Once Turkey Day is over and the leftovers are safely stored in the refrigerator, the holiday shopping season begins. Whether you plan to wake up early and hit the stores or do all your Black Friday shopping online, a solid strategy can make or break your day. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, it helps to have a refresher on how to survive two of the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Before you begin shopping, review this handy checklist of do’s and don’ts so that the first weekend of the holiday season will be a success.
There’s at least one every year – that toy at the top of lots of kids’ wish lists that they dream about finding under the tree. Usually these toys are hard to find if you wait too to buy it (or rely on the old man in the suit to bring it). And, to make your shopping even more adventurous, some toys are found exclusively at one store.
No day causes more stress for vegans than Thanksgiving. While being vegan is easier than ever, with a cornucopia of food options at restaurants and grocery stores around the country, being a vegan on Thanksgiving can be overwhelmingly stressful.
Whether it’s an upcoming birthday, the holiday season, or a housewarming gift, it isn’t always easy to figure out what the right gift is for the person you have in mind. Would they like something their whole family can enjoy or something unique to their tastes?
There are lots of good reasons to spend a little time shopping this weekend. Maybe you need a few new items for your home to help you prepare for holiday gatherings. Or perhaps you like the idea of checking off some names on your Christmas wish list. Another great idea is to treat yourself to an unbeatable deal.
It’s hard to believe November is already here. And this year many online retailers are celebrating by kicking off Black Friday deals well before the actual day, November 23. We’ll be tracking the best holiday deals all season long so you don’t have to, and these are our favorites from Walmart that just went live. If your gift list is set (or you have no idea where to start), it’s smart to start taking advantage of low prices now while everything is still in stock, too. Walmart’s current sale spans all categories, but we found especially great deals in kitchen, toys, and personal care.
If you have stockings hanging on your mantle, you aren’t alone. But you may not realize that the tradition has a story behind it. According to folklore, a penniless father had his daughters’ stockings hanging on the fireplace to dry when Saint Nicholas arrived for a visit. The generous bishop placed gold coins in each of the stocking, providing the dowry the daughters needed to marry.
We’ve all seen the stereotypical image of a student handing a teacher an apple on the first day of school. But as tasty as apples can be, there are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation for a teacher’s hard work. The holiday season is the perfect time to be creative with your gift choices, but with an unlimited supply of items to choose from, it can feel a little overwhelming.
Video game publishers love to release games in the months leading up to the holiday season with the hopes that they’ll end up under the tree that year, and with so many options available, picking out the best games to give your favorite gamer can be a real challenge. When we’re in the market for video games that would be an excellent gift, we focus on how quickly users can understand the core mechanics, if the game will receive additional content and support in the future, and above all else, how much fun it is.
Are you counting down the days until Black Friday so you can jump at some money-saving bargains and start checking names off your holiday gift list? The Friday after Thanksgiving is always an exciting shopping day, but you don't have to wait until Nov. 23 to find amazing deals.
As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. However, most parents pass the baton on to a certified teacher at a preschool or elementary school at some point. In the U.S., there is no standardized preschool for children, so the challenge of finding the right preschool falls squarely on the shoulders of parents. Here are some things to consider as you search for a preschool for your little one.
Even though it's only the second weekend of November, it's a good time to think about your Christmas toy shopping list. After all, you don't want to take the chance of missing out on a toy that your child has his heart set on, or a bargain price that will save you some money that you can put toward other gifts you will be purchasing this holiday shopping season.
One of the toughest aspects of being a consumer in this vast marketplace is to make the right purchase decisions – without wasting a lot of time and money. Managing your personal finances is an incredibly valuable skill, but sadly it's not a part of standard educational curriculum. So, if you're like most people, you are probably keeping track of your big purchases in your head, or if you're super advanced, on a spreadsheet.
For some people, dogs are family members rather than simply pets, and they love to express their affection for their canine companions all the time. There’s no shortage of gift options for the dog-obsessed people on your list, but what if you’re looking for something other than the standard dog toys and treats?
Are you single and proud of it? Celebrating your status isn't just for couples anymore. November 11 is Singles' Day, a holiday set aside to recognize being single and the sense of pride that goes along with it. This special day began in China in 1993 as a way for young bachelors to rejoice in their singleness. Over the years the concept not only evolved to include the hosting of singles' parties for those looking to find love but has also caught on around the world as a day of shopping. From looking for awesome deals to enjoying your favorite activities, if you've wanted a reason to take a little time for yourself, Singles' Day is the perfect time to do it.
So you’ve decided to put down the steak knife and pick up some tofu — that’s great! Going vegetarian can potentially improve your cardiovascular health, reduce pollution from livestock farms, help out our animal friends, and take a big bite out of your grocery bill.
Some people love grocery shopping. They can freely browse the aisles, safe from the stresses of kids and work. But others would rather skip the chore, even if it’s only to free up an extra hour or two in an always jam-packed schedule. As more grocery store chains move to offering curbside pickup and home grocery delivery, a growing number of consumers are making the switch to online grocery shopping.
You still have weeks until Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start planning for family and friends to gather for the traditional holiday meal. In fact it’s a great time to save money on items that will also save you some time in the kitchen and make your meal delicious and memorable.
When you bring your newborn home from the hospital, nothing gets your attention faster than his first little cry. Then the guessing game begins. Is he hungry, tired, wet, or hot? Babies have a way of letting us know that they’re in need, but the question is, what is baby in need of?
Whether you are eagerly anticipating the birth of a child or your bundle of joy has already arrived — by now you know what it's like to find all of the baby essentials you need. You probably purchased some items well in advance, or maybe you received baby show gifts that will come in handy. But if you have been holding off on some important baby must-haves to find some good bargains, you've come to the right place.
If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, you know the importance of having the right gear for any situation you might encounter on your trip. No matter what kind of problem you have while hunting, you want to have the right tool to solve it.
Adult teeth are some of the strongest parts of the human body, but they’re clearly not indestructible. A lifetime of bottle cap removal, stubborn package opening, hard candy crunching, and other dental stunts can lead to significant tooth loss, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. Dentists and oral hygienists can repair some of the damage, but it’s always best (and much less expensive) to establish good oral health habits early and avoid a close encounter of the upper and lower plate kind.
It’s nearly impossible to go on Instagram these days without seeing one celebrity or another showing off photos of an amazing luxury vacation. From the exotic locales to the glamorous resorts to the five-star restaurants, most of us probably feel like a similar trip is out of our price range.
To quote a certain dragon-heavy fantasy series, “Winter is coming.” Whether you start counting down the days as soon as you see the first Halloween decorations or you're considering moving to the Caribbean to avoid the snow, winter is inevitable, so you might as well prepare now. Plus, if you prepare early enough, you could save yourself some money.