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The best camouflage tape for hunting

What is the best camouflage tape?

A flash of light reflecting off your rifle, your binoculars, or even your canteen will give the game away and spook what you’ve been stalking or waiting patiently for in a blind. The easy, cost-effective solution is camouflage hunting tape because it stretches to wrap just about anything.

We’ve been checking out the latest products so we can help you choose the best. We’ve also made a few recommendations at the end. Our favorite, Healthcom Protective Camouflage Tape, provides excellent concealment, good durability, and can be removed without leaving a sticky mess all over your equipment.

Considerations when choosing camouflage tape

How camouflage tape works

The point of camouflage isn’t to perfectly mimic colors. An animal’s perception of color is different from ours and varies with each creature. Deer don’t see the same colors as boar or turkey, for example.

What you want camouflage to do is break up your outline and that of your equipment so it blends into the background. Good camouflage should also prevent accidental reflections.

Camouflage hunting tape is particularly good at this because it stretches to just about any shape. It’s a bit like wrapping something in a cloth bandage. It’s important to understand that these tapes don’t have lots of adhesive. They stick to themselves, so you need a bit of overlap as you wrap something. Done properly, they cling remarkably well and don’t make a mess of your gear if you remove them.

Most complaints come from people who are expecting something like gaffer tape. They don’t have a high adhesive coating, but they don’t leave a sticky residue either. Camouflage is the main purpose of hunting tape. It also helps with sound deadening and improves your grip on surfaces that might otherwise be smooth or slippery. It is not intended to stick two different items together, repair tears in a hunting blind or that kind of thing.

What to look for

With prices from around $1.20 a roll to not much more than $2, you can focus on the quality of the product, or try several different ones until you find a favorite. You’ll generally get from six to a dozen in a pack, so there’s no great expense. Width and length will often be given as “when stretched” rather than as supplied on the roll, so you want to bear that in mind when comparing dimensions. You need to check actual specifications, not pictures, which might not be an accurate representation.

The material itself is cotton, or a similar synthetic, which is elasticated to provide stretch and grip — it binds into itself as you wrap it around. Most are 2 inches wide, though the non-woven construction makes it easy to cut or tear if you need thinner strips for small or tricky items. While none are very thick, they do vary. Heavy-duty camouflage hunting tape will last longer and protect your equipment better but isn’t quite as flexible. Given the low price, however, it won’t cost very much to buy more than one tape so you have the right one for a specific job.

Camouflage tape FAQ

Q. Is camouflage hunting tape better than a gun wrap?

A. There are some great-looking gun wrap designs available. However, their shape-hugging fit means they don’t break up the outlines and can still be reflective. They are an interesting way to personalize your weapon, but unlike camouflage tape, they don’t offer any benefit when hunting.

Q. Is camo hunting tape waterproof?

A. It varies depending on the brand, but the more they protect your equipment from water the more adhesive they have, which can make them difficult to remove. If water protection is a high priority then duct tape — which is available with camouflage patterns — is probably better, though we wouldn’t recommend its use on firearms.

Camouflage tape we recommend

Best of the best

Healthcom Protective Camouflage Hunting Tape

Our take: High-quality, multipurpose tape offers increased durability and remains very affordable.

What we like: Excellent self-adherence. Tears and cuts easily for precise wrapping of awkward shapes. Insulates hands from cold and improves grip. Reusable.

What we dislike: Very little. It will fade eventually.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

DROK Camouflage Hunting Tape

Our take: Washable, reusable self-clinging fabric is great value for money.

What we like: Easy-to-use with good stretch. Easy to remove too, without sticky residue. Slightly spongy, which can help reduce noise when moving around.

What we dislike: Some would like better adhesion. Can have a strong aroma when new.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Uning Protective Camouflage Hunting Tape

Our take: Good stretch and self-adhesion, with one of the widest ranges of camouflage patterns available.

What we like: Low-tack adhesive uses ‘elastic contraction’ for grip. Follows shapes easily. Protects items from scratches and abrasion. Remains usable multiple times.

What we dislike: Quite coarse. Limited durability so needs to be replaced seasonally.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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