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The best Danby mini fridge

Which Danby mini fridge is best?

Sometimes, you don’t want or even need a full-size refrigerator. Or perhaps you want an ideal solution for stashing beverages and snacks in your office, bedroom or basement. Danby has been manufacturing quality appliances for the home for over 70 years, making the company’s mini fridges an excellent option.

The best mini fridge will be sized to fit both your needs and your available space. A top choice for many is the Danby Mini Fridge that offers 4.4 cubic feet of interior space. The unit has a freezer, versatile storage space and it is Energy Star-compliant. 

What to know before you buy a Danby mini fridge

Danby mini fridge size

Only you know your needs. Before purchasing a mini fridge, carefully consider what those needs are so you buy the right size mini fridge — one that is too large will waste money and power while one that is too small won’t hold everything you need it to hold. Danby makes mini fridges that range in size from 1 cubic foot to 4.7 cubic feet — roughly 20 inches tall to 4 feet tall. For more detailed information on how much a mini fridge can hold, check out the Best Reviews buyer’s guide for mini fridges.

Garages or outdoor use

Unless any type of refrigerator is specifically labeled as being suitable for outdoor use, it should not be placed in an environment with fluctuating temperatures. Danby’s mini fridges are manufactured to be used indoors. Placing a Danby mini fridge outdoors for a picnic or using it permanently in a garage will cause the unit to work overtime to keep up with the cooling demand, which will wear out the components and void your warranty.

Energy Star-compliant

Danby mini fridges are Energy Star-compliant appliances. According to Energy Star, to be compliant, an appliance “must meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy.” This means Danby mini fridges are designed to save the consumer money while protecting the environment. More specifically, to be Energy Star compliant, Danby mini fridges must be at least 15% more efficient than the minimum federal efficiency standard.

What to look for in a quality Danby mini fridge


Not all mini fridges have a freezer compartment. If you need one, make sure the model you are considering has a freezer. If you do not need a freezer, there is no need to waste precious space for something that will never be used.

Automatic defrost

Many like the convenience of a refrigerator that offers automatic defrost, but because it has heating elements that cycle on and off to keep the unit defrosted, it may consume as much as 40% more energy than a manual defrost model. Before purchasing, you have to decide if the convenience is worth the cost — and for many, it is.

Storage versatility

Even if you have a smaller mini fridge, when you have greater control over where the shelves can be positioned, you may find that it more easily accommodates the goods you want to store.

Reversible door

Depending on where you place your mini fridge, you may need a door that either opens to the right or to the left. Luckily, Danby takes that into consideration and makes mini fridges that have reversible doors.

How much you can expect to spend on a Danby mini fridge

While prices can vary from retailer to retailer, a ballpark price range for Danby mini fridges spans roughly from $100-$400.

Danby mini fridge FAQ

Can I plug my mini fridge in right away and start using it?

A. Any appliance that has a refrigeration feature should be set upright for at least six hours before plugging it in. This is done to allow any oil that might have flowed into the coolant lines while shipping (or storing improperly) to have adequate time to drain before turning on the appliance.

Why is the door to my Danby mini fridge hard to open after I just closed it?

A. When most substances are heated, they expand. A tea kettle whistles when the water boils because the rapid flow of expanding steam rushes out the opening — similar to blowing a stream of air through your own pursed lips to create a sound. Conversely, when substances cool, they contract. Whenever you open your mini fridge, you are allowing warm air to enter. When you close the door, that air is rapidly cooled. If you have a mini fridge with a good seal, that will create a momentary vacuum that makes it hard to open the door. If you have the patience to wait just a few seconds, you will find the pressure normalizes and the door can be easily opened.

What’s the best Danby mini fridge to buy?

Top Danby mini fridge

Danby Mini Fridge (4.4 Cubic Feet) 

What you need to know: This indoor model has nearly everything a refrigerator has, it just offers it in a more compact size.

What you’ll love: This model has a freezer, a full-width chiller and crisper and a reversible door that allows for more versatile installation. The door storage accepts tall bottles, it has a mechanical thermostat and it is Energy Star-compliant.

What you should consider: This model only offers manual defrost.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


Top Danby mini fridge for the money

Danby Mini Fridge (1.6 Cubic Feet)

What you need to know: This may not be the smallest mini fridge that Danby offers, but at just over 20 inches tall, it can fit nearly anywhere.

What you’ll love: This affordable mini fridge features a full-width wire shelf, a spot for a tall bottle and automatic defrost. The temperature range is 32 degrees to 50 degrees, it is Energy Star-compliant and has a reversible door.

What you should consider: Even though this is specifically designed to be a very small mini fridge, some people are still surprised by how tiny it actually is. 

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


Worth checking out

Danby Mini Refrigerator (4.4 Cubic Feet)

What you need to know: If you’d like to save a little money and get a little more room, this model is an excellent option because there is no freezer space.

What you’ll love: The estimated yearly operating cost for this refrigerator is just $32. It features an automatic defrost system and has a built-in beverage dispensing system that securely holds up to eight 12-ounce cans. For maximum versatility, the fridge has one half-size wire shelf and two adjustable-height, full-size wire shelves.

What you should consider: This model does not include a freezer, which some people do not like, but it provides a few inches more of refrigerator space.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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