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Best toenail correction tools

Which toenail correction tools are best?

We spend lots of time on our feet, and sooner or later, most of us will have at least one issue with our toenails. The first step to good toenail health is good hygiene when applied with a set of good quality toenail correction tools. The set should include well-made and long-lasting tools that allow you to deal with most of the people’s common problems with their toenails.

If you are looking for a toenail correction tool kit made of surgical-grade stainless steel, the seven-piece Bcabo Ingrown Toenail Correction Tool Kit is an excellent choice.

What to know before you buy toenail correction tools

Basics about toenails

Toenails are made of the same protein as human hair, so the cells of our toenails constantly grow, just like our hair. They start off in an area called the nail matrix located underneath the half-moon shape at the base of our toenails. As new ones grow, the old ones die and are pushed forward. 

Ingrown toenails

The Mayo Clinic says ingrown toenails are a common condition where the corner or the side of the very hard toenail grows into the soft flesh surrounding and supporting it. The results are pain, redness, swelling and in harsh cases, infection. 

Not counting our heredity, which may involve genes with a predisposition to ingrown toenails, the main factors that cause toenails to become ingrown are improper trimming and shoes that don’t fit our feet properly.

  • Improper trimming. The most common cause of ingrown toenails is what people do when they trim them. Toenails should be trimmed straight across and not curved. Another trimming problem is when people cut their toenails too short and the pressure from their shoes pushes their toenails to grow into the surrounding tissue. 
  • Shoes that don’t fit our feet properly. Shoes that are too short or too narrow place pressure on your toes, which causes them to grow into the delicate surrounding tissues. Make sure that your shoes fit you properly.

Feet get bigger as we age

Your feet continue to grow, so you will need bigger shoes, as your former correct size is now too small for your feet. Make sure you remeasure your feet and try on shoes one size larger than you’ve been buying.

To learn even more about toenail correction tools, take a look at the full toenail correction tool buying guide from BestReviews.

What to look for in quality toenail correction tools

Toenail corrector kit tools

  • Toenail corrector: This is a bizarre-looking device with hinges, hooks, a screw shaft and a knob at the top. You place the toenail corrector on top of your toenail and slip the hooks underneath both sides of your nail, then turn the knob on the top until you get a sense of expansion. 
  • Nail scissors: This is another name for nail clippers. They should be durable, the joints should be sturdy and the edges should be sharp and aligned exactly with each other. They should trim your nails neatly, with smooth edges.
  • Eagle nose pliers: The curved blade on this special pair of pliers looks like an eagle’s beak. It is used to remove thick or ingrown toenails from difficult and sensitive areas. 
  • Stainless steel nail spoon: Use this tool to remove nail dirt and prevent nail groove pain. 
  • Nail file: Use this tool to lift painful ingrown nails and clean away the dirt from underneath.
  • Double nail file: To keep your nails in excellent condition, use a double nail file after trimming to shape the edges and fix broken tips. 
  • Exfoliating knife: To remove dead skin, use an exfoliating knife. To prepare your feet for this, soak them in warm water for around 5-10 minutes to soften. 

How much you can expect to spend on toenail correction tools

Toenail correction tools under $10 are either a single tool or a budget kit with a small selection of tools. In the $10-$20 range, you will find plenty of good-quality tool sets designed to treat and correct several common toenail issues.

Toenail correction tools FAQ

Is trimming my toenails enough to keep them in good shape?

A. It is best if you file the just-cut edges after you trim them so they are as smooth as can be.

What causes toenails to get so thick?

A. Part of the answer is the natural aging process. One thing you might ask your doctor about is fungus getting under your toenails.

What are the best toenail correction tools to buy?

Top toenail correction tools 

Bcabo Ingrown Toenail Correction Tool Kit

What you need to know: This seven-piece set uses lever mechanics to change the angle of nail growth.

What you’ll love: The toenail correction tools in this set are made of surgical grade stainless steel that is rustproof, waterproof, resistant to corrosion and easy to sanitize. This toenail correction tool contains a toenail corrector, lifter, pusher, clipper and two nail files. The nail clipper is curved and extremely sharp to make trimming easier, especially when it comes to tough, stubborn toenails. 

What you should consider: Make sure you watch the online videos so you can gain an understanding of how to use the tools properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toenail correction tools for the money

BEEHOME Six-Piece Toenail Tool Set

What you need to know: This four-piece toenail correction kit includes all the tools you need.

What you’ll love: The toenail correction device in this kit is curved to give you the best results by changing the angle at which your toenail grows. The extra large clippers are extremely sharp and are curved to make trimming easier.

What you should consider: This toenail correction kit does not come with instructions.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dr. Krause Ingrown Toenail Treatment Kit

What you need to know: This handy little kit can relieve the pain of ingrown toenails in as little as 10 minutes.

What you’ll love: The correction process is simple. Some people experience instant pain relief, noticeable results within two days and achieve full growth correction within the first month of use. The six specially designed headers and retainers can be used on all sizes of toenails, and the included instructions will guide you through the entire process.

What you should consider: For a tool that is designed to only relieve pain, this kit is a little pricey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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