing the necessary support. Flip flops are favored for their convenient and easy slip-on design, eliminating the need for socks or time spent lacing up shoes. 

The best options are durable enough to withstand everyday wear and supportive enough to provide long-lasting comfort. The REEF Men’s Fanning Flip Flop, our top pick, has premium cushioning and a standout design, perfect for spending a day by the water or a night out with friends. 

Most comfortable flip flops for men


As is true with most footwear, the material used is essential for determining the overall durability and comfort. Both the sole and strap material should be taken into account when purchasing a pair.

Common materials used for flip flops include rubber, foam, leather, plastic and other synthetic materials. Rubber, plastic and foam options are often lightweight, flexible and great for use in wet conditions. 

Leather will sometimes have a more elevated appeal and will mold to the shape of your foot over time. You can even find neoprene flip flops that are designed specifically for water sports and other water activities. 

It’s common to find straps made from rubber, leather, fabric or plastic, but choosing the right material ultimately comes down to preference. 


You may not think that the fit of your flip flop matters as much as that of closed-toe shoes, but choosing the correct fit can improve your comfort level. Having approximately half an inch of space between your foot and the edge of the flip flop is the ideal sizing. 

Selecting a size too small can cause the strap to uncomfortably rest between your toes, while sizes that are too large can cause difficulty when walking long distances.

Intended use

Some people might be looking for something they can slip on quickly while they walk along the shore or stroll to a local shop, but others may want a flip flop that can handle long outings and grip varied terrain. 

What to look for in quality flip flops


Having a flip flop strap break when you’re away from home is never a fun experience. Choosing models made from high-quality materials and reliable construction is essential for those who wear flip flops often. 

Less expensive models may only last a couple of seasons, but you can use high-end options for years. Buying from a trusted brand can ensure the quality of the material, stitching and overall build of the flip flops. 


Most of us need a design that will provide a stable platform and adequate arch support. Choosing a flip flop with built-in arch support will make even short walks more comfortable and better for your overall foot and ankle health. Though models with advanced support may be more expensive, it is sure to pay off in the long run. 


The material and style of the footbed affect the comfort of the flip flop, and some styles are often preferred over others. 

Simple flat foam footbeds may be cheap and convenient for occasional use, but they aren’t necessarily great when worn for extended periods. 

Foot-molding flip flops’ design accommodates the specific shape of your foot, molding to your distinct arches and curves. These are more supportive and often better at absorbing impact.

Contoured and molded footbeds are the sturdiest options, providing continued support for a variety of activities. These designs are comparable to sneakers in terms of comfort and arch support but will come with a higher price tag. 


Personal preference plays a large part in choosing a style. Some will have a sportier look, others are for casual wear and some are even designed to mesh well with more formal outfits.

How much you can expect to spend on men’s flip flops

The price range for men’s flip flops varies greatly depending on the style and quality. You can expect to spend as little as $3 for basic foam options and up to $70 for heavy-duty models with premium arch support. 

Flip flop FAQ

Is it bad to wear flip flops all the time?

A. Wearing flip flops too often may cause issues with your heel and arch, especially if your flip flops do not provide enough support. If you plan on wearing your flip flops over long stretches, it is important to choose a model with enough structure and cushioning to avoid unwanted health issues. 

Should I size up or down when buying flip flops?

A. Most flip flops come in whole sizes only, making it tricky for those who usually wear half sizes. In this case, it is usually recommended that you choose the larger size, so your toes and sides of your feet will not hang over the edge. For instance, someone who wears a size 8.5 sneaker may want to try a size 9 flip flop. 

Best flip flops for men 2021

Top men’s flip flops

REEF Men's Fanning Flip-Flop

What you need to know: Utilizing an air sole heel, these are ideal for long walks and all-day wear. 

What you’ll love: The materials used are excellent around the pool or at the beach, and the bottom of the sole actually includes a built-in bottle opener for convenient drink access. 

What you should consider: There have been reports of occasional sizing issues. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top men’s flip flops for the money

Quiksilver Men's Molokai 3 Point Flip Flop 

What you need to know: These budget-friendly flip flops are lightweight and easy to transport when packing for vacation or working out at the gym. 

What you’ll love: The slip-resistant outsole is excellent for wet conditions, and the soft footbed molds to the contours of your foot. 

What you should consider: The strap is slightly too thick for some people. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Skechers Men's Pelem Emiro Flip Flop

What you need to know: These flip flops have a comfortable, relaxed fit best for those with wider feet. 

What you’ll love: The gel-infused outsole is not only designed for maximum comfort but also adds durability for use year after year. 

What you should consider: People with narrower feet might not find the correct fit with these flip flops.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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