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Best headband

Which headband is best?

If you’re an athlete looking to keep the sweat from your eyes or you’re just trying to accessorize your outfit with a headband that complements your look, there is a headband out there for you.

One of the best headbands out there is the Natural Life Boho Bandeau Headband. This headband is designed to be used in eight different ways, is highly stretchable and is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

What to know before you buy a headband

Fashion vs. sport

Fashion: Fashion headbands are all about completing your look. This doesn’t mean they can’t also have a splash of function to help you keep hair out of your face.

Sport: Sport headbands are far more weighted toward function, but they can still serve as a part of a look. They’re typically designed to absorb or wick away moisture and sweat in addition to keeping your hair out of the way. They’re supposed to be breathable, so if you feel hot with your headband on, you may want a different one.


Wrap: Wraps work by wrapping around your head. They’re made to stretch while being comfortable. Fashion headbands might be wraps, but sports headbands are always wraps.

Alice: These headbands are shaped a bit like a horseshoe; they sit at the top of the head while remaining open at the bottom where the sides end, usually just behind the ear. This variety of headband is named after Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” illustrations.


Headbands are made from a number of materials. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find a breakdown of common headband materials by visiting the headband buying guide from BestReviews.

What to look for in a quality headband

Colors and prints

Since headbands are largely worn as fashion accessories, they come in practically any color or with any print you can possibly imagine. Solid colors are a bit easier to match to your outfit. Prints can get overwhelming and may be the mark of equally high fashion and expense.


Headbands are almost always one-size-fits-all by way of stretching. However, there are adjustable headbands for those who need that extra bit of fine-tuning, generally accomplished by using ties.

You’ll probably be wearing your headband for quite awhile. Wraps generally are more comfortable than Alice bands, since the latter sometimes include teeth that can dig into your scalp. If you prefer Alice bands, you can find padded-tipped bands.

How much you can expect to spend on a headband

You can find any number of decent headbands that match your needs below $15 and as low as $1. There are higher-priced headbands from well-known brands available for up to $50 as well.

Headband FAQ

Are headbands appropriate for office wear?

A. This depends on your particular office’s dress code and the type of headband. Generally speaking, headbands don’t fall under formal business attire rules, but casual business attire with the right headband is usually OK.

Does your hairstyle preclude you from using a headband?

A. No. All hairstyles can be had while wearing a headband. That said, some headbands are specifically designed for certain hairstyles and types, such as keeping long hair out of your face.

What’s the best headband to buy?

Top headband

Natural Life Boho Bandeau Headband

What you need to know: This headband can be worn up to eight different ways and is high quality to withstand daily use.

What you’ll love: This polyester and spandex headband is very soft in addition to being machine-washable.

What you should consider: The stretch of this headband can wear out over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top headband for the money

Scunci Effortless Beauty Stretch Hair Combs

What you need to know: The comb design makes this headband the perfect choice for keeping your hair in place.

What you’ll love: This pack of three headbands is very effective for use with thick and/or curly hair.

What you should consider: Be careful when using this headband as it can very easily be bent out of shape.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Under Armour Performance Headband

What you need to know: Under Armour is made for athletes and this moisture-wicking headband is no exception.

What you’ll love: The polyester and rubber materials are very breathable, and it comes in a few colors to fit your style.

What you should consider: This headband needs to be hand-washed and hung to air-dry.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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