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Noisiest (and most interactive) gifts to give your friends’ kids

Expertly reviewed by Aimee Ketchum


What are the best noisy and interactive gifts to give your friends' kids?

When you have kids, people love to give them interesting things, from candy that has entirely too much sugar to glitter that you'll continue to find on every surface of your house for years. This Christmas, it's time to surprise your friends with noisy gifts their kids are sure to love. To determine the best interactive gifts, we asked BestReviews' baby and child expert for her advice. Dr. Aimee Ketchum is a pediatric occupational therapist and assistant professor of early childhood development. So, whether you're trying to live up to your role as the favorite uncle or pay it forward to your best friend who got your child a recorder last year, here are the noisiest and most interactive gifts to give your friends' kids.

In this article: Alesis CompactKit 4 Tabletop Electric Drum Set, Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth and Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition Board Game

Benefits of toys for kids

Dr. Ketchum is a huge proponent of toys for kids of all ages, including noisy toys, because kids love to make noise. However, she does not recommend screen-time toys for young children, as she thinks they get enough through computers at school and watching TV at home.  "Play is an essential part of early child development because children learn through play. Toys help children with both free play and guided play," she said. "Free play encourages creativity, imagination, problem-solving and sometimes, social interaction. Guided play, where a parent or caregiver guides the play by providing specific toys, helps to teach higher-level skills, such as language and critical thinking. Most importantly, toys are for fun, and all of these toys are also fun for children."

Here's what different toys can teach and encourage:

  • Educational: STEM toys teach science, technology, engineering and math. This can include Legos, science toys, musical instruments and more.
  • Social-emotional learning and social skills: Many board games and toys teach kids about anger-management, kindness, communication and more.
  • Motor skills and exercise: Toys like balls, jump ropes, bikes, skateboards and other sports equipment teach children motor skills and develop muscles.
  • Creativity and imagination: Creative toys include craft kits, building toys and Play-Doh.

Best noisy and interactive gifts

Alesis CompactKit 4 Tabletop Electric Drum Set

Not many gifts are noisier than a drum set. From a well-known brand, this portable, all-in-one drum set features four velocity-sensitive pads and a built-in speaker. It plays 70 electronic and acoustic drum kit voices, 10 effect voices and 50 play-along songs to help anyone become a skilled drum player. Sold by Amazon

Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth 

Not only does this figure play three epic songs, it also features hilarious slow and fast floss movements and butt wiggles. Kids will want to watch Fifi and dance along while laughing and giggling. It requires two AA batteries. Sold by Amazon

Hungry Hungry Hippos Dino Edition Board Game

Don't overlook this classic marble chomping game, which is noisy, interactive and will have the whole family laughing. This version offers a twist kids will love and features dinosaurs instead of the nostalgic hippos. It also comes with a single pink marble to add new rules to a beloved favorite game. Sold by Amazon

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus

Kids will learn about math, rhythmic patterns and more STEM skills with this interactive toy. It's also a loud toy featuring five musical styles and 15 musical instruments, such as a trumpet, congas, maracas and more. Plus, choose from three modes of play, including math, music or games. Sold by Amazon

Click N' Play Kids Piano Mat

Toddlers, preschoolers and elementary-aged kids will enjoy making noise with this 24-key piano mat. Young kids can run around and make sounds, while older kids can experiment with the features, such as creating music with the eight instruments, recording it and playing it back for everyone to hear. Sold by Amazon

Kidzlane Voice Changer Megaphone for Kids

With five voice effects, a voice amplifier and flashing lights, kids won't want to put this megaphone down. Kids can make their voices sound spooky, like an alien, ghost, monster or robot. It also has an adjustable volume, allowing kids to be as loud as they want when playing or making announcements. Sold by Amazon

Toysmith Outdoor Discovery Hoot N' Holler Animal Caller

Nature-loving kids will have a blast blowing into this horn to make it roar, bellow and howl. It features an adjustable dial with nine critter calls, including a duck, owl, coyote, bear, wolf and more. It comes with a hand strap and requires batteries. Sold by Amazon

Hasbro Yellies! Wiggly Wriggles Voice-Activated Spider Pet

This sound-activated fuzzy spider may be the noisiest toy yet. To make it move, kids need to yell, sing, talk and clap and be as loud as possible. Plus, the louder the noise, the faster the wiggly wriggles moves. This little pet's eyes also light up at the sound of a kid's voice. Sold by Amazon

Minions Fart 'n Fire Super-Size Blaster

Let kids be mischievous with the Minions, thanks to this gross, super-sized blaster. In addition to over 20 fart sounds, this toy also features an adjustable telescoping barrel that releases a realistic fart mist when it's pulled all the way back. Pull the trigger to cycle through the sounds, or create your own with the trombone chamber. Sold by Amazon

Playz 5-Piece Kids Play Tunnels and Ball Pit

By adding hundreds of balls to this playhouse, kids can experience their very own ball pit and spend hours laughing with friends. Listen to the whoosh of the ball while kids crawl through the tunnels and race to the other side. It also features a mini basketball hoop. Sold by Amazon

Toy Choi's Pretend Play Chainsaw Toy

Kids love imitating adults, and this chainsaw toy lets kids work with tools. Plus, this toy is modeled after an actual chainsaw and features an engine cord, power switch, trigger and rotating chain. And don't forget about the realistic chainsaw noises, including a starter engine sound and pull cord effect. Sold by Amazon

Motown Magic Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This karaoke microphone is preloaded with 30 hit songs from Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and more. Or, use Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone and play songs from YouTube, Pandora and other music apps. Plus, kids can use the four voice effects to make their voices sound high-pitched, low-pitched, echoed or like a chipmunk. Sold by Amazon

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