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Best bidet attachments

Which bidet attachment is best?

For most of us, getting a good clean after a bathroom trip is harder than it should be, and using more toilet paper often causes rashes or even clogged pipes. A bidet is the perfect solution, offering a sanitary clean that saves you time, toilet paper and calls to the plumber. However, many homes in North America aren’t equipped with the proper plumbing to accommodate a freestanding bidet. A bidet attachment provides all the benefits of a bidet by simply hooking on to your existing toilet. For a straightforward and high-quality attachment, consider this one from Samodra.

What to know before you buy a bidet attachment

Bidet attachment basics: what is it and how does it work?

Bidet attachments connect to both your toilet’s plumbing and your toilet seat. While there are a variety of bidet attachments with different features, they all have a control panel and a spray nozzle. The spray nozzle cleans your tush after you finish your business, and the control panel allows you to adjust the spray with whatever settings your particular seat has. 

Benefits of using a bidet

A bidet attachment is a relatively inexpensive upgrade to your bathroom that provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • A more hygienic bathroom experience so you leave feeling clean
  • Less need for toilet paper and flushable wipes, which means less money on those products and less waste. Most bidet users only use a square of toilet paper for drying. 
  • Reduced risk of clogged pipes, due to less dependence on toilet paper. 
  • Ease-of-use for children, elderly individuals and those with mobility needs. 

Who will be using it?

Before you pick out a bidet attachment, it can be helpful to consider who will be using it. Is this going in a master bathroom where only you and your spouse will use it? Then you may not have to worry about how user-friendly the controls are. If you have a crowded house or host parties frequently, be aware that all types of people will need to use the bidet attachment without much explanation. If you have children or elderly folks in your home, consider how easy to use the controls are and whether there is any text that might be hard to read. 

What to look for in a quality bidet attachment

Adjustable water temperature and pressure

Most bidet attachments allow you to adjust the water pressure of the spray that does the cleaning, and we recommend you start on the lowest setting to get the hang of it. But some bidet attachments also allow you to adjust the temperature of the water being sprayed, which can be a much-appreciated way to avoid a chilly spritz of cold water on your backside. Models with adjustable temperatures can be harder to install, so keep this in mind as well. 

Front cleaning settings

Many bidet attachments have two nozzles, one for front cleaning and one for rear cleaning. While anyone can benefit from front-cleaning nozzles, this feature is particularly helpful for people who experience menstruation, as it can make cleanup much easier. Additionally, many pregnant individuals and those who have recently given birth can have a hard time cleaning those hard-to-reach areas, and a well-aimed stream from the bidet can save a lot of effort. 

Self-cleaning nozzle

Look for a bidet with a self-cleaning feature. These models will spray water downward to clean the nozzle itself with each use. This way, any water or debris that has splashed back onto the spray nozzle gets cleaned without your labor. Self-retracting nozzles are the most hygienic.

How much you can expect to spend on a bidet attachment

For less than $100, you’ll find straightforward bidet attachments that may have multiple settings but don’t have fancy features or temperature control; these models are more than sufficient for most users. For around $300-$500 you’ll probably get something that has some high-end features but not as many as those closer to $1000, where you’ll be getting the most luxurious experience available. 

Bidet attachment FAQ

Is it hard to install a bidet attachment?

A. This depends largely on how complex your bidet attachment is, as well as your bathroom’s configuration. Models that have a warm water setting are more complicated to install than single temperature models. 

Is a bidet attachment safe to use?

A. Bidet attachments are completely safe to use. The easiest way to avoid discomfort when getting accustomed to your bidet attachment is to start on the lowest setting, both for temperature and water pressure, and gradually work your way to higher settings. 

What's the best bidet attachment to buy?

Top bidet attachment

Samodra Bidet Attachment

What you need to know: This high-quality cold water bidet attachment features easy-to-use controls and multiple settings for anyone’s needs. 

What you’ll love: Rather than just a dial, this model has a dial and buttons, allowing you to know exactly what you’re adjusting. It features front and rear cleaning settings, so you can clean your entire nether region in one go. The dial allows you to adjust the intensity of the spray for your cleanliness and comfort. This model also has a sleek and attractive black controller. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t have temperature control. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bidet attachment for the money

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Mechanical Toilet Attachment

What you need to know: This budget-friendly unit features easy-to-use controls and a retractable, self-cleaning nozzle without the use of electricity. 

What you’ll love: With easy install and a variety of settings, this non-electric model will save energy and money while still offering all the key features you want in a standard bidet. Plus, the controls are easy to see and use for every member of your household.

What you should consider: This doesn’t have a front cleaning option, and some users experienced occasional leaking. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Luxury pick

Kohler C3 Toilet Seat Bidet Attachment

What you need to know: This premium seat attachment has all the bells and whistles you could dream of and a sleek appearance for the ultimate spa-like experience. 

What you’ll love: This seat attachment offers both adjustable heated water and an adjustable heated seat for extra comfort, as well as an LED nightlight in the bowl, oscillating and pulsing sprays, and front and rear washes. Furthermore, it offers programmable user profiles, so you can set your favorite settings for an automatic, customized experience with the touch of a button.

What you should consider: This model is very expensive, considering there are freestanding bidets for similar prices on the market. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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