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Best Ogio backpack

Which Ogio backpack is best?

Choosing a backpack is no small task if you need one to support an active, travel-heavy lifestyle. To keep your essentials organized when you head to work, class, or the airport, consider an Ogio backpack.

Designed for serious travelers, Ogio backpacks are equipped with a broad range of features that organize and protect their contents. Many designs are outfitted with padded compartments to safely stow electronics, and others feature an advanced series of pockets to give each of your items a dedicated, easy-to-reach space. Perhaps best of all, Ogio backpacks are sleek and stylish.

Wondering which Ogio backpack is right for you? Read our buying guide to learn more and take a moment to look at our top recommendations. Our favorite design, Ogio International Renegade RSS Backpack, features an armored compartment and integrated foam panels to protect electronics up to 15 inches.

What to know before you buy an Ogio backpack

Types of Ogio backpacks

Sporty: Ogio’s sporty backpack styles usually have one or two large compartments to accommodate large, bulky items like footwear or clothing. They also have water bottle and valuables pockets. With these features and their lightweight design, it’s no surprise they’re a popular choice for gym bags.

Rugged: Those tough on backpacks (including commuters and campers) gravitate toward Ogio’s rugged backpack styles. These feature reinforced zippers, water-resistant compartments, and double-walled construction. They’re designed to weather the rough-and-tumble of daily commutes or air travel; however, if you intend to carry multiple devices, consider a laptop design.

Laptop: Ogio excels at device protection with crush-proof compartments in their laptop backpacks. These designs also have well-developed organization panels to hold school and office accessories, from pens to USB drives. Give their intuitive design and top-quality protective materials, laptop backpacks are some of Ogio’s priciest designs.

Casual: While Ogio is all-business when it comes to backpacks, their collection includes a few casual styles. They usually have one main compartment and a few pockets to hold small essentials like keys or devices. These backpacks are lightweight and feature fashionable details, so they’re recommended for light or occasional use.

What to look for in a quality Ogio backpack


Ogio’s extensive collection of backpacks includes styles that measure from 18-25 inches in length, and up to 16 inches in width. Dimensions and capacity vary among sizes, though you can always find product information that specifies the maximum laptop size it fits. Most styles fit 15-inch laptops, and only some hold 17-inch models.

Tech-friendly features

In addition to protective laptop compartments, Ogio backpacks have a range of tech-friendly features, such as headphone holes, hidden pockets to store USB drives or batteries, or RFID-blocking linings.

Travel-friendly features

Some Ogio backpacks are designed with travelers in mind. These styles are made within approved carry-on dimensions and easily fit in overhead compartments or beneath airplane seats. Backpacks may have ergonomic strap systems to boost comfort during long hauls, as well as slots that can slide over telescopic handles on luggage.

How much you can expect to spend on an Ogio backpack

Ogio backpacks priced at $50-$85 include designs with a moderate amount of organization. Those that cost closer to $100 are made with more durable shell materials and include advanced pocket systems. If you’re willing to send $125 and above, there are a range of Ogio backpacks with rugged designs geared toward superior electronics protection.

Ogio backpack FAQ

Should I get an Ogio backpack with padded shoulder straps?

A. Many consumers opt for this feature since the padding aids in evenly distributing weight across shoulders, making for a more comfortable carrying experience. These Ogio backpacks often have padded back areas as well, which are sometimes molded for a more ergonomic fit.

Are all Ogio backpacks available in an assortment of colors?

A. It depends on the style. Some backpacks come in up to six colors, where others are only available in a single color. The most popular color for Ogio backpacks is black, followed by gray and blue.

What's the best Ogio backpack to buy?

Top Ogio backpack

Ogio International Renegade RSS Backpack

Our take: Travel-friendly design that fits under airplane seats with ease.

What we like: Crush-resistant electronics compartments. Padded shoulder straps with a cross-chest buckle system.

What we dislike: Many pockets, so a bit pricey if you don’t intend to utilize all of them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Ogio backpack for the money

OGIO International Gambit Pack

Our take: Comfortable, durable and affordable option that’s also checkpoint-friendly.

What we like: Crush-proof tech vault pocket with soft Tricot liner. Ergonomic shoulder straps are fully adjustable.

What we dislike: Only one color option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

OGIO International Axle Pack

Our take: Stylish spin on the traditional backpack with plenty of large compartments.

What we like: Has a 17-inch laptop sleeve. Aluminum top handle and top-zippered valuables pocket.

What we dislike: Only one color option available.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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