Even if you've had your head buried in the sand these past several months, you've seen it. The massive dorsal fin slicing through a crowd of panicking bathers. An 11-foot mouth filled with 276 hand-sized teeth, savagely chomping at anything and everything that gets in its way. Jason Statham diving headlong into the ocean to go hand-to-fin with a 75-foot long prehistoric shark, Carcharodon megalodon.
For years, drivers have suffered through terrible car stereo interfaces and struggled to get digital music in their cars. Now, in the smartphone era, that’s finally changing: Many new in-dash units are built to connect with iPhones and Android phones, and both Apple and Google have released in-car platforms — CarPlay and Android Auto, respectively — that bring the conveniences of their respective interfaces to our cars. At long last, our car stereos can be as easy to use as our smartphones.
The digital age has made the world a lot more convenient in most respects — we can, after all, look up just about any fact we need at any time from our phones — but it’s also created a new problem: storage. Whether it’s a massive collection of selfies, critical computer backups, or media like movies, TV, and MP3s, everything needs to be backed up and kept safe, and many files are simply too large to be stored in a cloud-based backup service.
Knowledge-hungry young adults all over the country are gearing up for one of life’s greatest adventures: college move-in day. With scattered moving boxes strewn about the house and half-finished to-do lists plaguing the mind, mapping out exactly what you’ll need for college life can be overwhelming. Rather than spend hours researching which computer is going to work for years without crashing every week, or which backpack is big enough to store your personal items without looking like an oversized turtle shell, you can sit back and let BestReviews do the work for you. Not to worry, unlike your grumpy professors, we’re here to help.
Over the last few years, we’ve seen streaming box manufacturers race to market with new models at a dizzying pace, adding exciting new functionality like voice control or 4K support with each iteration. As a result, thousands of users enjoy streaming TV and movies to their Rokus, Apple TVs, and Fire TVs — but surprisingly, no one has caught up to the device that’s been the most powerful streaming box available since 2015: the NVIDIA Shield TV.
If your summer seems to be fading almost as fast as your suntan, perhaps you need to have one last hurrah before the season is history. How about a final road trip to destinations known, or even better, opt for the spontaneous and go someplace off the grid.
Getting a new smartphone is a pretty magical feeling – you’ve got brand-new technology in your hands that can connect you with people, information, and apps from all over the world! But as most smartphone owners know, it’s important to buy the right accessories to make sure your smartphone lasts as long as possible and supports every part of your lifestyle.
Going to the beach is the ultimate summer activity, whether you’re going with a big group of family and friends, or heading to the water for a solo day to unwind. But enjoying a day without any major hassles isn’t as easy as it may seem – and the more items you haul along with you, the more complicated it gets. Here are some ideas to keep your next day at the beach as easy and breezy as possible, without needing to spend a bunch of money on new gear.
Technology has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives — whether it’s helping us be more efficient with our work, social with our friends, or care-free in our spare time, there’s always a gadget or an app for that. Luckily, as technology has evolved, so has usability: you no longer need a Computer Science degree to operate the latest gadgets, and a lot of new tech is designed for non-experts.
Smart homes are definitely the future: as technology has evolved to make our lives easier, the home has become the new arena for gadgets that solve problems we didn’t even know we had. Whether you’re curious about getting into so-called Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or you just want to spruce up an older house with the latest tech, we’re here to help you find the best gear to get your smart home off the ground.
It gives you a satisfying feeling when you know you saved money on the items you use every day. Whether you are looking for a handy tool to simplify your cleaning routine or an intuitive device to add to your smart home, a great price will make your purchase even more attractive. So if you are shopping for some great prices this weekend, here are some amazing deals that are too good to pass by.
It’s been a few months since school let out for the summer: Are you pulling your hair out yet? If your kids are driving you batty, here are a few solutions to keep them busy and hopefully stop the “Mom, I’m bored” tantrums until school resumes.
Summer is sizzling, and if you have a garden (or even a potted tomato plant), it’s probably growing faster than you can eat it. Or, maybe you’re an apartment dweller who loves to pick up a haul of produce at the local market. One thing is for certain: fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs are at their peak from now through early fall, and you should take advantage of that.
There are several different stages of being a parent, and they come with unique demands — and many of them. Fortunately, whether you have a newborn or your children are about to head off to college, Walmart has you covered with some major bargains this week.
Dolby’s surround sound technologies — the magic that makes movie and TV soundtracks come alive through multiple strategically placed speakers — have been around for years, but they recently developed a new audio technology that’s nothing short of a game-changer: Dolby Atmos. With this new technology, Dolby has ushered in a new era of home theater audio that adapts to any environment with what they’ve dubbed “object-based audio.”
Technology takes leaps and bounds each year, but there’s one area where trends are looking to the past instead of the future: turntables. Vinyl is back in a big way, not only as the fastest-growing segment of the music industry, but back into our homes as modern artists release their latest albums on wax.