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The best women's athletic tank tops

Women's athletic tank tops

When it comes to working out, the right outfit can make or break it. There are many things to consider, from comfortability to mobility, when picking the best exercise tank top for you.

Whether you’re off on a morning run, flowing into a downward dog or upping your cardio in a kickboxing class, you’ll want to stay cool while reaching your health goals. 

How to choose women's athletic tank tops

Deciding what exercise tank top to get isn’t just about the style and color. Depending on how and where you plan to wear your top, you need to focus on material, breathability, how it fits and the activity you’ll be doing.

Things to consider when purchasing exercise tank tops 


You’ll want to stay comfortable whether you’re on a bike, doing yoga or going for a run. Avoid rubber-based or plastic-based material, which will prohibit sweat from evaporating while also causing you to overheat during a workout.


Do you prefer loose-fitted tops or tight-fitted? Depending on if you’re doing pilates or lifting weights, you want to pick a top that won’t get in the way of your body’s movements.

The intensity of your workout

When it comes to choosing the fabric, you should consider the intensity of your workout. For low-impact workouts with minimal sweat, opt for natural fabrics like cotton, as odors tend to stick to synthetic material. While cotton still absorbs sweat, it won’t absorb everything, so if you’re going for a high-impact routine, wearing cotton might end up feeling too sticky.

For more high-intensity workouts, where you’ll break more of a sweat, wicking fabrics are your best bet. Try to buy exercise tank tops made from nylon, spandex, bamboo and polypropylene. They’re the best choices to keep sweat off your skin while keeping you cool through all your workout routines. 

Best women's athletic tank tops for exercise

Icyzone Workout Tank Tops

Combining comfort and function, this is the perfect training tank top for any workout, whether you’re running, doing yoga or lifting weights. Made from lightweight and sweat-wicking material, you’ll stay dry and cool no matter your movements.

The exaggerated armhole combined with a modern silhouette will keep you comfortable and breezy. Sold in a pack of three, you’ll be able to mix and match your tanks with your favorite bottoms. The Icyzone Workout Tank Tops are also offered in many colors, ensuring you’ll find one that fits your style.

Sold by Amazon

OYANUS Womens Workout Top

Perfect for those intense workouts, the OYANUS Women’s Workout Top provides an open back to keep you feeling extra cool through your circuits. Made with 70% modal, the stretchy fabric is both breathable and sweat-wicking.

Plus, you can tie the tank top to adjust the length, providing you with optimal comfort for your yoga poses, pilates sessions or training routines. With 19 color options, you’ll find one to show off your personality and style.

Sold by Amazon

Adidas Sportswear Winners 2.0 Tank Top

Whether you’re going for a run or just sporting a casual athleisure look, the Adidas Sportswear Winners 2.0 Tank Top is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a cozy option. This top is all about everyday comfort, whether that’s an intense workout or a rest day. Not only will the loose fit keep your shoulders comfortable and your body cool, the tank top’s Primegreen fabric, made of cotton and polyester from a series of recycled material, is a great way to make an environmental impact.

Sold by Adidas 

Women's Tek Gear® Performance Base Layer Tank

The ideal exercise tank top when going for a hike, the Tek Gear Performance Base Layer Tank is nothing short of comfortable. Available in 52 colors and patterns, the tank top’s jersey material and moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool even during the hottest days. Plus, their design means they can hold up in any high-intense routine. Affordable and comfortable, the Tek Gear Performance Base Layer Tanks are machine washable, making them easy to keep fresh between workouts.

Sold by Kohl’s 

Under Armour Women’s TechTwist Tank

You can find everything you need in Under Armour’s Tech Tank. Its loose, light, quick-drying, ultra-soft fabric means it’ll keep you cool no matter the workout. Not only does the fabric wick sweat quickly, but it dries at equal speed. Plus, the anti-odor technology will keep your tank top smelling fresh even during high-intensity workouts. Built to last, the stretchiness of the material will make it easy to move in whatever direction you choose to go.

Sold by Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

Aeuui Mesh Racerback Tank 

Perfect for yoga, running or the gym, the Aeuui Mesh Racerback Tank’s sweat-absorbent fabric keeps you feeling refreshed and dry to continue with optimal performance. Plus, the breathable mesh will feel more comfortable against your shoulder while also keeping it fashionable.

Sold by Amazon 

Nike’s Get Fit Tank Training Top  

Coming from one of the more popular athletic brands globally, the Nike Get Fit Tank Training Top is equipped with Nike’s Dri-FIT, moisture-wicking technology that keeps you sweat-free while working hard. Its slim fit also provides the best comfort and mobility so that you can move without restrictions. The colors and racerback cut offer a functional design to keep you stylishly on the go.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods 


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