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Best kids' loungewear


Everyone likes to be comfortable while relaxing in their own homes, and that includes children. Kids' loungewear is just what they need to kick back on the couch to watch cartoons or sprawl on their bed with a good book.

Keep reading for our quick guide to kids' loungewear, containing important information you'll need before you buy. We also feature a handful of recommendations at the end, including the Calvin Klein Girls' 2-Piece Sleepwear Set, which is our favorite loungewear set, thanks to its comfort and range of designs.



The whole point of loungewear is that it should be comfortable. The cuffs should be soft with plenty of stretch to them, since kids tend to hate tight cuffs and some won't abide elasticized cuffs at all. The waistband should have covered elastic with a soft stretch to it so it doesn't dig in. The neck shouldn't be too small so it's easy for your child to get their head through and it doesn't rub or feel tight while wearing the top.


The majority of kids' loungewear has age-based sizing, such as 1 to 2T, 5 to 6 years, and so on. In theory, this makes it easier to find the right size for a child, but in practice, not all children fit the clothes designed for their age range. If your child is tall or short for their age, you may need to size up or down. If in doubt, check the sizing chart.



Many pieces of loungewear for kids are sold in sets featuring both tops and bottoms. However, you can also buy separate tops and pants, which is more practical if your child is smaller on the bottom than the top, or vice versa.


If comfort is your prime concern, loungewear made from natural materials such as cotton or bamboo is soft against the skin and breathable so kids don't feel hot or sticky. While 100% cotton or bamboo is great for some garments, others require a little stretch to them, so they may contain a small percentage of spandex. If you're okay with synthetics, polyester and fleece are also popular choices.


A two-piece loungewear set can cost anywhere from $10-$50, depending on size, brand, and overall quality.


Q. Does gender matter when it comes to kids' loungewear?

A. You may notice kids' loungewear is listed as either for boys or girls, but there's really no difference between them, so any piece of children's loungewear is suitable for kids of either gender. More often than not, girls' loungewear features pastel colors, such as lilac or sky blue and prints that are stereotypically considered feminine, like florals or animal prints. Boys' loungewear is more likely to feature bold or bright colors with stereotypically masculine prints, like camouflage.

Anyone who's spent much time around kids knows that they're all individuals who have their own likes and dislikes, so there's no reason to adhere to the prescribed gender of a piece of loungewear — just buy what you know your child will like.

Q. Is kids' loungewear just for wearing at home?

A. This depends on the loungewear and the child. Some loungewear looks much like pajamas and is best for wearing at home, where other options are closer to activewear, so they don't look out of place worn out and about.

However, kids have their quirks and some might insist on wearing their pajama-like loungewear out of the house. As long as it keeps your child warm enough, don't sweat the small stuff — you probably have more important things to worry about than your child wearing PJs to the store.


Top kid's loungewear

Calvin Klein Girls' 2-Piece Sleepwear Set

Our take: A comfortable loungewear set from a respectable brand to fit children and teens from sizes six to 14.

What we like: A range of color and print options, some long-sleeved and some short-sleeved. Soft and comfortable. Washes and dries well. 

What we dislike: Sizes run slightly small.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top kid's loungewear for the money 

GRNSHTS Tie-Dye Long-Sleeve Top and Pants Pajama Set

Our take: Perfect for toddlers and little kids up to six years, this tie-dye loungewear looks cute and is reasonably priced.

What we like: Made from a soft, comfortable blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. A range of colorful tie-dye patterns offered.

What we dislike: Size runs small.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Boys’ Tricot Jacket and Pant Clothing Set

Our take: Cool and stylish for fashion-conscious kids, these Adidas jackets and track pants come in sizes from three months to seven years.

What we like: Available in a range of colors and prints, most with the classic Adidas three-stripe design. Cuff-free pant options. Great value for money.

What we dislike: Some complaints that the pants are slightly short.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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