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Best iPhone charger

Which iPhone charger is best?

More now than ever, keeping our mobile devices charged is a high priority. With so many kinds of iPhone chargers available, choosing which one works best for your needs can be difficult. Whether you need a wired or wireless charger, you’ll also want to consider what types are compatible with your phone and what speed you want your charger to offer. 

For those with multiple Apple devices, the excellent Belkin MagSafe Wireless 15-Watt iPhone Charger can wirelessly charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

What to know before you buy an iPhone charger

iPhone charger types

The best iPhone chargers come in many configurations and types. You can find standard USB-A and USB-C connections for wired chargers, with the latter offering faster charging speeds. Wired or wireless chargers can both be found at price points suitable for the average buyer, so it's worth considering which you prefer.

Wired vs. wireless iPhone chargers

Owners of newer iPhones often can choose either a wired or wireless charger. Wireless chargers support different types of wireless charging technology, the most common being Qi charging, but many people still prefer a wired charger, no matter what generation their iPhone is. For those who want wired chargers, cable length and charging speed are the most important factors to consider. 

If you have an older iPhone (especially pre-iPhone 8), your phone may not be compatible with a wireless charger.

Charging cable vs. power adapter

Are you hoping to purchase a charging cable, a power adapter or both? You can find a number of charging cables varying in length and USB type. Power adapters vary in USB type and charging speed, as well as their number of ports.

What to look for in a quality iPhone charger


Not all chargers are compatible with all iPhones. While both USB-C vs. USB-A iPhone cables typically include one end with Apple’s Lightning cable, which plugs into any iPhone, the other end will need to be compatible with your power adapter. You can buy power adapters in both the common USB-A and the quick USB-C port configurations. If you want a wireless charger, it’s worth noting that they aren’t compatible with models older than the iPhone 8.

Charging speed

Chargers’ speeds vary. Faster chargers feature higher wattages of power output. Apple’s standard charger that comes with iPhones can produce 5 watts and charge phones at a base-level speed, while the company’s upgraded power adapter offers up to 20 watts — and thus, a much faster charging speed. Some wireless chargers offer up to 15 watts, while some third-party chargers offer up to 40 watts for high-speed charging.


If you’re buying a wired charger, consider what length cable you’re looking for. Charging cables for the iPhone can vary from as short as 6 inches to as long as 26 feet, with the average cable measuring 3-6 feet.

How much you can expect to spend on an iPhone charger

You can find cheap iPhone chargers in bulk, with cable and power adapters, for as low as $9. If you want a wireless iPhone charger, expect to spend from $12-$150, with some high-level charging docks costing even more.

iPhone chargers FAQ

What’s the biggest difference among iPhone chargers?

A. They differ most in the speed at which they charge the phone. Users with iPhone 8 and newer models who want faster charging solutions should look for USB-C power adapters, which Apple offers in configurations ranging from 18 to 96 watts. You can also find wireless iPhone chargers that work for iPhone 8 and newer models that include Qi technology.

Are wireless iPhone chargers better than wired versions?

A. Not necessarily, though many do find them more convenient, since you can place the mobile device on the charger instead of plugging into the charging port. Still, you can expect to spend more on a wireless charger than on a wired charging cable and adapter.

What’s the best iPhone charger to buy?

Top iPhone charger

Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless 15W iPhone Charger

What you need to know: It features a magnetic stand that can simultaneously charge an iPhone and Apple Watch, with an additional surface for charging AirPods.

What you’ll love: This is perfect for newer iPhone models that support Qi charging at an impressive 15-watt speed. It comes in either black or white. In addition to the three-device charger, Belkin also sells a 2-in-1 configuration for use with an iPhone and AirPods.

What you should consider: It isn’t compatible with older iPhone models, and it’s more expensive than most other chargers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top iPhone charger for the money

Anker USB-C Dual-Port Foldable iPhone Charger

What you need to know: This charger includes two fast-charging USB-C ports that can charge phones at speeds up to 40 watts.

What you’ll love: It charges up to two devices at once, connected via a USB-C cable. The plug can be folded into it for increased portability. It can be purchased in either black or white and includes an 18-month warranty.

What you should consider: You must purchase the USB-C cables separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Apple MagSafe Qi iPhone Charger Pad

What you need to know: Apple’s flagship MagSafe charger is convenient and affordable, and it works great for charging newer iPhones and AirPods.

What you’ll love: Designed to line up perfectly with the batteries in iPhone 12 and 13 models and AirPods, this charger offers up to 15 watts of charging power. It also works well with older iPhone models that can charge wirelessly.

What you should consider: The wall adapter must be purchased separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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