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Best wireless earbuds

Which wireless earbuds are the best?

As fewer devices feature headphone jacks, the desire to go wireless increases for many users. Sure, you could use the adapter to plug earphones into your charging port, but that’s cumbersome and inconvenient. The cords get tangled and can easily get in your way. If you have ever had your earbud cables snag on something while walking or running, you know how annoying that can be. Once you make the switch to wireless earbuds, you’ll also know how freeing it is to finally be divorced from cables tying you down.

The best wireless earbuds are the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones. While they are expensive, the incredible sound quality, user-friendly functions and bonus features, like automatic pausing when you remove them from your ear, make this wireless earbud set tough to beat.

What to know before you buy wireless earbuds

As you research wireless earbuds, you may have a lot of features to consider before you are ready to make a purchase. For more information, visit the wireless earbuds buying guide from BestReviews.

Wireless vs. truly wireless

The difference between truly wireless earbuds and “wireless” earbuds might seem minimal at first but there are several distinctions.

  • Wireless: These wireless earbuds are wireless in every way except for the fact that they are connected to each other with, you guessed it, a wire. If you’re afraid of losing small pieces or like being able to hang your earbuds around your neck when not in use then grab a pair of wireless earbuds.
  • Truly wireless: Truly wireless earbuds feature two individual earbuds untethered to anything else. They cost a bit more than wireless earbuds and their battery doesn’t last quite as long but they completely avoid all the complications of having any kind of necessary wires.

Wearing wireless earbuds

For those wireless earbuds connected by wire, there are two styles available: behind the ear and behind the neck. Behind the ear earbuds loop around your ear and are connected by a wire that runs behind your head. Behind the neck earbuds are worn almost like a necklace, with wires extending from either end that spool out to reach your ear.


If you want to use your wireless earbuds as a headset in addition to listening to audio you’ll need to make sure they include a built-in microphone. However, you can save a little bit of money by purposely buying wireless earbuds without a microphone.

Wireless earbud features

Audio quality

If you’re buying wireless earbuds, you’ll want to know they’ll sound as good as possible. The more you spend the likelier you are to have high-quality audio. You can also read reviews before you buy to make sure your purchase is quality.

Noise cancelation

The first time you put noise-canceling earbuds on after a baby starts to cry on your cross-country flight during the holidays, you’ll understand why it’s such a highly sought-after feature. They will add to the cost of your wireless earbuds, but you’ll likely justify the price in every situation where you’re glad to have silence.

Magnetic ends

A smaller feature than noise cancelation, but still important: Magnetic ends allow the earbuds to stick to each other. This helps you keep track of them when you aren’t using them so they don’t get lost.

How much you can expect to spend on wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds come in a wide range of prices so you can always find a pair that works for you. If you don’t use earbuds very often or don’t need the highest-quality features, you can buy a pair for under $25. If you spend between $25-$60, you will be able to pick from a wider range of qualities and features with better battery life, but you likely won’t find noise-canceling models. Those typically cost at least $60.

Wireless earbud FAQ

How long does it take to charge wireless earbuds?

A. Usually, wireless earbuds will take a few hours to charge. Truly wireless earbuds take longer. The exact times can vary pretty wildly between sets of wireless earbuds.

Can you replace wireless earbud batteries?

A. Unfortunately not. Wireless earbuds are always built with rechargeable batteries. 

Over time those batteries will hold less and less charge. Combined with their inability to be replaced, this means you’ll eventually need to buy a brand new pair of wireless earbuds. You can extend the lifespan of batteries by only charging them once they’re dead or close to it.

Which wireless earbuds should I get?

Top wireless earbuds

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

What you need to know: These wireless earbuds are made for audiophiles and anyone else who loves to listen to high-quality audio.

What you’ll love: These wireless earbuds have a no-slip fit that is maximally comfortable. They even auto-pause upon removal from your ear.

What you should consider: Very expensive but the sound quality you get in return is truly worth the price.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top wireless earbuds for the money

SENSO Sports Noise Cancelling

What you need to know: These wireless earbuds last a strong eight hours per charge and have very clear sound quality.

What you’ll love: This SENSO wireless earbud set also comes with a car charger, case and USB cable.

What you should consider: It can be challenging to pair these to your device. They do occasionally drop their connection, too.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Beats Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earbuds

What you need to know: These Beats wireless earbuds are made specifically for use with Apple devices, though they are compatible with other devices.

What you’ll love: Automatic switching and easy pairing between Apple devices and a 15-hour long battery are a couple of the highlights for these Beats.

What you should consider: There is no adapter included to use with the Lightning cable. Some report the fit as uncomfortable.

Where to buy: Amazon


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