A quality mattress is essential for achieving optimal back and sleep health, but choosing one can prove to be a difficult task. Mattresses are made of materials such as gel, latex, spring coils, or memory foam, which are wonderfully comfortable to sleep on but also unfortunately heavy and difficult to maneuver.
Like most weekends, this weekend is a beautiful time to do some shopping. But with so many offers available online, it’s hard to zero in on what’s worth your attention and what is better left in the warehouse.
Screen cleaning is arguably the most neglected part of computer maintenance. Keyboards, mice, and computer internals tend to be cared for relatively regularly, but monitors often sit for months accumulating dust and oil before being properly attended to. And while a dirty screen won’t cause long-term damage, it can be incredibly distracting when editing media or playing video games. Was that an enemy over there or just the remnant of a messy taco Tuesday? Take the guesswork out of the equation with our guide on how to properly clean your computer screen.
Cats are wonderful companions. They entertain us with their goofy antics, comfort us when we're feeling low, and most are amazing listeners, too. But the fact remains — under all that furry cuteness lie razor sharp claws and an irrepressible instinct to scratch and climb. While it's perfectly natural, and even healthy, for your cat to sink his claws into a variety of different surfaces, it certainly doesn't bode well for your furniture.
Freedom and adventure await when you begin your life as a digital nomad. Working remotely is profoundly liberating, if a little overwhelming; you can travel anywhere in the world — as long as you have internet connectivity. No longer are you tethered to living in one spot. Gone are lengthy commutes, stifling offices, and meddlesome coworkers.
If you’re looking for deals on beauty, hair care, and skincare products this weekend, Dermstore is celebrating its 25th anniversary by offering savings to savvy shoppers. In addition to the already low prices and member rewards points, you can further save by shopping qualifying event specials marked down as much as 25% with the promo code CELEBRATE.
Disc golf is one of the easiest sports to get into thanks to its low startup cost and the availability of courses across the country. If you’re familiar with the sport, you know the precision necessary for skillful play.
When football season rolls around each year, throngs of people congregate in stadium parking lots to prepare for their favorite teams’ games. Tailgating is a way for dedicated sports lovers to gather and celebrate on gamedays, and it has become almost a sport of its own.
We all know that overconsumption is harmful to the planet, but moving from home into a dorm is one of those times when you're likely to need to buy a fair amount of items. It's okay to purchase products when you need them, but it’s important to avoid purchasing anything you don't truly require, for the sake of the planet and your bank balance.
With summer quickly coming to a close and fall just around the corner, now is a great time to shop and save. Many sellers are clearing out old stock in preparation for the new season and beyond, so many items are dramatically marked down.
All parents of school-age children have experienced back-to-school panic. Although you've had long summer weeks to sort everything out, you end up cramming shopping for supplies, summer homework, and general preparation into the last few days before school starts — and if that happened to you this year, don’t worry.
From stocking up on back-to-school school items to making a purchase for your home, there are plenty of good reasons to shop online this week. But BestReviews understands that it's also important to save some money when possible. Fortunately for savvy shoppers, there are a lot of outstanding money-saving deals to be found. We browsed the internet in search of bargains that are too good to miss, so check out our favorite deals this week and be prepared to shop and save.