The cat’s out of the bag: most people prefer watching TV through on-demand apps instead of their clunky old cable TV boxes — and cable TV subscription costs are way too high. Who wants to pay for a bunch of channels they’ll never watch that are only available on a box that’s hard to use and comes with a rental fee?
As more and more people flock to live in big cities, the average living space continues to shrink in populated areas. You’d be hard-pressed to find a rental unit in NYC or San Francisco with any laundry-specific built-ins. Lucky are the ones with laundry rooms in their buildings, but more often, people have to trudge to the laundromat to wash their soiled clothes. 
Tax season used to be a nightmare. It produced a great deal of stress for the average American because it was overly complicated and the laws changed every year, making it impossible to keep straight — unless preparing federal taxes was part of your job description. On top of that, the penalties for making a mistake could be financially debilitating, especially if they went unnoticed for any length of time.
Even if pets don't understand the holidays, few beings in your life will be as grateful to receive a gift as your furry friend. Accordingly, we’ve put together a guide of the top gifts for both cats and dogs: