Best family ugly Christmas sweaters

A family wearing Christmas sweaters
Take your holiday spirit to the next level with designs the whole family will love.

Which family ugly Christmas sweaters are best?

Every society has its own definition of beauty. However, one trend that's taken the world by storm over the past two decades is ugly Christmas sweaters. While the sweater knitted by grandma was a gift filled with love, this trend has people searching far and wide for intentionally ugly sweaters to wear around the holidays. 

Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters has become a tradition for many families. Whether you're looking for the best ugly Christmas sweaters for your family, like our top choice, Simplee Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater, or searching for one with simple but ugly holiday designs, there's undoubtedly a sweater out there for you.

What to know before you buy family ugly Christmas sweaters

Keep it family-friendly

There are many ugly Christmas sweater designs floating around the internet, but not all will make it onto your family Christmas card. While Santa and his elves may have a private laugh at some of the wildly graphic sweaters out there, wearing one almost guarantees you'll move immediately to his naughty list. 

There are plenty of fun, family-friendly designs that not only look nice, but can help your Christmas photo stand out. Think about a collection of sweaters that go beyond a photo op. For instance, you can initiate small talk with other parents at your child’s school holiday party while rocking a light-up LED sweater with Disney designs. 

Match Grandma’s exclusive winter sweater collection

The best family ugly Christmas sweater is one you can imagine grandma knitted for you and the kids. Beyond traditional snowflakes, it can have a variety of designs, like a pixelated face of Santa, a couple of dancing elves or even galloping reindeer.

No sense nonsense

You can keep it traditional, but where’s the fun in that? Some of the best ugly Christmas sweaters have nonsensical designs that will make you chuckle. For example, you may find one with 3D pom-pom lights or with a large bow stitched to it that suggests you are the present. You can even go with a kid's favorite, like ninja-bread men battling it out over a festive sloth. The options are endless, but the best ugly sweaters have a cuteness factor that makes people chuckle and cringe at the same time. 

What to look for in quality family ugly Christmas sweaters

Multiple colors

It's difficult to get laughs when people struggle to make out the design on your sweater. You could purchase a traditional two-tone sweater, but the best ones feature at least three colors to make it pop. While bright colors may not be a sensible choice for work, release your inner elf and go all out with different office-friendly hues. 

Christmas motif

There are ugly sweaters for all occasions, so be sure you don't accidentally purchase one designed for Halloween. Your sweater may be red and green, but it might make for an awkward party if your sweater is covered in playful ghosts instead of elves. 

Quality material

You'll likely wear your family's ugly Christmas sweater more than a few times during the season. Avoid cheap material like acrylics that will leave you itchy or drenched in sweat. Look for sweaters made from wool or cotton that will look great for the next holiday season. 

How much you can expect to spend on family ugly Christmas sweaters

Depending on factors such as materials, fabric, design and brand, you can expect to pay $25-$50 for an ugly Christmas sweater. 

Best family ugly Christmas sweater FAQ

Can you purchase an ugly Christmas sweater for a dog or cat?

A. Pets are a huge part of family life and should be considered when purchasing ugly Christmas sweaters. While you might not find a matching sweater for your dog or cat, there are plenty of them available online costing $8-$25. 

Can you make your own ugly Christmas sweater family set? 

A. A single trip to your local crafts store is all you need to make your own ugly sweater family set. Go all out and splurge on garlands, tinsels and pom-poms and release your inner creative elf. Some stores even carry solid color t-shirts and sweatshirts in sizes for the whole family. The great thing about ugly sweaters is that the final product doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, the more messy and crazy you get with it, the better it’s likely to turn out. 

What are the best family ugly Christmas sweaters to buy?

Top family ugly Christmas sweaters

Simplee kids Ugly Christmas Sweater Family Matching Knitted Pullover

Simplee kids Ugly Christmas Sweater Family Matching Knitted Pullover

What you need to know: It's a cute Christmas motif sweater for families with kids who love dinosaurs. 

What you’ll love: This sweater doesn't have any dangling parts that are hazardous for kids. It’s also machine washable, making it the go-to sweater for next year's holiday. It's also extremely breathable, meaning it doesn't feel like you're wearing a sauna suit. 

What you should consider: While it's machine washable, it will shrink if you accidentally tumble it dry. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top family ugly Christmas sweaters for the money

Aiboria Matching Family Ugly Christmas Sweater

Aiboria Matching Family Ugly Christmas Sweater

What you need to know: This is the perfect sweater set for families that prefer simpler ugly Christmas sweaters. 

What you’ll love: This set features a retro design that looks like something straight out of a 1970s sitcom Christmas special. You aren't limited to one color with this sweater set. You can choose from red, black or green. 

What you should consider: It's a more straightforward design without the "giggle" factor that adult ugly sweaters have. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Blueberry Pet Holiday Sweater

Blueberry Pet Holiday Sweater

What you need to know: Your beloved furry family member can now join in the ugly Christmas sweater tradition with one of their very own. 

What you’ll love: There are various patterns and sizes available to dress your furry friend this holiday season. With 100 percent acrylic material, they can rock a sweater with a pompom or cute 3D holiday decor. 

What you should consider: The size might run a little bit smaller than expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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