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Best trucker hats

Which trucker hat is best?

What sets a trucker hat apart from any other hat is the foam front, plastic mesh back and adjustable snap in the back that makes it one-size-fits-all. What began as a cheap and functional hat for rural workers turned into a fashion statement in the early 2000s. When that happened, trucker hats became more stylish and more expensive, which meant higher quality and more fashionable. 

Today, it doesn’t matter if you’re out on the field, playing golf or going to a metal show. There is a trucker hat out there that fits your style. But our top choice, the Lacoste Sport Gabardine Trucker Cap, remains popular because of its straightforward design that can fit with so many different styles. 

What to know before you buy a trucker hat

Structured vs. unstructured hats

Structured hats are reinforced in the front with stiff fabric and tend to be more sturdy and keep their shape longer than unstructured hats, which have no additional support but are designed for comfort. However, if you wear it long enough and put in the time to break it in, you can mold a structured hat for an unstructured look. 


Given their lightweight and breathability, some runners prefer trucker hats to traditional running hats. Some golfers also prefer trucker hats because they provide shade from the sun while letting air in so the head can breathe. 


What’s more important, style or functionality? If you’re looking for a work hat, or one you can wear outdoors when exercising, not just any hat will do. You’re going to want a more durable and rugged brand with more substantial fabric so that it can endure a beating and long hours in the sun. 

What to look for in a trucker hat


The tall, stiff, foam fronts were made for logos. Many fans of trucker hats are as drawn to the logo as they are to the style of hat. 


Trendy surfy, skate and fashion companies have replaced the rural farming and feed brands that graced the original trucker hats in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Original and classic throwback styles are available, but you can find fashionable and sporty trucker hats to fit almost any style. 

How much you can expect to spend on a trucker hat

One of the original benefits of trucker hats was that they were inexpensive, and that’s still the case. On the low end, you can find some for $8. As the style became more fashionable, the price went up. Some can go for $50 and above, but the average price is around $20. 

Trucker hat FAQ

How to break in a trucker hat?

A. The best way is to wear it as often as possible once you first get it. To jumpstart the process, you can lightly wet the hat with warm water and mold the brim.   

How to wash a trucker hat?

A. You want to hand wash when dirty. It’s best not to wholly submerge or machine wash because it can damage the fabric, stitching and seams in some brands. Try using a toothbrush with soap, water, and even mild detergent. 

Can I design my own trucker hat?

A. Yes. Given the incredible versatility of trucker hats, some companies allow you to pick and choose your design, so you can have a custom hat to promote your product or company. 

What’s the best trucker hat to buy?

The best of the best trucker hat

Lacoste Sport Gabardine Trucker Cap

What you need to know: This trucker hat is perfect for those looking to hit the courts to play or watch.

What you’ll love: Explicitly made to block the sun and UV rays so that you never miss the perfect swing. The cotton and mesh gabardine sides and a breathable mesh panel in the back offer optimal comfort no matter how sweaty you get. This stylish, athletic hat features the embroidered green crocodile that everyone knows and loves

What you should consider: You should be advised that some customers feel that this hat runs small, so if your head is on the larger size, this might not be the right trucker hat for you. Since the hat is white, you should wash it immediately after a long day on the courts to limit or reduce sweat stains.

Where to buy: Amazon

Best bang for your buck trucker hat

Carhartt Buffalo Sandstone Trucker Cap

What you need to know: This vintage-inspired trucker cap is for the hard-working person who needs a reliable, high-performance hat made to endure all conditions.

What you’ll love: It uses 100% cotton, is ultra-comfortable and breathable and is made for long days outside. The upgraded sweatband has fast-drying technology and wick-ability to keep sweat from hitting your face. The adjustable strap ensures a snug and comfortable fit for most head sizes.

What you should consider: Some of the images of this hat appear black. However, it is a deep grey with a faded look. Some customers noted that the dye in the fabric could run after the first few uses, but after washing, the dye does not drip any longer. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Core Linear Three-Stripe Trucker Hat

What you need to know: A perfect hat for someone looking to wear this during high-performance athletics, but wear a hat with a trucker style and fit.

What you’ll love: A new take on the classic Adidas style, this hat has a throwback vintage trucker look. The polyester brim, traditional foam five-panel adjustable straps and breathable mesh back make this a great way to stay cool during a high-pressure game or workout.

What you should consider: The crown of this trucker hat is a bit high, and for smaller heads, it can sit low on the face. The lightweight material makes this a fan favorite for some but is a limitation for other customers.

Where to buy: Amazon


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