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Best beard comb

Which beard comb is best?

Over the last couple of decades, beards have surged in popularity and become quite the fashion statement. From the scholarly and enlightened to the tough and intimidating, people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds love a good, thick face of hair. So much so, in fact, that beard styling and grooming have become a thriving industry.

But to maintain that epic facial fur, you undoubtedly need a quality beard comb and none is nearly as effective, versatile or durable as the Smooth Viking beard comb and brush set.

What to consider before you buy a beard comb

Beard thickness

When it comes to beards, much like snowflakes, no two are the same. As a result, you need to consider the thickness of your facial hair. Coarser beards require combs with thicker, more spaced-out teeth, while people who regularly trim their beards are better off utilizing a fine-toothed design.

Accessories and packaging

Since these specialty combs are becoming an extremely popular gift for bearded folks, you may want to consider their packaging and the accessories that come along with them. Many are very nicely presented and equipped with stylish carrying cases that add a touch of sophistication and make the entire package far more alluring.  

Water resistance

We often groom our beards when they’re in a wet state and combs for facial hair are commonly made of wood. So, whether it’s right after your shower or you just used a balm or something comparable, you’ll need something that can handle a little liquid. Generally speaking, if they're not able to get wet, their brands will mention it on the label or in the product description.  

What to look for in a quality beard comb

Grip and control

Combs are available in a variety of shapes, so gripping each one individually has a different feel from person to person. However, some have elongated handles like hairbrushes, and most people find that to be a bit of a nuisance because it takes away from the smoothness, precision and control of your strokes.


You never know when your beard will encounter conditions that’ll make it become all tangled up or unkempt. Therefore, it’s imperative to find a comb that’s easily portable and fits right into your pocket. The vast majority of them fall into that category, and there’s never really a reason to look for one that specifically doesn’t.  

No snagging

Lower quality beard combs often have the intolerable tendency to pull, yank or just rip out clumps of facial hair. These flaws are generally a result of the particular design failures of that brand’s unique item. Thankfully, when you’re looking among trusted and proven brands, there’s no significant rise in price either. 


Because many of these exquisite combs are carefully crafted from quality, finished woods, they often bear fragrances that you’ll consider to be quite pleasant. Sometimes the scent lingers in your beard, and many people specifically appreciate that effect. However, if you’re extremely sensitive to smell, you may want to look for a plastic, metal or animal horn-based alternative.

How much you can expect to spend on a beard comb

These beloved grooming instruments can cost you as little as $7. However, the price steadily climbs with quality and additional accessories and can reach as much as nearly $40. 

Beard comb FAQ

How often should I clean my beard comb?

A. It’s best to try and clean your comb at least once a week, but an absolute minimum of once a month will suffice. All you’ll need is a little soap and water, but be sure to allow the comb to properly dry afterward to avoid the potential for a lingering, damp odor.

When should I comb my beard?

A. Just like with the hair on the top of your head, use your judgement and comb as the need arises. You’ll most likely begin your day with a good grooming session, and for a lot of beard types and personal lifestyles, that’s sufficient enough.

What are the best beard combs to buy?

Top beard comb

Smooth Viking beard comb and brush set

What you need to know: Though in the same general price range as most of the others, you’ll adore the highly effective, bonus beard brush included in this very refined set.

What you’ll love: The soft boar-bristle brush, besides being an efficient groomer, evenly distributes balms and natural oils throughout your beard. Furthermore, the comb is exquisitely crafted from durable pearwood and features a two-sided design with both a fine and a coarse toothed comb.

What you should consider: Though rare in occurrence, a few customers have found that the brush bristles quickly and rather easily fall out. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top beard comb for money

One Handsome Man beard comb kit

What you need to know: Don’t be fooled by its generous price tag because this affordable kit boasts the same quality, durability and effectiveness as many of the more expensive options. 

What you’ll love: The attractive, fine tooth and coarse comb combination is handcrafted from 100% sandalwood. Additionally, the set arrives in an elegant box and is complemented by a stylish and embroidered pocket carry-case as well as a matching keychain.

What you should consider: In extremely uncommon occurrences, customers have had their combs break either in their pockets or while stowed away elsewhere.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Badass beard comb

What you need to know: Attractive, highly effective and portable, this well-packaged comb is constructed from a single piece of high-quality walnut hardwood.

What you’ll love: An accommodating, beveled design gives it an incomparable level of durability and effectiveness. Also, the finely sanded teeth allow for snag-free and uninhibited combing, which translates to a far more comfortable experience for you.

What you should consider: Buyers with exceptionally thick or wild beards had difficulty with snagging and sometimes even occasional pain when using this particular comb.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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