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Every rock star, hip-hop god, and pop diva got their start somewhere. For Jimi Hendrix, it was on a tattered one-string ukulele he found in a garage. For Louis Armstrong, it was at a troubled youth home he was frequently sent to, one that just so happened to have a music class. No matter how they began their journey, though, each had one thing in common — they felt a passion for music and ran with it.
You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Green Monday? This sales day is on the rise and the deals are worth keeping an eye out for. Since Green Monday takes place in early December, you have plenty of time to order and receive those last-minute but important gifts you may have missed.
Beauty and personal care gifts are perfect for Secret Santa exchanges, stocking stuffers, and more. And not just for women — men can enjoy skin, hair, and nail products too. That’s why we’re super excited about Amazon’s 8th day of the 12 Days of Deals: It’s all about beauty and personal care.
Old-school gamers love to revisit their favorite gaming memories and to make new ones alongside friends who have yet to experience the classics firsthand. But retro gaming can be a daunting hobby to get into. Searching through sketchy eBay listings for extremely expensive copies of cherished games is a deterrent for many. The good news is, major video game publishers understand the nostalgia we feel for the games that started it all, and it’s easier than ever to fall in love with the classics nowadays. If you’re in the market for a gift for a retro gamer, you can’t go wrong with these classic video game compilations.
Parents and pet owners know that in the majority of the photos they take, their beloved little one is the star. Often, these photos are snapped on a regular smartphone camera, and the quality isn’t always the best. This holiday season, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Day 7 of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals shines the spotlight on all things baby, pet, and camera. First, purchase a special gift for your baby or pet — something they will truly love and cherish. Then, snap a memorable high-quality photo of your little one using your brand new camera. After all, creating unforgettable memories is one of the highlights of the holiday season.
With fewer than 20 shopping days until Christmas, you can't afford to not grab some great deals when you find them. However, with busy schedules and numerous places to shop, searching for bargains can be overwhelming. That's why we are continuing to keep an eye out for low prices that will help you knock names off your gift list.
Home chefs tend to get giddy over kitchen supplies in much the same manner as kids let loose in LegoLand. They love the smell of baking bread, know when to steam versus poach, and have news feeds full of recipes and foodie info. Whether for the holidays, a special occasion, or just to say “thinking of you,” here are some gift ideas for that person who's the Jamie Oliver or Cat Cora in your life.
The holidays are always a time for merriment, but there’s even more to celebrate when a new baby arrives. A baby’s first holiday is an opportunity to shower them with fun toys and other necessities, and the blanket or stuffed animal you choose could wind up being Baby’s go-to toy.
Holiday shopping for young kids is usually pretty easy — grab almost any toy and they’ll be happy. But once kids enter the teen years, finding the perfect gift can start to feel like mission impossible. They’ve got strong opinions on just about everything under the sun, especially what items are actually cool enough to get them excited enough to unwrap. But that doesn’t mean you should resort to gift cards. If the teens in your life are notoriously hard to please, we’ve got you covered.
Do you need help finding great gifts and saving money at the same time? There are many awesome deals available on items that you will feel proud to put under the Christmas tree. We understand that saving time is also important as shoppers seek gifts for all their friends and family members before the last minute, so we are here to help.
Dinosaurs have long captured people’s interest. Generations of kids instantly fall in love with these fantastic beasts of real life, which makes dino-themed toys ideal gift options. Here are a few of our favorites, sure to delight budding paleontologists who know the difference between a brontosaurus, apatosaurus, and brachiosaurus.
Whether it’s the dead of winter or just a brisk day in fall, some of us have serious trouble keeping warm. Maybe it happens when you’re watching TV in a drafty room or raking leaves in the yard, but once the cold gets hold of you, it’s almost impossible to shake it. Simply throwing on a bunch of layers doesn’t always get the job done, and turning up the heat in your home can mean utility bills that chill in their own way.
Shopping for the holidays is always pretty stressful, but when you’re on the hunt for Hanukkah presents, the challenge is even bigger. That’s because you aren’t shopping for just a single day — you need gifts for eight nights that won’t break the bank. If that seems like a daunting task, we’ve got you covered. Combining big-ticket items with smaller, more affordable presents is the best way to buy all the gifts you need for Hanukkah while staying within your holiday budget.
Layers of clothing, hot drink in any weather, and an overflowing basket of couch throws – the lovable traits of that friend or relative who's always cold. They're probably some of the easiest people to shop for, since one can never have too many fuzzy socks and hat and scarf sets, right? Those default stocking stuffers are nice, but the following gift ideas will keep your beloved cozy, and show you don't hold a grudge for them asking you to fiddle with the thermostat.
When it comes to holiday décor, the Christmas tree is definitely the star of the show, so it’s no wonder you feel a little pressure when it’s time to shop for an artificial tree. You want it to look as grand, majestic, and natural as a real tree, but that can sometimes seem impossible considering how many lower-quality trees there are on the market. But if you keep some key factors in mind when you’re shopping, you can find a beautiful Christmas tree that lasts for years to come.
Holiday time is upon us! While you search the litany of potential gifts for even the most difficult person on your list, you’ll indubitably come across a home chef. Every holiday gathering includes someone who brings a delectable treat (or two), and they’re excited to share it. For these home chefs, a cookbook makes a great gift.