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Best baby memory books

Which baby memory book is best?

New parents always hear about how quickly time flies and how fast their child grows up. However, it doesn't exactly hit them until their child is suddenly going to high school or even moving out for college. 

Getting a quality baby memory book is an excellent way to look back to when their children needed them the most. The best books all have a few common factors, but if you're looking for the best option, check out the C.R. Gibson Perfect-Bound Memory Book

What to know before you buy a baby memory book


Like how no two children are the same, neither should be quality baby memory books. The best ones allow for moderate levels of personalization to make them uniquely theirs. For example, while a majority of children smile, their first smile won’t be in the exact same place and time.  One child might show their first smile in the car ride home from the hospital, and new parents can note how it made them feel in the moment. At the same time, another might have their first smile in the living room after a long crying bout. 

It can be difficult to avoid generic covers. However, the best baby memory books allow parents to customize the pages to truly make it a part of their family history. 


The materials used to create the book is of utmost importance because it's one that you need to last for many years. If the cover quality is made from cheap material, it's likely to show signs of wear relatively quickly. That means your precious memories and photos are at risk of exposure to the elements. 

Even if you get a book made from high-quality material, you may want to consider placing the book in a keepsake box. 

The same principle applies to page quality. Sometimes there's nothing you can do about pages unbinding. However, it's always best to look for ones with reinforced pages, so they don't fall out a few years down the road. 


Some baby memory books focus solely on major milestones, like birthdays and holidays. You can also find others that further narrow their focus on daily and monthly details. 

As a new parent, it's up to you to decide how much time you're willing to put into your baby's memory book. If you feel that you'll have enough time and energy left to fill out all the details, it's advantageous to select a book that allows additional pages. 

Also, you may want to select a book with blank pages and minimal guidance to give you all the space you need for any photos, notes or drawings. 

What to look for in a quality baby memory book


When it comes to quality baby memory books, there is a wide range of options. Some only cover the nine months during pregnancy, while others contain enough pages to cover your baby's first five years. 

Before purchasing your first baby memory book, consider the overall timeframe. Do you want to consolidate five years' worth of memories in one book? Or would you prefer purchasing a new book every year or for every occasion? 


It can be challenging to know what to write when all you have are blank pages with a few areas to place photos. While some parents prefer blank slates to make it truly theirs, others can benefit from pre-written prompts. This ensures new parents jot everything down. The last thing you want is to read the book years down the road, only to discover you missed a memorable moment. 

The best pre-written baby books will contain placeholders for photos and specific baby stats to help mark when they reach certain milestones. These books are best for parents with busy schedules who can't dedicate too much of their time to their baby's memory book. On the other hand, parents with an abundance of time might find a memory book with blank pages exceedingly inspirational as they would need increased energy levels to get it filled out. 


While the overall design might not matter to some parents, you want it to be something memorable. It also doesn't hurt if the design happens to match your baby's nursery or the overall interior style and decor. 

How much you can expect to spend on baby memory books

Depending on the book's brand, size and purpose, you can expect to spend between $17-$40 on a quality baby memory book. 

Baby memory book FAQ

What should I include in my baby memory book?

A. Some of the most common material that parents include in their baby memory book includes photos of ultrasounds, the pregnancy, the pregnancy test, baby shower memories and other major milestones. You may also want to include the birth story, family tree and potentially some letters. A baby memory book is a personal matter, so take a few minutes and consider what you want to look back on when your child gets older. 

When should I start my baby memory book? 

A. You can start your book at any time! However, if you plan to include details of the pregnancy, it's best to get started right away before those memories get lost. Don't fret if you're a brand new parent and forgot to start the book throughout the pregnancy. It's never a day too late to get started because new memories and milestones are achieved every single day. 

What’s the best baby memory book to buy?

Top baby memory book

C.R. Gibson Perfect-Bound Memory Book

What you need to know: The C.R. Gibson memory book is the perfect gift for new parents that has a clean, minimalist design. 

What you’ll love: This memory book is well-formatted, with separate sections for unique milestones, memories and an outline for a family tree. There are two versions available: one for boys and one for girls. The pages are strongly bound, so they don't fall out over time, and it also comes with a beautiful ribbon bookmark as a cherry on top. 

What you should consider: There's more room for writing, which isn't ideal for those who prefer an abundance of photos

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby memory book for the money

Pearhead First Five Years Memory Book

What you need to know: This is an affordable option for parents who want to keep the first five years of memories with their child in one consolidated location. 

What you’ll love: There's no need to buy separate ink pads and paper to get impressions of your baby's hands and footprints with this memory book. Due to the large timeline, it offers a spacious format that allows for plenty of photos and writing. 

What you should consider: There isn't much direction, so it may leave some parents wondering what they should put in this memory book. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

Worth checking out

LovelySprouts Baby Memory Book and Journal

What you need to know: LovelySprouts features a simple and clean gender-neutral baby memory book. 

What you’ll love: It's not only the gender-neutral design that makes this memory book great. The wide range of photo boxes come in various sizes. It also features a durable spiral binding, which ensures it'll stay together even after the 100th time you've gone through the pages. 

What you should consider: While the photo boxes come in various sizes, they are all square-shaped, so you may need to cut your photos to size. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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