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The best women's wallet

Choosing the best women’s wallet

It might seem like a simple buy, but picking out a wallet can be tricky. After all, it’s a statement of your style just as much as any other piece of clothing or accessory. Plus, it’s important to balance a wallet’s function and practicality with that personal expression.

This review covers the things you should know and specifics to seek out before buying a wallet. The best of the best choice is ITSLIFE Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Genuine Leather Wallet.

What to know before buying a women’s wallet


Many women love a sleek, high-quality leather or vegan leather wallet not only for its timeless beauty and smooth texture but also for its durability since you want the wallet to last a number of years.

Other popular materials include synthetic fabric, cloth, canvas or even titanium or aluminum — all having their own unique qualities. Consider when and how you’ll be using your wallet and what material best suits your lifestyle and preferences.


Beyond the essential items of your drivers’ license or ID and key banking and credit cards, think about the other items you’d like your wallet to hold and how much space they require. Look at options that have a few more compartments or card slots than you need at the moment, in case you get more down the road.


Everyone has their own personal style, and it will absolutely have an impact on the wallet you choose. Pay attention to it.

Maybe you’re into a vintage look and Fuschia is your favorite color, or perhaps a sleek, simple and neutral style and the color is more your speed. Some brands have a signature look that could draw you in, or you might love anything with sparkly, feminine adornments or stones.

What to look for in a quality women’s wallet


When figuring out how much space you’ll need in a wallet, it’s helpful to know the various small, medium and large sizes they come in, which might be slightly different from brand to brand.

A small wallet is great for just the bare minimum — perfect for those who are minimalists at heart or don’t want to feel weighed down at all. Smaller wallets include cases for credit cards only, single-compartment designs and folding wallets.

Medium-sized wallets, the most popular size, are a great everyday option and will easily hold the cash and up to five or six cards you most often use. You’ll find folding wallets in this size, along with wristlets that are easy to slip on and go.

If you’re someone who likes to have everything at your fingertips at all times, not just cash and cards, a large wallet might be your best bet. Continental and travel styles fall into this category, along with checkbooks.

Type of material

Different materials serve different purposes, so it’s important to know the pros and cons of each one, and of course your personal style preference, before making a purchase decision.

Leather, the most popular material, lasts for the long haul and comes in many different finishes, such as cross-grain and suede. The downside is that good leather can be quite expensive, and it’s also on the heavier side compared to other wallet materials.

Synthetic materials, like vinyl, are super popular as well. They’re usually water-resistant and can last a long time. What’s nice about vinyl, for example, is its similarity to leather but without the weight and price. Keep an eye out for poorer-quality synthetic wallets though, since they can crack or loosen at the seams, and can even smell like chemicals.

Somewhat less popular, though simple, fun and unique, are cloth wallets. Soft and lightweight, they’re pretty flexible and forgiving when it comes to jam-packing your wallet full of stuff. Something to keep in mind about cloth wallets is they do retain moisture and can’t get wet.

RFID blocking

Contactless identity theft is a very unfortunate part of the world we live in, so it’s prudent to look for a wallet made from special material that blocks signals from radio-frequency identification (RFID) skimmers. You’ll find this technology built into all sorts of mid- to high-end wallets.

How much you can expect to spend on a women’s wallet

You can find women’s wallets at a wide variety of price points, depending on factors like brand, material and size. It’s common to see inexpensive wallets anywhere from $10-$50, mid-range options for about $50-$150, higher-end wallets from $150-$750 and even up to $1,500 for more for luxury products. 

Women’s wallet FAQ

What’s the best way to clean a leather wallet?

A. Cleaning products specifically made for leather are needed to best care for this type of wallet. You’ll need to spot clean it as needed but for more stubborn stains, it’s best to have a dry cleaner who cares for leather look after it.

What’s the benefit of a minimalist wallet?

A. If you prefer not to carry a purse, a minimalist wallet can easily slide into the front or back pocket of your pants. You’ll look less bulky, plus it will force you to cut the clutter and only carry what you need — making things feel lighter and easier.

What’s the best women’s wallet to buy?

Best of the best women’s wallet

ITSLIFE Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Genuine Leather Wallet

What you need to know: Made from prime grained leather that gets better with age, this wallet features a zipper closure to secure your items in place.

What you’ll love: This wallet features military-grade shielding technology and proprietary RFID-blocking material.

What you should consider: Being leather and large, this wallet may feel heavy once your items are inside.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women’s wallet for the money

YALUXE Women’s RFID Blocking Multi-Card Organizer Wallet

What you need to know: This is a slim yet functional and durable everyday wallet made from cowhide leather.

What you’ll love: This well-organized wallet comes with proprietary RFID blocking to protect your personal information.

What you should consider: This wallet can reach its capacity quickly if too many cards are added to it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Travelambo Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet

What you need to know: This RFID-blocking wallet is a great value and nicely organizes your essentials into 16 card slots and two zippered pockets.

What you’ll love: With its vegan leather material, you’ll still get the benefits of leather, like durability and design, without animal products.

What you should consider: Some phones may not fit properly in this wallet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

OURBAG Women’s Faux Leather Wallet

What you need to know: Made of high-quality leather, this wallet features a classic design with a button closure.

What you’ll love: This wallet is soft and offers plenty of room for your necessities.

What you should consider: The card pockets of this wallet might be too deep.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Lavemi Women’s RFID Blocking Small Bifold Leather Pocket Wallet

What you need to know: Made from cowhide wax oil leather that gets better with age, this wallet stays closed and flat when stuffed.

What you’ll love: This RFID-blocking wallet is compact and convenient to toss in a coat pocket.

What you should consider: The coin compartment of this wallet might be too small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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