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The cat’s out of the bag: most people prefer watching TV through on-demand apps instead of their clunky old cable TV boxes — and cable TV subscription costs are way too high. Who wants to pay for a bunch of channels they’ll never watch that are only available on a box that’s hard to use and comes with a rental fee?
The secret’s out: sitting all day is bad for your health, and if you spend most of your workday at a desk, it’s better to get a standing desk. Whether you’re looking to alleviate back pain, lower your risk of heart disease, or simply update your workspace, a standing desk is an easy investment to make in yourself and your career.
Star Trek: The Original Series premiered way back in 1966 and the franchise is still going strong. There have been dozens of television series, films, comic books, and video games since then, and with a new Jean-Luc Picard show in the works, it’s clear Star Trek isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Is it possible that when Spock uttered his famous mantra, “Live long and prosper,” he was referring to the franchise itself?
There are plenty of excellent lesser-known video games sure to grab your whole family’s attention, and just because they aren’t big names like Minecraft, Mario, or Pikachu doesn’t mean these games are any less entertaining. You might not have heard of these five fun family video games, but they’re all guaranteed to get everyone in your home to put down the smartphone and pick up the controller for game night:
The Star Wars universe is impossibly vast. It’s home to countless alien races across multiple star systems, each with its own environment, culture, trades, and tools. It’s no surprise, then, that the Star Wars merchiverse is equally expansive. You can find everything from Legos to stylized knife blocks for the Star Wars fan in your life, even if that fan happens to be you. For this holiday season, we’ve collected some of our favorites. These are the gifts you’re looking for.
Are you looking for quality STEM toys for your toddler — toys that will nurture an interest in science, technology, engineering, or math? Some of the best STEM toys are actually the simplest toys. Electronic toys that are labeled as educational often do not provide the early STEM educational benefits that simple toys can provide. In fact, studies suggest that electronic toys that make noise, light up, talk, and play music can inhibit communication between the child and the parent or caregiver.
The holiday season seems to arrive quicker each year. Though Christmas decorations start popping up in stores during the summer months, it doesn’t stop dawdling gift-givers from waiting until the last minute. Thankfully, there are a bevy of gift options that will make even the biggest procrastinator look like a well-researched shopper.
Going fishing is a bit like being a secret agent on assignment. You're a highly trained individual on a clandestine mission that requires reliable intel, careful planning, precise timing, and a whole lot of stealth. Having all of those cool gadgets and that reliable gear doesn't diminish your value — it actually increases it.
One of the best things about the holidays is spending time with friends and family you don’t see very often. But that can mean having to travel back to your hometown or across the country to the sunny locale where your grandparents have retired. Because so many people are hitting the road to visit loved ones, too, holiday travel can be a real headache.
Fortnite came out just last year, but it’s already one of the most popular video games ever made. Due to its free-to-play format, multi-platform accessibility, constant updates, and colorful, addicting gameplay, it appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers of all ages, and the proof is in the numbers.
Your four-legged friend is a member of your family, and you'd do anything to keep him happy and healthy. As well as food, love, and exercise, your pet needs entertainment. You can't always be on call to play with your furry friend, but the right toys can help bust boredom, with or without you.
Giving gifts should be a fun part of the holiday season, but it can be stressful if you’re shopping for someone who’s vegan or really focused on saving the planet. Be honest—how often do you pay attention to the ingredients or lists of materials printed on the gifts you give? Probably not often, if ever.
If you have people on your holiday shopping list who are frequently jet-setting around the world for business or just to explore, there are plenty of gifts to make their journey easier and more comfortable. You can also help them celebrate their love of roaming the globe with fun, unique items.
Nintendo brought the monster-collecting Pokémon craze to the United States with Pokémon Red and Blue for the Game Boy 20 years ago, and gamers still excitedly jump at the chance to “catch ‘em all.” Pokémon video games have become bigger and more refined over the decades, and whether you are a grizzled veteran who proudly found each of the first 150 creatures, or a newcomer who wants nothing more than to make friends with their very own Pikachu, these exciting Pokémon adventures are sure to keep you battling, catching, and trading your favorite pocket monsters for countless hours.
Shopping for friends or family members who love the great outdoors may be a challenge simply because there are so many directions you could go. One person on your recipient list might be a die-hard camper while another might just love going on picnics. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options for nature lovers, and we’ve laid out some of our favorite choices for you. Here are the top gifts for the outdoorsy person in your life in 2018.
What’s the difference between a Game Boy and an Xbox? If you’re a parent, grandparent, or other individual shopping for a video gamer but you don’t quite know the answer to this question, fear not. The video game world can seem overwhelming to those who aren’t immersed in it, but there are some timeless techniques to ensure that the video games you buy will be appreciated for years to come. Read on for our tips on shopping for video gamers when you don’t know much about the games yourself.
Freezing weather, crowded malls, and shorter daytime hours aside, the holidays really are a great time for get-togethers. They’re also quite a time for celebrating a new place—so how do you turn a housewarming during the holidays into a special moment? Take a look at these gift ideas that will brighten someone's life and living space.
This holiday season, help decorate and enhance your friends’ and loved ones’ outdoor spaces. Day 11 of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals shopping event features patio furniture, lawn, and garden gifts. This encompasses plants, lounges, canopies, hanging lights, garden sculpture, and grills, making it the perfect gift category for anyone with a yard or even just a balcony. Purchasing furniture and outdoor items is an investment. As you navigate this exciting holiday shopping day, we’ve gathered all the best furniture, lawn, and garden gifts, plus the best deals you’ll find on them, to help you narrow down your options.
Are you looking for a gift for someone special that will be appreciated all year long? You can get the reaction you love to see on Christmas morning and save some money in the meantime. With the end of the holiday shopping season just around the corner, retailers and manufacturers are offering attention-grabbing sale prices, some that are just too good to pass by.