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The best infrared flat iron

Which infrared flat iron is best?

Flat irons are a great tool to give you that coveted sleek, straight look. Some flat irons can even curl hair. However, not all straighteners are created equally. While heat is damaging to your hair when misused, some types of heat are worse than others. 

The technology used by infrared flat irons makes them one of the best heat tools to use on your hair. Due to its reliability and unique technology, The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron earns our best of the best pick. Keep reading to learn more about infrared flat irons and discover our other top picks.

What to know before you buy an infrared flat iron

While infrared flat irons use a unique technology, there are still some differences among infrared flat irons. Some work better for fine hair, while others are better suited for thick hair. Picking the best flat iron for your hair will minimize damage and keep your hair looking great.

How infrared flat irons work

Infrared is a light wavelength that uses negative ions to seal in moisture and keep your hair frizz-free. Since infrared flat irons work from the inside out, some models can improve the look of your hair over time. They can also eliminate harmful bacteria and odor in your hair.

Ceramic vs. titanium plates

Titanium plates heat up very quickly and straighten your hair from the outside in, which can damage your hair if you’re not careful. However, titanium is very useful for those with coarse, thick hair since they need a higher heat to straighten. 

Ceramic plates take longer to heat up but don’t do as much damage. They heat the hair from the inside out, which can lock moisture in and prevent frizz. Ceramic is recommended for thin or fine hair since they don’t need as much heat to achieve a sleek look.

Regardless of straightener or plate type, anyone can damage their hair if they use too high a temperature and forgo using a heat protectant. 

Plate size

One-inch is the average plate size which works well for most hair types and lengths. Those with short or fine hair would do well with a 1-inch plate. If you have thick or long hair, you’ll probably do better with a 1.5 to 2-inch size plate. If you only need to straighten bangs or are looking for a flat iron for travel, some models come in a 1/2-inch size. 

It’s not a big deal if you choose the wrong plate size, although it might end up taking you more time to straighten your hair.

What to look for in a quality infrared flat iron

Temperature setting

Too high of a temperature can damage your hair, while too low of a temperature isn’t going to work correctly. While the temperature depends on your hair type, most individuals will find 365 degrees is the ideal temperature. 

Those with fine or thin hair can go down to 300 degrees, while those with thick or coarse hair may want to try a higher temperature up to 420 degrees. However, all experts agree that no one needs to go above 420 degrees as it can damage your hair.

Not all flat irons have the same temperature range. Check your model before buying to ensure it goes to the appropriate temperature for your hair. 

Auto shutoff

Auto shutoff is an excellent feature to have for safety and peace of mind. A flat iron left on too long is a fire hazard. Most flat irons with this feature will automatically shut off after 15-30 minutes of not being used. 

Rounded edge

A rounded edge is what allows you to achieve flawless curls with your flat iron in addition to straightening. It’s also helpful to prevent snagging. 

How much you can expect to spend on an infrared flat iron

You can find infrared flat irons between $20-$200. The more affordable flat irons are usually basic models that do the bare minimum, while flat irons on the higher end feature better-coated plates and various extra features.

Infrared flat iron FAQ

What is the difference between negative and positive ions?

A. Negative ions are used for a sleek look as they compact the cuticle and reduce frizz. Positive ions open the cuticle and create height.

Is it okay to use my infrared flat iron on damaged hair?

A. Damaged hair will benefit the most from cutting out heat tools altogether. However, an infrared flat iron is better than other flat irons because it’s gentler and seals in moisture.

What’s the best infrared flat iron to buy?

Top infrared flat iron

CROC The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron

What you need to know: A quality flat iron from a reliable brand that straightens hair in fewer passes.

What you’ll love: The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron generates negative ions to keep hair shiny and healthy. It is a perfect choice for natural as well as color-treated hair.

What you should consider: It might not do well overseas as it has issues with dual voltage use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top infrared flat iron for the money

MANLI Professional Infrared Ceramic Hair Straightener

What you need to know: An impressive flat iron for beginners or those with a limited budget.

What you’ll love: It is a two-in-one hair straightener and hair curler. It’s straightforward to use and comes with several accessories.

What you should consider: There are some longevity concerns.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hot Tools Professional Nano Ceramic Flat Iron

What you need to know: A standout flat iron in its price range that minimizes hair damage.

What you’ll love: With the rounded edges, it’s versatile enough to straighten or curl hair.

What you should consider: Not the best choice for thin hair. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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