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Best flip-flops 2021

Where can you find the best flip-flops in 2021?

Wearing flip-flops on a sunny day is a great way to protect the bottoms of your feet while still feeling a comfortable breeze. If you don’t get a good pair, you run the risk of your sandals snapping or not being comfortable throughout the day. Still, the right pair of flip-flops can help you enjoy a day at the beach in comfort or make excellent everyday wear. 

But what makes a great pair of flip-flops? After reviewing this year’s top brands and styles, you’ll have everything you need to know to choose the perfect pair of flip flops.

What to know before you buy flip-flops

Make sure your flip-flops fit

With flip-flops, you must have just a little bit of room at the end of your heel. This helps relieve some of the pressure from your joints and ankles. If you get a pair that is too small, they may feel even smaller when it’s hot outside if your feet swell a bit. 

Although sandals that are too small are an issue, overly large flip-flops can be just as frustrating. If your flip-flops are too large, they may slap against the bottoms of your feet when you walk or cause your feet to feel like they’re slipping around if they get sweaty.

Flip-flop sandal safety

You have to be careful when wearing any kind of sandals. Sandals often don’t offer significant protection against sharp objects or flying debris, so they aren’t ideal for yard work or areas known for broken glass and litter. Flip-flops can begin to slip off your foot while driving as you switch between the gas and brake pedals. Although flip-flops are fun for camping and outdoor events, you’ll want to bring a pair of shoes to change into if you plan on hiking or running.

Keep your feet clean and healthy

This goes without saying, but the surface beneath our feet can often be quite dirty, especially if you’re walking around a crowded city or in a store. Flip-flops offer less protection against the surrounding dirt and bacteria than traditional shoes. This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t wear them, but it’s a good idea to take extra good care of your feet if you choose to wear them often. In addition to keeping your feet clean, make sure to use sunscreen on them since they’ll be exposed to the sunlight.

What to look for in quality flip-flops

Strong straps

A broken flip-flop strap can be a nightmare, and it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. Choosing flip-flops that have leather straps, or at least a durable rubber, can save you from having to make a stop at a shoe store on a busy day. Buying flip-flops that have high-quality straps can be rewarding in other ways as well, as they are often less likely to leave blisters or make your toes feel raw.

Consider flip-flops with a comfortable sole

Cheap rubber flip-flops can do severe damage to your ankles and the soles of your feet. This is because they usually aren’t made with very much padding and rarely have arch support. Getting flip-flops with thick, padded soles will ensure that your ankles, toes and heels don’t feel sore after a long day.

Water-resistant and anti-slip flip-flops

If you’re buying flip-flops to wear at the beach or around the water, getting a pair designed for wet conditions is ideal. Some flip-flops are water-friendly with materials that won’t weaken after continuous exposure to water. Others have water-wicking fabrics. Flip-flops like the Quiksilver Molokai sandals utilize anti-slip materials that are fantastic for boat docks, water parks and swimming pools.

How much you can expect to spend on comfortable flip-flops

You can buy a capable pair of flip-flops for as little as $15-$20. If you want ergonomic flip-flops with sturdy straps, you may end up spending between $30-$70.

Flip flops FAQ

Q. Are there any flip-flops meant for hiking?

A. Brands like Chaco and Rei make excellent hiking flip-flops with extra padding and straps. It is important to remember that these still won’t offer the same level of protection as traditional hiking shoes.

Q. What is the difference between flip-flops and sandals?

A. Flip-flops are technically a type of sandal characterized by the Y-shaped strap that sits between your toes. Sandals that have a single strap across the foot, and in some cases a heel-strap, are often simply referred to as “sandals.”

What are the best flip-flops to buy?

Top men’s flip-flops

Reef Fanning Flip Flop

What you need to know: This is a water-friendly flip-flop with an ergonomic design.

What you’ll love: These flip-flops place a lot of emphasis on arch support, which is perfect if you plan to wear them regularly. They offer a convenient bottle opener on the outsole. The air-sole heel makes these flip-flops even more comfortable.

What you should consider: Finding the perfect size can be tricky.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top women’s flip-flops

Clarks Breeze Sea Flip Flops

What you need to know: These stylish everyday flip-flops are built to last.

What you’ll love: The cushioned insole is excellent for shock absorption. Available in over 25 stylish colors. These flip-flops are slip-resistant. The buckle on the strap is a stylish addition to the shoes.

What you should consider: They run big, so you may need to get a full size down or more.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Comfortable flip-flops on a budget

Crocs Unisex Crocband Flip flops

What you need to know: These affordable flip-flops are sturdy for their price-point and comfortable enough to wear all day.

What you’ll love: The simple design is comfortable and looks cool. Crocs are a well-known brand that produces quality footwear. These flip-flops have a full inch of padding on the heel.

What you should consider: Some customers reported the strap snapping after only a few months.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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