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Loudest Bluetooth speaker

Which of the loudest Bluetooth speakers are best?

Bluetooth speakers are great for parties, camping and for any livening up any situation. Even with Bluetooth speakers becoming better and more affordable over time, sometimes the volume just isn’t loud enough. Parties have a lot of background noise, and some rooms and areas are just not well optimized for speakers. For a lot of people, the challenge is getting a speaker that is loud enough without compromising the sound quality. The best way to get around this is to buy a higher-quality speaker that can handle increased volume. 

How volume works with speakers

  • Inside even the smallest of speakers, there is a motor composed of a voice coil and magnet as well as a cone that transmits sound waves to our ears. 
  • The voice coil has copper wire that wraps around a cylinder — called a former — and when electricity is introduced, it creates a magnetic field. This field can change in intensity and polarity based on how much electricity (volume) is introduced. 
  • The electricity causes the voice coil to move inside a larger permanent magnet, recreating the exact audio that it receives. 
  • The cone takes the sound vibrating from the voice coil and sends sound waves back to our ears. 

Factors to consider

  • Portability is important, but sometimes smaller speakers compromise a louder sound. 
  • Loudness does not always equate to better. Louder, distorted sounds are not pleasant. You need a speaker that is capable of outputting at a louder volume without distorting the audio — which can also damage the speaker. 
  • Decibels levels are how we measure audio volume. Many of the best loud Bluetooth speakers can at least output 90 decibels, though pairing options can get around a lower decibel threshold. 
  • Price is important since the best speakers can run up to $1,000. Think about your budget and search for something good within that range. 

Best loud Bluetooth speakers for those on a budget


For those on a budget, the JBL FlLIP 4 offers great performance with modern features like an IPX7 waterproof rating and voice command. It maxes out at 90 decibels, though it sounds best when under 85 decibels. It has surprisingly good bass for the price point. Boasting 12 hours of battery life and 1.1 pounds total weight, this will be ample for many people’s needs. It can be paired with other JBL speakers for a larger sound.

Sold by Amazon 

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The MEGABOOM 3 is well-respected thanks to its ability to maintain a clean sound at 90 decibels and its whopping 20 hours of battery life. This speaker has a stronger bass sound than most of the other budget speakers, and it can be paired with other MEGABOOM speakers for an even louder sound. It also comes with some modern conveniences like wireless charging and strong waterproofing.

Sold by Amazon 

Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is a smart speaker that uses Amazon’s Alexa for voice commands and has multiple speakers that can sense the layout of a room and change the speaker output to match them. This speaker only reaches about 80 decibels by itself, but it can be paired with other Echo devices to make the sound louder. The sound quality is amazing and well-optimized for the price. The only cons are that the EQ settings are simple and don't allow for a more personalized sound.

Sold by Amazon

Best mid-range loud Bluetooth speakers

Anker Soundcore Rave Portable Speaker with 107dB Sound

Boasting over 100 decibels of volume and heavy bass alongside 24 hours of playtime between charges, this speaker more than earns a spot on this list. The music is accompanied by flashing LEDs, and it can be paired with other Rave devices — via RCA cables or wirelessly — for an even larger sound. Despite being portable, it is large and weighs 21.5 pounds. It is also only rated at IPX4, so it isn’t made for outdoor use without protection.

Sold by Walmart

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable and Long-Lasting Bluetooth 360 Speaker

Bose is synonymous with quality, and the Soundlink Revolve+ delivers 360 sound with plenty of modern amenities. The SoundLink Revolve speakers are amazingly durable and last a long time. Command the speaker with voice commands and enjoy a 16-hour battery life. It sounds best around 70 decibels, but pairing it up with other Bose speakers can further amplify the volume. The only real con is that it is rated at IPX4, meaning it is only splash-resistant, not waterproof.

Sold by Amazon 

JBL Xtreme 2

The JBL Extreme is everything the Flip series offered with more features and a slightly more robust sound. It is fully waterproof and lasts 16 hours between charges. Although the Extreme 2 maxes at around 72 decibels, the sound is very even between the bass, mids and highs, and it can be paired with other devices like the JBL Flip 4 for a truly larger-than-life sound.

Sold by Amazon

Best high-end Bluetooth speakers

Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

Those who love loud, clear music will appreciate the Woburn II. It has an extremely balanced sound, even when outputting over 100 decibels. It can utilize Bluetooth 5.0, which increases the range of connectivity, and the Marshall app lets you play with EQ settings and perfect the sound. This speaker does weigh almost 19 pounds, so lugging it around will feel like carrying a small guitar amp.

Sold by Amazon 

JBL PartyBox 300 

JBL’s Party Box 300 is their second loudest speaker, and it sounds great despite lacking some bass without the bass booster feature turned on. It lasts 18 hours between charges and comes with inputs for microphones and guitars. Despite being marketed as portable, it weighs about 35 pounds, so you won’t want to move it around too much. It can be paired with other JBL speakers for a louder sound.

Sold by Amazon 

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