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The best Arlo camera

Which Arlo camera is the best?

While security monitoring services are often expensive and intrusive, leaving your home unprotected is not worth the risk. An excellent way to save money, regain your peace of mind, and have full control over your surveillance system is by setting up one or more Arlo cameras in your home.

Discerning security-system buyers have many aspects to consider before investing in a new system, including video recording quality, data storage options, and weatherproofed components. Our buying guide will walk you through these considerations and offer a few recommendations at the end, including our favorite model, the Arlo Ultra, which features stunning 4K quality.

Considerations when choosing Arlo cameras

Power source

Since some Arlo cameras rely on a power cord and others use a rechargeable battery, it is important to research how each model is powered to find the best fit for your installation situation.


If you plan on placing an Arlo camera outside, make sure that you buy a model that is weather-resistant against rain, sun damage, and a range of temperatures.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio allows Arlo system owners to communicate directly with whoever is on the other side of the camera via their smartphone. Whether it’s to confirm delivery, tell a solicitor to go away or to let an early guest know that you’re on the way to open the door, two-way audio is a handy feature to have on standby.

Features of a high-quality Arlo camera

Video quality

The video quality for an Arlo camera ranges from 720p to as high as a crisp 4k, and while you will save money by purchasing a lesser model, you will likely appreciate the vibrant and picture-perfect video of a better camera when looking for small details in your footage. We recommend buying an Arlo camera that supports a video quality of at least 1080p.

Recording storage

All Arlo cameras send recordings to the cloud by communicating with the companion base station via WiFi, but some models have the option to store video and audio content directly on the device itself. Note that some Arlo cameras use a microSD card for local storage, while others need a USB drive.


If a single camera isn’t enough to cover your security needs, Arlo sells a range of cameras and SmartHub bundles. Keep in mind that buying a set of two to six Arlo cameras ensures that you will have the coverage you need the moment you open the box.

Expect an Arlo camera bundle to include Arlo Basic service, but if you need to store 30-60 days of footage in the cloud or have vehicle detection alerts sent to your smartphone, consider upgrading your default system to a Smart Plan.

Price of an Arlo camera

Expect to pay between $149-$400 for a single Arlo camera and SmartHub. If you are planning to create a security system with multiple cameras, we highly suggest buying a bundle for maximum savings.

Arlo camera FAQ

Q. Which smart home systems will Arlo cameras connect to?

A. Arlo security cameras work with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Q. How long will the battery of a wireless Arlo camera last before I will need to recharge them?

A. For quite a while. Under normal circumstances, Arlo wireless camera batteries will last between three and six months without needing to be recharged. Of course, temperatures below 32 degrees or a poor connection to the Arlo base station will run down the battery much more quickly.

Arlo cameras we recommend

Best of the best

Arlo Ultra

Our take: Although outfitting your property with many Arlo Ultras may be costly, those who do will feel secure when they see just how impressive the audio and video quality of this camera truly is.

What we like: Top-of-the-line 4K HDR video quality. Nothing escapes its wide 180-degree field of view. Premium distortion-free audio. Impressive zoom feature. Motion-activated spotlight.

What we dislike: Unfortunately, the best camera that Arlo has to offer is also the priciest.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

Arlo Q

Our take: Simple yet effective, the Arlo Q is an inexpensive way to set up a single high-end security camera to watch over an indoor space via its 50-foot motion detector and instant notification system.

What we like: Affordable. 1080p HD quality video. Night vision. Wide 130-degree lens. Two-way audio. Seven-day cloud video storage. Extremely easy to configure.

What we dislike: Must be plugged in with no battery option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Arlo Pro 2 – Two-Camera Kit

Our take: Considering the price, range of recording features, and how simple it is to install, this pair of Arlo Pro 2 cameras is a great deal for a solid smart home security system.

What we like: Bundle includes pair of Arlo Pro 2 cameras and base station. Long rechargeable battery life. Weather resistant. Surprisingly loud siren. Two-way audio. Moderately priced.

What we dislike: Not completely weatherproof.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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