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Best adhesive bra

Which adhesive bras are best?

When you’re wearing a strapless or halter dress, the straps of your bra peeking around the edge of your clothing can detract from your outfit. If you still need coverage and support, an adhesive bra is a perfect solution.

Adhesive bras are strapless, and most are backless too. Their cups have adhesive that keeps them in place and also supports your breasts. Some adhesive bras even let you adjust how much your breasts are pressed together to control the push-up effect. If you’re looking for a versatile, high-quality adhesive bra, the Fashion Forms Women’s NuBra Ultralite Bra is the top option.

What to know before you buy an adhesive bra

Bra type

Adhesive bras are available in several different types:

  • Silicone stick-on bras are the most popular type. They’re soft and lightweight, so they don’t show through your clothing. Most are reusable. However, these adhesive bras don’t offer much support, so they don’t work well for larger breasts.
  • Fabric stick-on bras have contoured cups made of fabric and side tabs with adhesive. They often have underwire built in, so they provide more support than silicone stick-on bras. As a result, they work well for medium to large breasts. Most fabric adhesive bras are reusable.
  • U-plunge backless strapless bras are similar to fabric stick-on bras because they have contoured cups with built-in underwire to provide more support. They have a U-shaped neckline to work with a wide range of tops.
  • Laced backless strapless bras aren’t that different from silicone and fabric adhesive bras. However, the two cups are attached to one another by a series of laces. You can loosen or tighten the laces to determine how much support and how great a push-up effect you achieve.
  • Adhesive breast lift tape isn’t exactly an adhesive bra, but you place it over your nipples for similar coverage to pasties. Breast tape can also help lift your breasts by placing it at the sides of your breasts. If you have a large bust, you may want to pair lift tape with another type of adhesive bra to ensure you have the support you need.


Most adhesive bras come in the standard bra cup sizes of A, B, C, D and DD. They usually don’t have a corresponding band size because they don’t have a back strap. Without a band size, it can be a little more difficult to find the proper size, especially if you have large breasts.

To ensure that an adhesive bra fits well, you should typically go up a cup size. Silicone stick-on bras are the most flexible when it comes to sizing, so they may be the best option if you’re having trouble finding the correct size.

What to look for in a quality adhesive bra


Adhesive bras come in all the familiar bra colors, including nude, white and black. Some styles are also available in other light, neutral shades like soft pink. Beneath light-colored dresses or tops, a white or nude adhesive bra is usually the best option. Under dark clothing, a black bra works best.

Clasps and lacing

Many adhesive bras have individual cups that connect at the center of the chest. Some styles have a clasp at the center so you can adjust how much cleavage you have. Other adhesive bras have laces attaching the cups, so you can pull them tighter to press your breasts closer together and create deeper cleavage.


Most adhesive bras are pretty thin, so they don’t show through your dress or shirt, but some styles are padded to provide a greater push-up effect and/or help your breasts appear larger.

Low cut

The majority of adhesive bras are designed with a low cut that exposes your cleavage, but you can find some that cut even lower than the standard options. If you wear low-cut dresses or tops, you may want to shop around to find an adhesive bra with the proper cut.


Some adhesive bras are only designed to be worn once, so when you remove the bra, the adhesive isn’t sticky enough to work a second time. Other adhesive bras feature a reusable adhesive that doesn’t lose its stickiness after just one use. You can wash and dry the bra so it’s ready to wear again.

You can wear most reusable adhesive bras four or five times before they lose their stickiness, though some high-end reusable stick-on bras can be worn more than 20 times before you have to replace them.

How much you can expect to spend on an adhesive bra

You can pay $8-$55 for an adhesive bra. Basic silicone stick-on bras and adhesive tape typically cost $8-$18, while higher-end silicone bras with more support generally range from $16-$25. For fabric adhesive bras with more effective support, expect to pay $25-$55.

Adhesive bra FAQ

What’s the best way to store an adhesive bra?

A. Most adhesive bras come in a plastic sleeve or box. Save the packaging that your bra comes in and store it inside the sleeve or box to keep it safe from dirt, dust and other debris.

What’s the proper way to clean an adhesive bra?

A. First, check that your bra is reusable and able to be cleaned, so you don’t waste your time washing a bra that’s not meant to be worn again. If your bra is reusable, use warm water and some mild soap to rinse the cups. You can use a sponge to remove any residue stuck in the adhesive so it’s ready to be worn again. The bra should dry overnight with the adhesive side up. When it’s fully dry, the adhesive will be sticky once again.

What’s the best adhesive bra to buy?

Top adhesive bra

Fashion Forms Women’s NuBra Ultralite Bra

What you need to know: This well-made adhesive bra features a figure-eight design that gives you a flattering silhouette in your clothes and can be worn with various types of necklines.

What you’ll love: It features a lightweight design, but its cups and stitching are still reinforced for added durability. The front clasp closure lets you choose how much cleavage you want. The adhesive stays in place, even in humid weather.

What you should consider: The bra may not stay in place if you sweat a lot and can sometimes leave residue behind on the skin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top adhesive bra for the money

Deilin Bob Tape Breast Lift Tape

What you need to know: If you’re not a fan of traditional adhesive bras, this breast lift tape is the ideal alternative for creating a custom fit.

What you’ll love: The tape is breathable and sweat-proof. It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for extremely strong adhesion. It comes in a neutral color that’s essentially invisible under your clothing.

What you should consider: It can take some time to learn how to use the tape properly. The tape may not offer enough support for large breasts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Maidenform Women's Adhesive Hook Bra

What you need to know: An excellent option for strapless or backless dresses, this adhesive bra features a contoured design that won’t show beneath your favorite tops or dresses.

What you’ll love: It features a seamless design that disappears under clothing. The support it offers is excellent for most people. It features specially cut sides, so the bra isn’t visible in tops or dresses with deep-cut armholes.

What you should consider: Some buyers report that the adhesive sometimes gives out after just a few hours.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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