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Best snowsuit

Which snowsuit is best?

When the weather is cold and snowy, layering and keeping warm are essential. These days, even some areas not used to cold and snowy weather are experiencing it. An easy way to layer is by using snowsuits, also called ski suits, for skiing, mountain climbing or just a regular day out in the snow. Though designed to keep you safe from harsh elements, they can also be stylish, chic and functional.

For a high-quality snowsuit with an effortless flair, the Riuiyele One-Piece Ski Suit is the best. 

What to know before you buy a snowsuit


Snowsuits come in one-piece or two-piece sets. The one-piece style uses top to bottom zippers or buttons while a two-piece is a jacket and pants. For most people, the two-piece is easier to wear.

The style of snowsuit you’re wearing may also determine the type of clothing or layers you wear underneath. For instance, for a two-piece set you can wear a T-shirt and woolen long underwear as your base. 


Snowsuits are usually bulky since they are a protective outer layer, but they should not be too baggy. Picking a size that is too big for you not only looks shabby, it is also uncomfortable and may cause difficulty in moving around. Depending on the brand, snowsuits may run large, so in those cases, you can purchase a size down for the best fit.

To get the best size and fit, use a tape measure and compare it to the suit's size chart.  


The type of weather you’re in heavily influences the type of snowsuit that is best for you. In cold, wet weather, it shouldn’t just provide insulation, it should be waterproof or water-resistant as well. In dry, cold weather, your snowsuit doesn’t need to be waterproof but it should still provide warmth. 


Snowsuits can be worn by babies, teenagers or adults, with slight variations in their style and design. For example, snowsuits for babies below age 2 may not require many provisions for mobility, as they won’t move around a lot, while snowsuits for adults require more flexibility for movement and activity. 

What to look for in a quality snowsuit


A high-quality snowsuit is made from heavy materials such as fleece, nylon or polyester. These should last for long periods without noticeable wear or tear. Also, the level of insulation a good snowsuit provides should not decrease over time.

Breathable lining

A well-made snowsuit's material traps heat to give warmth, but it should also be breathable to avoid overheating. A good snowsuit should have an inner lining that is warm, porous and absorbent while wicking sweat away. This allows a good amount of circulation that keeps you dry and comfortable. 


The extreme weather conditions in which snowsuits are worn require an extra level of safety measures, such as padded knees and elbows, especially for toddlers. Another precaution for areas with low levels of visibility is a suit made out of reflective material. That way, you can be easily seen if the weather gets harsher and harder to see in.


Most snowsuits can be adjusted using straps, elastic cuffs and extra zippers, which may be hidden or exposed. They should also have inner liners that can be removed so you’re prepared for any kind of weather. This manages the number of layers you wear underneath and helps with a more comfortable fit.

How much you can expect to spend on a snowsuit

It costs about $50-$200, depending on the size and brand. 

Snowsuit FAQ

When should I put a baby in a snowsuit?

A. Your baby can wear a snowsuit from as early as 6 months.

Can I wear regular pants under snow pants?

A.  Yes, you can. But stick to pants that feel soft and are made from absorbent materials such as cotton. Avoid heavier materials such as denim.

What's the difference between a snowsuit and a bunting?

A. A snowsuit has provision for legs. A bunting is a small blanket with a hood, usually for babies.

What’s the best snowsuit to buy?

Top snowsuit

Riuiyele One-Piece Ski Suit  

What you need to know: This is a one-piece windproof snowsuit with a hood and cuffs. 

What you’ll love: This is a great suit for harsh weather, with double-reinforced seams and a built-in storm hood to keep you dry. Its hood, cuffs and bottoms are adjustable and help give a snug, comfortable fit. It also has thumb holes that are convenient and stylish. The suit comes in nine styles, in sizes from extra small to extra large. 

What you should consider: This snowsuit can only be hand-washed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top snowsuit for the money

Nike Hooded Puffer Snowsuit Coverall 

What you need to know: This is a cute snowsuit overall for babies with a zipper closure.

What you’ll love: Made with water-resistant and moisture-wicking material, this puffer design suit keeps your child dry and warm. Its attached hood provides extra protection for your baby’s head. There are sizes for newborns to babies up to 9 months old. 

What you should consider: This snowsuit may run large.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Oftalle Ski Jacket and Pants Waterproof Snowsuit 

What you need to know: This two-piece snowsuit has a fitted silhouette and trendy design. 

What you’ll love: The pants are high-waisted, with an elastic band that makes them look stylish and helps with warmth. The irregular quilting design makes the suit less puffy while maintaining a great amount of insulation. The waterproof two-piece set is easy to get on and off and comes in six colors. 

What you should consider: It's optimal in regular cold weather but may not withstand extreme conditions. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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