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Your dad will love these simple but practical Father's Day gifts

Practical gifts your dad wants for Father’s Day


In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd listened to a sermon on Mother’s Day that caused her to reflect on her own upbringing. Sonora’s father was a Civil War veteran who raised her and her five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. She presented her ideas to local religious leaders, and with their support, the first Father’s Day was held on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. It took until 1972 for Father’s Day to officially become a national holiday.

The purpose of Father’s Day is to honor the father figures in your life. This is traditionally done by spending time with those people who had a positive influence on your life and giving them a gift, such as a tie rack or power tools. But sometimes dads can be hard to buy for. This list has 21 simple yet practical gift ideas they will love. Don't miss our testing insights on the Apple AirPods Pro, Theragun Elite, and Echo Dot devices! 

Simple but practical Father’s Day gifts

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

For a quick, no-fuss shave or haircut, this handy little gadget from Remington can’t be beat. It has a wide contoured blade that provides maximum coverage while matching the curves of your head. The rechargeable battery offers up to 40 minutes of runtime per charge, and it comes with a variety of comb lengths.

Sold by Amazon

Craft a  Brew Beer-Making Kit (Hefeweizen)

Arguably the only thing better than drinking beer is drinking beer that you brewed yourself. With this craft beer kit, dad can brew his own German-style Hefeweizen beer. This kit is designed for novice brewers and has everything you need to make your first batch.

Sold by Amazon

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Stand

Sometimes, dad needs a break. This nine-foot cotton hammock comes with its own stand, so you can set it up wherever you’d like. The adjustable hooks let the lounger decide how low or high they want to lay. For convenience, this hammock comes with a carry bag.

Sold by Home Depot

HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset

This VR headset from HP makes an excellent gift for gamers. It is compatible with SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality, has flexible material for long-wearing comfort and requires no external sensors to track movement. The small, ergonomically designed controllers feel natural in your hands.

Sold by HP

Theragun Elite

This personal massager is an excellent way for dad to relax after a hard day’s work or a grueling workout. The lithium battery provides up to two hours of continuous use, while the customizable speed range lets you set this unit to any speed from 1750 to 2400 PPMs. The smart app integration allows you to run personalized wellness routines.

Our tester described this massage gun as highly effective for injury-prone athletes and lessening soreness after workouts. It's enjoyed by physical therapists and CrossFit athletes.  The only real downsides are that it's noisy and there may be some difficulties with connecting to the app.

Sold by Amazon, Kohl’s and Therabody

The Cut Buddy Shaping and Styling Tool

Stylish dads want a perfect trim. This handy, affordable device gives you the perfect line with every shave. The device works with beards, mustaches and hairlines. Just place it where you want a sharp, well-defined edge and start shaving. The Cut Buddy has three curves, so you can style as you wish.

Sold by Amazon

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Dad shouldn’t have to get up to get things done. With the Echo Dot, he won’t have to. When partnered with the proper smart home accessories, this popular smart speaker lets you turn on the lights, set the temperature and lock the doors without getting up off the sofa. If you’d like to check the news, weather or just hear a dad joke, Alexa can do that too. Our tester admired the compact size of this device, its sound quality, and easy setup process. It occasionally malfunctions, but usually, all you have to do is unplug it and then plug it back in.

Sold by Kohl’s 

Nexgrill Silicone Grill Mitt

Grilling temperatures can get pretty hot. To protect your hand and forearm from dangerous temperatures, you need a grill mitt. This offering from Nexgrill can keep you safe from heat up to 450 degrees. The non-slip grip ensures you can securely grasp all the tools you need to use.

Sold by Home Depot

Drop Stop The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler

Surprise your dad with a gift he never knew he needed. This little device fits between your car or truck seat and the center console. It keeps items such as change, crumbs or your cell phone from dropping in that narrow gap where things are nearly impossible to retrieve. You get two Drop Stops in a package — one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side.

Sold by Amazon

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool

Part of the joy of getting gifts is receiving something you need but would never buy yourself. The Squatty Potty fits that description to a T. This little helper gives you a better, more efficient bathroom posture that can help things move along more smoothly.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot 

Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch Mega Gift Pack

Let dad know he’s a rock star. This ingenious kit allows you to create your own guitar picks. The mega pack includes a guitar pick punch, 15 starter strips — enough to make 100 guitar picks — and a leather pick holder. The compact device lets you make guitar picks out of any suitable items such as a gift card, hotel room key cards, an old credit card, a driver’s license and more. With this tool, you will never be without a guitar pick again.

Sold by Amazon

Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode Bass Kit

Everyone loves a surprise. If it involves fishing, even better for dad. This Motherlode box comes with a variety of premium fishing products that range in color and size. It also features a golden ticket with a unique promotion code. A winning ticket could land your dad a Lowe Stinger 175 bass fishing boat, Googan Squad rods and more.

Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

One of the biggest frustrations in life is misplacing your keys. It only seems to happen when you are in a rush. With the Tile Mate tracker, dad will never lose his cool over lost keys again. This little device has an impressive 200-foot range, and it works with nearly any item that can be misplaced around the home.

Sold by Amazon

Husky 12-Volt Inflator

There are two approaches to fixing a flat tire: take it off yourself or inflate the tire so you can drive to the shop and have someone else do all the hard work. If you want to give your dad a break, this 12-volt tire inflator comes with a 28-inch air hose and a 12-volt vehicle plug that makes it suitable for roadside emergencies. Besides tires, this device can also be used on sports equipment and air mattresses.

Sold by Home Depot

TungSam Self-Therapeutic Bamboo Back Scratcher

There’s this spot in the middle of a dad’s back about halfway down that always seems to itch. It’s right in between where it can be reached by going over the shoulder or up from the waist. This bamboo back scratcher can get the job done to provide instant relief.

Sold by Amazon

APC UPS Battery Backup

Computers, laptops, chargers and other sensitive devices should be protected from power surges and power outages. This model has eight outlets: four for battery backup and surge protection and four for just surge protection. The unit also features Ethernet cable surge protection, a circuit breaker, a wiring fault light and more. Help dad keep his digital world protected this Father’s Day.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

Moso Natural Mini Air Purifying Bags

Dads may be great in many ways, but sometimes they can develop a little odor problem — especially in their shoes. This two-pack of odor-eliminating bags contains Moso bamboo charcoal, a fragrance-free, chemical-free solution to unpleasant smells. Just stick these tiny air purifying bags in a pair of shoes to rid them of unpleasant odors. With proper care, these bags are effective for up to two years.

Sold by Amazon

Max'is Creations The Mug With A Hoop 

Here’s a little secret: dad’s never fully grow up. They like their toys. While this mug with a hoop isn’t the most practical gift, it is one that can let dad shoot tiny marshmallows through a hoop to land in his hot chocolate. And that’s something he’ll love.

Sold by Amazon

Aniva Motorized Tie Rack

All those years of buying dad a tie are about to pay off. This motorized tie rack rotates in both directions at the touch of a button. It features an LED light so you can easily find what you are looking for. This space-saving device holds up to 72 ties and eight belts.

Sold by Amazon

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