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Best Sweaty Betty fitness apparel

Which Sweaty Betty fitness apparel is best?

Exercising is way more fun when you're wearing great athletic gear. With its spike in popularity, athleisure can easily go from the gym to the grocery store while still looking chic. If you're looking to level up your activewear game, consider selecting some stylish new pieces from Sweaty Betty.

Whether working out or staying in, you can't go wrong with Sweaty Betty Women's Power 7/8 Workout Leggings.

What to know before you buy Sweaty Betty fitness apparel


Athletic clothing can come in several fabrics, so read the label carefully before you make your purchase. While some brands use cotton blends, Sweaty Betty uses a mix of polyamide, elastane and polyester. These materials hold up well in the heat and help keep you cool at the same time. Fabrics composed of these blends have a bit more opacity, making items less see-through and more squat-proof. 


There's nothing worse than feeling like your sweaty clothes are sticking to you during a tough workout. Leaving the gym in heavy, sweat-soaked clothes can leave you feeling cold and uncomfortable. Sweaty Betty apparel specializes in wicking the sweat away from your body so you and the clothes dry quickly. 


It's always good to check the label before you wash your workout wear. Regardless of what the tag says, a best practice is to wash with care, then hang to dry. If you end up putting your items in the dryer, steer clear of using fabric softener, as it negates the moisture-wicking properties. Always wash workout apparel separately from other clothing, especially items with zippers and buttons, because the delicate material can easily snag. 

What to look for in quality Sweaty Betty fitness apparel


Sweaty Betty apparel is available in an array of colors and patterns. If you like to work out while wearing bright hues or subdued solids, the brand offers a lot to choose from. 

If you prefer matching sets or prints that express your personality, there’s also a wide selection from which to pick. Although all products specialize in wicking sweat away, patterned clothing camouflages sweat marks a bit better than lighter colors.


If you like to work out without carrying excess baggage, look for styles that include pockets. A side pocket on a pair of leggings is a handy place to store a cell phone, credit card or ID. 

Most leggings come equipped with a small waistband pocket. If this is a priority for you, always double-check before purchasing. This pocket is great for storing a single key or small stash of cash.

Some shirts and sports bras include secret pockets that work well for storing small media players or wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Usually, these small storage areas are strategically placed to keep things hidden and secure.


Choose workout clothes that move with you. Look for clothing that not only stretches up and down, but sideways, too. Apparel that offers four-way stretch is the most comfortable for any exercise, eliminating stiffness and promoting a better fit. Fabrics that stretch well also have a better chance of being squat-proof, which is important when selecting a quality pair of leggings.

How much you can expect to spend on Sweaty Betty fitness apparel

The price varies depending on the type of clothing, but on average, you can expect to spend from $68-$100.

Sweaty Betty fitness apparel FAQ

Is Sweaty Betty fitness apparel considered sustainable?

A. The company is committed to vigorously testing each product to ensure that it holds up through multiple washings and will last for years to come. Sweaty Betty uses recycled or natural fabrics whenever possible and is currently at 21%. Their goal is to increase that number when it comes to sourcing materials. 

How long has Sweaty Betty been in business?

A. The company has been in business for over 20 years. Founded by Tamara Hill-Norton in 1998, the London-based company has expanded globally and continues to flawlessly combine fitness and fashion.

What's the best Sweaty Betty fitness apparel to buy?

Top Sweaty Betty fitness apparel

Sweaty Betty Women's Power 7/8 Workout Leggings

What you need to know: These leggings stretch four ways and are soft and supportive.

What you’ll love: These leggings have multiple pockets for extra storage. They also include a drawstring in the waistband to customize the fit.

What you should consider: Power Workout Leggings come with very specific care instructions, so be cautious when washing them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Sweaty Betty fitness apparel for the money

Sweaty Betty Women's Core Athlete Seamless Workout Tank Top

What you need to know: Thanks to its seamless design, this tank top is comfortable to wear while working out. 

What you’ll love: The fabric is lightweight and breathable. It wicks away sweat, keeping you dry while adding airflow. It comes in black and white in sizes XS-XL. 

What you should consider: The racerback cut only works well with certain bras. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sweaty Betty Women's Gary Yoga Pants with Side Pockets

What you need to know: Looser than leggings, these yoga pants have a relaxed, casual look. 

What you’ll love: They're made from a lightweight jersey fabric, which is great for light to moderate workouts or for wearing around town. The side pockets are convenient. They come in black or blue.

What you should consider: They may be too heavy for strenuous workouts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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