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Best slippers for kids


If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids comfortable when they’re at home, buy them their own slippers.

Socks are comfortable, but slippers are cozy, cute, warm and protective. Many slippers are equipped with nonslip outsoles, which keep kids safe when they’re walking on slick surfaces like tile, linoleum, and hardwood floors.

Kids love wearing slippers — most styles have fun designs, many of which feature their favorite characters from movies and TV. Other slippers feature cute embellishments like pom-poms, ears, or sequins.

To help you find the best slippers for kids, read our buying guide. We’re sharing a few recommendations at the end, including our favorite pair, Crocs Kids’ Classic Slippers, which offer plenty of traction and flexibility.



Slippers for kids are available in toddler, little-kid, and big-kid sizes. Some brands use the small-medium-large spectrum, in which case it’s recommended to measure the length and width of your kids’ feet to find the right size.

As far as overall fit goes, it’s not unusual for slippers to be spacious to account for growth spurts. However, they shouldn’t be too loose because they may cause kids to trip or fall.

Indoor vs. indoor/outdoor slippers

Indoor slippers are soft all over, including the soles. In fact, because soles are pliable and lack structure, they’re not intended to be worn outdoors. Indoor/outdoor slippers, on the other hand, feature shoe-like outsoles made of plastic or rubber treads. With these styles, feet are protected enough to walk on hard surfaces like sidewalks or driveways.

Slippers by the season

It’s common to choose season-appropriate slippers. Cold-weather slippers feature plush or fuzzy details to keep feet warm. Conversely, warm-wear slippers are designed to keep feet cool. For that reason, they’re made with breathable materials like cotton or satin. They may feature open-toe designs, too.



Low-cut slippers are cut below the ankle and resemble shoes, clogs or slides. Mid-cut slippers cover the ankle. They feature sock- and bootie-inspired designs. High-cut slippers are cut at the mid-calf and take on the appearance of oversized boots. Some of these styles also feature roll-down cuffs.

Popular materials

Many slippers for kids are made with polyester, faux shearling, microfiber or plush. These materials are colorfast and affordable, and they generally hold up well to washing. Cotton is a popular option for warm-weather slippers because it’s soft and breathable, while the insulated coziness of fleece is preferred for cold weather wear.


Entry-level slippers made with synthetic materials cost $15. Well-made slippers for kids, many of which are manufactured by leading slipper and sleepwear brands, cost $20-$40. Premium slippers for kids can cost as much as $60 if they’re made with leather, suede or wool.


Q. Is non-slip detail a necessary feature in slippers for kids?

A. According to many parents, yes. This is especially important in homes with hard floors where slipping is more likely. However, while non-slip details are helpful in reducing the likelihood of slips and falls, they aren’t completely preventive.

Q. How do I wash slippers for kids?

A. It’s best to refer to their care instructions because they vary considerably between materials and designs. Some slippers are machine-washable, while others can only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned.


Top slippers for kids

Crocs Kids’ Classic Slippers

Our take: This is a perfect pick for a stay-put design suited for toddlers and little kids.

What we like: The soft, flexible design is comfortable for all-day wear. The elastic band across the top prevents the slippers from flying off and makes them easier for little ones to pull on. The traction detail on the outsole prevents slipping on smooth surfaces like tile or hardwood. A cozy, plush interior means socks aren’t necessary.

What you should consider: Some found the elastic to be too tight, but were able to stretch it out a bit.

Where to buy:  Sold at Amazon

Top slippers for kids for the money

Dearfoam Kids’ Clog Slippers

Our take: Affordable pair of fluffy slippers that are just as cozy as they are cute.

What we like: The memory foam insoles mold to the foot and provide decent support and cushioning. These are available in toddler through big-kid sizes. They come equipped with an anti-skid traction outsole.

What you should consider: Some embellishments fall off or fade after considerable wear.

Where to buy:  Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

UGG Kids’ Cozy Slippers II

Our take: This is a well-made pair that will withstand the rough and tumble of daily use.

What we like: They are made with a suede shell and shearling lining. A traction outsole provides excellent grip on surfaces. They are available in toddler, little-kid, and big-kid sizes and can be worn indoors and outdoors.

What we dislike: The sizing runs fairly small and narrow, plus they’re expensive.

Where to buy:  Sold at Amazon


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