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Best razors for women

Which razor for women is best?

Women’s razors are not just pink-colored men’s razors. They have been developed and designed to smoothly glide over the curves and contours of a woman’s body for a smooth shave. They include features such as hydration strips to moisturize and flexible blades to stay close to the skin as you shave.

Women’s razors no longer come in just pink. You can now find them in a range of colors and styles. Our top pick, Gillette’s Venus Extra-Smooth Women’s Razor, has five blades and a moisture ribbon for a comfortable, smooth shave.

What to know before you buy a razor for women


  • Single-use disposable razors are an inexpensive option that are designed to be tossed after a single use. These tend to have narrower heads, with a single or double blade, and small handles. They work well for the bikini area or in emergencies. They aren’t meant to be used more than once.
  • Multiuse disposable razors can be used for multiple shaves and thrown away once the blades become dull. Their heads have two or three blades and may include a lubrication strip. They may feature a contoured handle as well.
  • Disposable razors with replacement blades will last the longest of the three types. The handle is designed to be durable and last long term. The handle is often contoured and may also feature a rubberized grip and come with a hanging hook. Blades generally have a lubrication or hydration strip and two to six blades. The blades are designed to be replaced once they have gone dull, and you can buy refills separately.


Women’s razors that have rubberized grips and finger contours tend to be bulkier and larger than single-use razors. Single-use and multiuse disposable razors have slimmer plastic handles with simple textured grips. Consider how heavy a handle is to hold when purchasing a razor; you may prefer a lighter handle for easier maneuvering, especially if you have small hands.

Razors per package

Single-use and multiuse disposable razors often come in packs containing multiple razors, anywhere from two to 18. Consider your needs and the size of your household when choosing either a low- or high-count quantity.

Cost of replacement blades

When considering a women’s razor with replaceable blades, you’ll need to factor in the cost of these refills, which can be as pricey as the razor itself. Razors with replaceable blades may include a few replacement blades or cartridges in their packaging, but investigate how much refills will cost you in the future.

What to look for in a quality razor for women

Single- vs. multi-blade

Razor heads with multiple blades should theoretically give you a better shave. However, shave quality may depend more on the quality of the blade itself and not so much the number of blades. For the best shave, select a head with multiple quality blades that will hold their edge. 

Hydration and lubrication strips

A nice feature on women’s razor blades is hydrating or lubricating strips. A strip that’s lubricated for a smoother shave is often placed below the blade, whereas a strip designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin is placed above. Some razors feature both.

Head movement

Blade heads that swivel allow you to glide your razor over rounded areas without having to adjust your grip. Spring-loaded heads maintain even pressure as you go over these areas, and they minimize the need for making a second pass. Pivot heads will tilt up or down, depending on how you angle the razor, and they help you shave those difficult-to-reach areas.

How much you can expect to spend on a razor for women

Women’s razors can cost as little as 34 cents for a single-use disposable model and as much as $20 for a model with replacement blades. Expect to pay $1-$2.50 for a multiuse disposable razor.

Razor for women FAQ

Do you need a separate shaving cream or gel if your razor has a lubrication strip?

A. This depends on personal preference. If you have sensitive or dry skin you may want to use a shaving gel or cream in addition to a lubrication strip, so the blade glides more smoothly over your skin. Some women are satisfied with just the lubrication and/or hydration strip with water.

How often should you change your blades if you shave once per day?

A. For daily shavers, change your blades once per week. If you shave less often, you can extend that period. Basically, you want to be sure your blade is clean and sharp every time you shave.

What's the best razor for women to buy?

Top razor for women

Gillette Venus Extra-Smooth Women’s Razor

What you need to know: A wildly popular razor, it boasts five blades that smoothly sail over skin.

What you'll love: Blades have a moisture ribbon, which makes shaving gel optional. The handle comes with two refills and the blades last long.

What we dislike: It is pricey and the large head may not be ideal for the bikini area.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top razor for women for the money

BIC Soleil Bella Sun-Twist Scented Disposable Razor

What you need to know: A multiuse and multi-blade disposable razor, it comes at an affordable price point.

What you'll love: This bargain pack of three razors comes in a variety of appealing colors and has four blades per head, a shea-butter hydration strip and rubber-grip handles.

What you should consider: It may rust if not properly cared for and stored.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor for Women

What you need to know: A fantastic razor, it eliminates the need for shaving cream.

What you'll love: Replaceable blade includes shaving cream that lathers and moisturizes as you shave. Perfect for sensitive skin, it has a pivoting head.

What you should consider: Although the razor includes two refills, replacement blades are pricey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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