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As a parent, you're always trying to do the best for your kids, but times have changed since you were young. While you might have been sent out to play on a hot day with only the occasional application of sunscreen, we now know more about how damaging the sun's rays can be, so it's important to protect your child from them as much as possible.
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Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. This massive sale on July 15 and 16 offers deals on everything from household appliances to electronics to clothing and more — but this day of savings applies only to Amazon Prime members. It’s a bit like Black Friday, only in the middle of the summer and online. You have 48 hours to snag these deals on a variety of items, and you never know exactly which items will be on sale until the sale begins.
Having the perfect beach day sounds like a breezy feat, hypothetically. But without the right essentials, a sunny day at the beach can leave you with bad sunburns, grainy sandwiches, and more. Avoid all that and more with our DIY beach hack guide.
There’s no better way to experience the summer than whizzing down a scenic route on a road trip, preferably with a copilot by your side. While there are no limits to the spontaneity of a road trip, some parameters can help you maximize your vehicular adventure and make it an even more memorable.
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The best shopping day of the summer, Amazon’s Prime Day, is rapidly approaching. Amazon announced last night that its annual birthday celebration (when products are marked down at deeper discounts than usual across the site) will be a full 48 hours from midnight on Monday, July 15 through the end of Tuesday, July 16.
Summer is synonymous with two things: nice weather, and barbecuing. But being a grill master is easier said than done, and it can be an overwhelming task for many. Having some pro tips under your belt can help bring you the juiciest flavours in your meat, seafood, or veggies. Instead of winging it, stick to these fool-proof hacks, which have been vetted by BBQ experts all over.
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A sous vide is a pricy kitchen gadget that allows you to heat water with an incredible amount of control. While most sous vide recipes will take a long time to cook, these devices are easy to use and allow you to mix the flavors of several ingredients.
The best shopping day of the summer, Amazon’s Prime Day, is rapidly approaching. Amazon just announced that its annual birthday celebration (when products are marked down at deeper discounts than usual across the site) will be a full 48 hours from midnight on Monday, July 15 through the end of Tuesday, July 16.
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Between the rising costs of gym memberships and the growing popularity of workouts like Peloton, it’s no surprise that new companies are popping up that offer unique options for people who want to exercise from their homes.
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Whether it’s the cuddliest toys, softest beds, or tastiest treats, everyone wants to provide the absolute best of the best for their furry friends. With that said, what’s more important than your pet’s daily nourishment? While dry dog and cat foods may be inexpensive and handy, they are often less healthy than we would care for them to be when you take a closer look at the ingredient label.